Vaccine Ingredients, Children As Guinea Pigs, & Religious Exemptions

By: Marcella Piper-Terry, M.S.

I have an eleven year-old daughter who is about to start middle school in Indiana. She will not be vaccinated because we believe that God created her immune system perfectly and we also believe that to artificially manipulate the immune system that God created is against His will. This is exactly what is written on her Religious Exemption, which, thankfully, is part of the law in Indiana. If you do not live in Indiana, and you want to know your state’s laws on vaccine exemptions, you can find that information at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) website. (link provided below)A couple of years ago, Indiana (and many other states) changed their “mandated” vaccines to be in compliance with the CDC’s recommended schedule. This means that all eleven year-old girls entering middle school (and who do not have either religious or medical exemptions) will receive three additional shots in order to attend the schools their parents pay for when they pay taxes. The three “mandated” shots are DTaP, Varicella, and Meningococcal. Many parents will also be talked into (or have been brainwashed by media lies) having their daughters vaccinated against HPV and the flu. These poor, unsuspecting girls may receive FIVE injections of SEVEN vaccines in a single day. As I write this, my stomach churns and my heart sinks. I can’t wait to hug and kiss my daughter, knowing she will be ONE LESS – Thank God for religious exemption. I don’t take it lightly and neither should you. This is a right that is being threatened and which we may lose if we do not take action to stop the corruption and collusion between the U.S. Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry.Enough about politics. For now.

I wondered, for those girls (Leah’s friends and classmates) who will be receiving those vaccines, just what will be injected into them in that one visit? Many of them will be going to the vaccine clinics that have been advertised all over town. That means they will be getting vaccines from multi-dose vials that contain mercury. I know they will get a lot of aluminum, and since aluminum causes the same kinds of damage as mercury, AND since aluminum greatly increases the toxicity of mercury, even at minute doses, this is very worrisome. What else will they be injected with? Thanks to Barbara Loe Fisher at NVIC, we can find out.

I used NVIC’s Vaccine Ingredients Calculator (link provided below) and keyed in Leah’s age and weight (95#). She’s not getting vaccinated, but many of her friends are approximately the same age and size, so I figured this was a good “standard” to use. The vaccines I chose (from the menu), are those that I know are used by my family doctor. The amounts will vary somewhat, depending on what manufacturer you choose. Here is a list of what will be injected directly into the bodies of Leah’s classmates.

Aluminum: 555 micrograms (mcg.)

Bovine Protein: Unknown amount – the amount of bovine (cow) protein in the Varicella vaccine is not disclosed by the manufacturer, so there is no way to know how much these girls will be injected with. There is no data available regarding the safety of injecting cow protein directly into children.

Egg Protein: Unknown amount. The amount of egg protein (chicken) in the Fluvirin vaccine is not disclosed. There is no data available regarding the safety of injecting egg protein directly into children.

Formaldehyde: 5 mcg. There is no data regarding the safety of injecting formaldehyde directly into children.

Human DNA from fetal cell line MRC-5

Human protein from fetal cell line MRC-5

Human protein from WI-38 – There is no way to know how much human fetal DNA & human fetal protein will be injected (again, not disclosed). There is also no data available regarding the safety of injecting human fetal DNA or human fetal protein directly into children.

Mercury: 50 micrograms (25 mcg from the flu vaccine, and 25 mcg from Menomune – both are multi-dose vials). The EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms. So, children who are vaccinated simultaneously with Menomune and Fluvirin at vaccine clinics will receive 10 times the safety limit of mercury. In one day.

2-Phenoxyethanol: 3.3 milligrams (mg.). There is no data regarding the safety of injecting phenoxyethanol into children. According to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on 2-Phenoxyethanol, it is “extremely hazardous” in case of ingestion, inhalation, skin contact or eye-contact. It is toxic to the nervous system, kidneys, and liver.

Polysorbate 80: 50 mcg. Again, there is no data available regarding the safety of injecting Polysorbate 80 directly into children.

Yeast Protein: Unknown amount, and no data regarding the safety of injecting directly into children.

My daughter will not be receiving these vaccinations. She is not a guinea pig; she’s a child. And she’s my child – and she is God’s child. Therefore we are exercising our right to religious exemption. I hope you will, too. Help us fight to protect the rights of parents to choose whether or not their child should be used as a guinea pig, for the financial benefit of the medical community and big pharma.


The Canary Party

Vaccine Ingredients Calculator 

NVIC’s Information Regarding State Laws for Vaccine Exemption

MSDS for 2-phenoxyethanol

MSDS for aluminum

MSDS for mercury

MSDS for formaldehyde

Parents in West Virginia and Mississippi are being denied their right to make medical decisions for their children. They are also denied their Constitutional right to religious freedom.  VaxTruth supports the grass roots organization We The Parents in their effort to change West Virginia’s archaic laws. Please read about the Rally for Parental Rights that took place in Charleston on February 22, 2012.  Learn how you can become involved in protecting our children from mandatory vaccination by supporting and being active in NVIC’s Advocacy movement.

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  1. Thanks for this, I will share it on my blog! I used to vaccinate but quit when my boys were ages 1 and 4, my research led me to the same conclusions. Who are we to play God and say vaccines are better than nature and our God given immune systems? Who are we to deny the healing foods given to us?


  2. The information you are providing gives a very biased review of vaccination. Many lives have been saved thanks to vaccinations and the ability to prevent disease. By not vaccinating you are putting your child at risk for deadly illnesses and risking the lives of other children who may come incontact with a disease carrier. I support your right to choose if you would like to vaccinate your child, however, i do not feel that unvaccinated children should be allowed to attend public school placing others at risk. Make the choice that is right for you, but please dont make that choice to potentially expose my child.


    • Thank-you for taking the time to comment, and for expressing your concerns.
      You have nothing to fear from an unvaccinated child. Vaccinated children are far more likely to infect unvaccinated children because some vaccines contain live viruses and cause a child to be contagious for up to 28 days post vaccination. Vaccines themselves cause many of the “outbreaks” we hear so much about in the news.
      Vaccines have never been proven to work, and without exception the infectious diseases they are supposed to have eradicated were nearly gone before the vaccines were even available.
      There is much information on this website and elsewhere, that will inform you about the truth regarding the relationship (or lack thereof) between vaccines and infectious diseases.
      There is also a lot of information that will document the link between vaccines and lifelong, chronic illness and deaths caused by vaccination.
      I do appreciate your understanding that it is my right not to vaccinate my child.
      I hope you also understand that my children were fully vaccinated, and the vaccines nearly killed my oldest daughter.
      Vaccines as they are administered have never been studied for safety or efficacy. There is not one single study that investigates the clinical outcomes (positive or negative) of giving up to 9 vaccines to an infant in a single day; nor has there been a single study that investigates the clinical outcome of subsequent vaccination with up to 9 vaccines, when repeated across months and years as the CDC’s Childhood Schedule recommends and the government “mandates.”
      Vaccination is a medical procedure and as such, it is the burden of the vaccine manufacturers and the government machines to prove that it is both safe and effective, particularly before forcing U.S. citizens to purchase and use those products (vaccines). That has not been done. Therefore, the entire program amounts to medical experimentation on human infants and children. That is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which was put in place in response to the horrors that occurred in Nazi Germany during the first have of the 20th century.
      My child is not a lab rat, and thank God, I still have the right as a free citizen of the United States (since I don’t live in West Virginia or Mississippi) to exercise my religious beliefs.
      Before you start talking about how vaccines have saved so many lives, I hope you will read this article:
      Vaccines Did Not Save Us.
      I also hope you will check out the other articles, and check the links that are provided.
      We are not just publishing our personal opinions. We are researching, using peer-reviewed medical literature.
      If, after you read the articles and check the sources, you still feel we are biased in our review of vaccination, I would like to hear your rationale at that point.


    • If a parent refuses to have their child vaccinated… it is their right… it does not make other children at risk of catching a disease if your child has been vaccinated,,, as you believe that vaccines protect your child… But there is no studies that show that is in fact the truth… Vaccines are full of dangerous chemicals and can cause life time injuries and you can’t even sue the Manufacture for causing any injuries… it is up to you to protect your child and you will incur all the expenses for any damage it causes to your child. Vaccines are nothing but a money making process for Big Pharma… and they don’t care if it injures your child… in fact they make more money if it injures your child… as they make more drugs to sell you for those injuries. Wake up Idiot!!!


  3. Vaccines are the second greatest public health improvement in all of human history. Access to clean drinking water is #1. The protocols are the product of research which is far superior to anyone’s ‘gut feeling’. Sure, big Pharma makes money on these things, but the fact is that the risk/benefit ratio is very good for virtually all vaccines, barring certain individual risk factors of course. Society has forgotten many of the once commonplace diseases that vaccines protect against. It’s ridiculous that some of these diseases are showing up again, not because of vaccine failure, but failure to vaccinate. Humans have been battling pathogens since our existence. Why not arm ourselves with good preventives? Why not protect your precious children as best you can? Unvaccinated children pose a health risk, and in my opinion, should not be allowed into public schools. I wouldn’t send my children to a school that would allow this to take place.


    • The protocols have never been studied for either safety or efficacy.
      Vaccines are studied in isolation and in combinations of two, three and possibly four vaccines given together in one administration – not over time, and not as they are administered in any one of the “well-baby visits” that takes place in pediatricians’ offices every day in this country. Clinical trials for vaccines often compare one vaccine to another, or use the adjuvent (usually aluminum) as the “placebo” – there are no true control groups, so there are no true safety trials.
      There has NEVER been ONE SINGLE STUDY that replicates the well-baby visit vaccine protocol.
      Vaccines have never been shown to work. They are claimed to have been responsible for eradicating disease, but that claim is ludicrous. They have caused far more damage than they have ever prevented. We now have epidemics of autoimmune diseases, including autism, crohn’s disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and many others that never even existed prior to the advent of vaccines. Vaccines bypass the cellular immune system and cause a shift from Th1 to Th2 immunity, which leads to hyper-responsiveness of the immune attack, causing the body to attack itself instead of any antigen from an infectious disease.
      The human body was designed to heal itself, and the immune system was designed to be strengthened by learning to fight off the childhood infectious diseases. When children used to get the measles, mumps and chickenpox (all of which are generally benign, self-limiting illnesses with no lasting complications in more than 95% of those who contracted them), their immune systems learned how to fight viruses in general, including those that are now known to be associated with cancer and chronic illness. As a result of denying our children the opportunity to strengthen their immunity naturally, we now have the sickest generation of children in recent history, with childhood leukemia and brain cancer at all-time highs.
      I am protecting my precious children as best I can by not vaccinating them further.
      Children who are unvaccinated are far healthier than those who are vaccinated. The government has been saying since 1982 that they would do a longitudinal study of vax’ed vs. unvax’ed groups of children. That study has also not been done (by the government), because they know what they will find and if they do the study, they’ll have to publish the results. BTW… there are studies that have been conducted regarding the health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, and the results show that vaccinated kids have FIVE TIMES the rate of illness as their unvaccinated peers.
      There is also a study that compared the rate of vaccination (total number of vaccines and percentage of coverage) and the infant mortality rate in developed nations. The United States ranks 34th among developed nations for infant mortality. United States’ children are the most highly vaccinated children in the world. Our kids receive more total vaccines and we have the highest rate of coverage in the world, yet more of our children are dying before their second birthday than children in 33 other developed nations.
      As for your children not going to a school that would allow unvaccinated children to attend, unless you live in Mississippi or West Virginia, you probably need to look into home-schooling. Thankfully, parents in 48 states have the Constitutional Right to refrain from injecting poison into our children if we believe God would not want that, or if it is against our own personal, philosophical beliefs.
      I do agree we should arm ourselves with good preventives when it comes to the health of our children. Good preventives means natural, organic, whole foods that are high in nutritional value and recognized by the body as “food,” adequate sleep, moderate exercise, and supplementation to ensure optimal intake of vitamins and minerals, and decreasing exposure to toxins as much as is possible – and that includes the toxins that are injected directly into an infant’s or child’s body in vaccines.


  4. Vaccine Ingredients, Children As Guinea Pigs, & Religious Exemptions « Insomniacs Alarm clock
  5. Marcella, You are dead on. I admire you for backing up all your info with facts, proof, links. I Never see anyone who is PRO VAX support their statements with facts! I truly wish those people DID do the research you do! We would have a healthy, happier world. They just don’t realize we do this for the CHILDREN. And most of us WERE pro vaxers, we just learned the hard way, and were forced to do the research. If only people would realize you are only doing the homework for THEM.


  6. GMO foods, toxic vaccines and fluoridated water, all for the mass public, but not for top brass! « Natural News Tracker
  7. Marcella, Thank you for posting this great information. Your responses have been very helpful for me and the people I struggled with. We need to stick together and save our children! Thanks


  8. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. I never understood how parents who believe in God could inject their children with all this poision. I have twin boys who are 14 months and they have never had the flu, ear aches or a cough. They were born perfectly healthy because I ignored my doctor and took all natural raw prenatal vitamins. I couldn’t believe the side effects list that came along with the vitamins the doctor gave me and I was not going to put that in my body for my babies to absorb. People should really do their research before making the decision to vaccinate and not listen to the media, its just a way for them to brainwash us so we don’t ask questions. Hello… mercury causes brain damage!


  9. i agree. I’m not a health nut or anything but when i look at the ingredients that these vaccines have, they are toxic. I’m exempting my son who will be going into middle school next year. You have to go to your local health department to get an exemption form and turn it into the school. Do it now before our government outlaws exemptions.The FDA is a corrupt organization (research it yourself). Don’t trust your health to them. Don’t take their toxic flu vaccines either.


  10. Thank you for this information. I live in Louisville, KY and I recently asked my son’s doctor’s office if I could reject his vaccines because I had seen the exemption form online. They told me that they do not allow parents to reject them and that they are mandatory in their clinic. They also told me that they couldn’t find another clinic that allows you to reject them. I haven’t called around to ask for myself and thanks to God he didn’t get his 2 year vaccines, they told me that he was good till he was 4. I would love to home school my son and find a doctor that would let me refuse vaccines. I can’t seem to find the link I found that said what else was in the vaccines, it was more then what was above. If I find it I will post it here.


    • Margaret: What you report is becoming increasingly common, with pediatricians refusing to work with parents if they do not vaccinate 100% according to the CDC’s schedule. That is putting parents in the position of having to choose and All-or-Nothing vaccination stance. That is in large part what is contributing to parents being forced to become “anti-vaccine” when they otherwise might not be. Parents who might be concerned enough to get certain vaccines for their children may not want to be forced to give their infants the Hepatitis B vaccine on the first day of life. They may not want to give their child the chickenpox vaccine, particularly if they have strong religious feelings about abortion and the injection of DNA from aborted fetal tissue into their children.
      That is not the fault of parents who are concerned and want to exercise caution; that is the fault of pediatricians who are going against the AAP’s own position on the issue. It is also going against the principle of informed consent for medical treatment, since vaccinating according to the schedule has never been studied for safety or efficacy.
      With regard to finding a doctor who respects your parental choice and treats your child as an individual, you may have better luck with a family doctor, rather than a pediatrician. You don’t need a pediatrician for anything if you aren’t vaccinating. Family docs tend to be less pushy about vaccines, since less of their overall income is focused on “well-baby checks.” You can also use a chiropractor or naturopathic physician for tracking your baby’s health. You will have to pay out of pocket, but in the long run, compared to the expense and life-long pain associated with vaccine-injury, you will come out way ahead on all fronts.


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