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Timmy’s Sign  (Southern CA) – Hep B Vaccine Reaction



Rachel’s Sign (Northern CA) – DTaP Vaccine Reaction

For California exemption, information please click here.


To be determined (One near Sacramento, and one near LA)

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Here are a few examples of what we are up against:


1.)  California passed new legislation based upon the large (9000 cases, 10 infant deaths) Pertussis outbreak they had last year.   They have “BANNED” kids from school campus if they do not get a DTaP or TDaP booster.  As the video below makes clear, the media failed to mention that California citizens have a legal right to philosophical or personal belief exemptions.  This video was aired on a newstation that serves the Sacramento area.  The original has been removed from News 10’s website but luckily our friend Mike Hanson put it on YouTube for us.


After this news story aired we and many other Vaccine Information groups urged parents and members to call and e-mail News 10.  We, along with many other concerned groups and citizens requested that they report the truth and gave them the correct citations in California Law that discuss exemptions and asked them to do a follow-up with the correct information.  To our surprise they actually did!  Even though they included a lot more fear mongering about not vaccinating as well, at least they mentioned that an exemption law existed.  The video of the follow-up is below.

 2.)  California bill, AB499 – This law was passed by the California legislature and signed by Governor Brown in the fall of 2011. AB499 effectively removes the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their minor children.  AB499 gives the state the right to make decisions on HPV vaccine, SSRI’s and mental health diagnoses for children 12 and older without parental consent.  As this article reports, AB499 is frequently referred to as The Gardasil Law because the administration of the HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck Pharaceuticals will be one of the most frequent pharmaceutical medications distributed. The HPV vaccine has a track record of causing horrific reactions in young girls and women with the death toll mounting rapidly.  As of this writing (January 11, 2012) there have been 103 deaths from Gardasil reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).  If California parents do not know they have the right to opt-out of vaccines they are not likely to have discussions with their adolescent sons and daughters about the risks of vaccines. There is a very real possibility that when cornered by a medical professional and without parental input, children as young as 12 years of age will be coerced into making a quick decision about this vaccine. If parents do not know their son or daughter has received a vaccine and the child has a reaction, how will the parents know what is happening to their child? If the child has a seizure and is not able to tell the parents or medics about the vaccine, how will they know what to do? Another question is, “How will the adverse event ever be reported if the child is severely injured or dies?”

Adolescents and teenagers in California need to be prepared to have these discussions when they are approached by a doctor or nurse.  If you are the parent of an adolescent, I urge you to review the 30-page vaccine insert from Merck  and then ask yourself, “Would my child understand this?” If the answer is “No,” then how could your child give informed consent?

3.) The school administrators are attempting to improve vaccination rates in their school by unlawfully “requiring” that a parent immunize their child before they will be allowed in school.  This is entirely untrue due to the fact that California allows both Medical and Philosophical Exemptions.  (See the photo below)

If you did not know you had the right to opt-out of vaccination, how would you feel?  Would you feel like someone is holding a gun to your head?  I would.  This is coercion and once again takes away the basic right of parents to make appropriate medical choices for their individual children.

When parents are not told the truth about their right to religious and philosophical exemptions, INFORMED CONSENT does not exist.

The billboard will look similar to this.


Please Donate.  Help protect parental rights and ensure informed consent for California’s children.  Your donation will help to prevent vaccine-injuries by giving parents time to think and time to research vaccines, rather than making a snap decision because they believe they have no other options.

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  1. I think a great location would be on one of the billboards on the freeway on the 10 freeway somewhere around where it meets the 605. A lot of people in West Los Angeles are fairly aware of vaccine exemptions, but I think San Gabriel Valley needs a wake up call.


  2. Now you speak of the state of California. What about other states? We are worried too, and want to know. My youngest child was born Sept 91 and none of my children had the HIB vac at a very early age. I too thought this was something we were required to do, otherwise i don’t think i would have done this even then. I have seen kids since then with autism, as my neighbor’s daughter has a lil boy approx age 5-7, that has severe autism, and i’ve always heard of this happening from vaccines, and also ADD and ADHD. I’ve never read up on such until now, and i’m not surprised, but i want to know rights and yes i think all parents should have rights over the decisions of their childrens health by far instead of the government allowing us to be pushed into hurting our children. I’ve since had two grandchildren, one is 6 months and one is 1 1/2 years and i’ve sent all these links to my daughter-in-law and told her to read these and pleaded to not allow the continuation of the HIB vac and lets check things further. My oldest daughter is also pregnant, and i’ve asked her to read these artcles as i don’t want my lil grandbabies having the HIB vac so early as they are requiring if at all. I will be checking further as it all makes sense. When i was in school, (born 1968 grad-86) we didn’t have children or at least i never heard of…with ADD and ADHD, and autism as we seem to now. Why? Yeah…it all makes sense. Please help me find answer for the state of Missouri and the state of South Dakota as that’s where my son is stationed in the USAF with his two lil ones.


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