Vaccine Ingredients — A Comprehensive Guide

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By: Megan Pond

So what does the above document mean?

To find out the question to that, let’s dissect just a few of the ingredients on the list.


Aluminum is present in many things around us.  It’s in food, air, water, and soil and is said to be harmless when swallowed because it doesn’t absorb into the body when consumed.  Aluminum is put into vaccines as an adjuvant to help them “work better” or to “enhance” them.  So what is the concern about injecting aluminum into the blood stream?

According to the FDA:

“Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration [this means injected into the body] if kidney function is impaired . . . Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates [babies], who received parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day, accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity [for a tiny newborn, this toxic dose would be 10 to 20 micrograms, and for an adult it would be about 350 micrograms]. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.” [Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Document NDA 19-626/S-019, Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for Dextrose Injections.]

And also:

 “Aluminum content in parenteral drug products could result in a toxic accumulation of aluminum in individuals receiving TPN therapy. Research indicates that neonates [newborns] and patient populations with impaired kidney function may be at high risk of exposure to unsafe amounts of aluminum. Studies show that aluminum may accumulate in the bone, urine, and plasma of infants receiving TPN. Many drug products used in parenteral therapy [injections] may contain levels of aluminum sufficiently high to cause clinical manifestations [symptoms] . . . parenteral aluminum bypasses the protective mechanism of the GI tract and aluminum circulates and is deposited in human tissues. Aluminum toxicity is difficult to identify in infants because few reliable techniques are available to evaluate bone metabolism in . . . infants . . . Although aluminum toxicity is not commonly detected clinically, it can be serious in selected patient populations, such as neonates [newborns], and may be more common than is recognized.” [Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Document 02N-0496, Aluminum in Large and Small Volume Parenterals Used in Total Parenteral Nutrition. Available online at:]

So basically from those documents we learn that if a premature baby receives more than 10 mcg of aluminum in an IV, it can accumulate in their bones and brain, and can be toxic.

The FDA maximum requirements for aluminum received in an IV is 25 mcg per day. The suggested aluminum per kg of weight to give to a person is up to 5mcg. (so a 5 pounds baby should get no more than 11mcg of aluminum.)  Anything that has more than 25 mcg of aluminum is *supposed* to have a label that says:

WARNING: This product contains aluminum that may be toxic. Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration if kidney function is impaired. Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they require large amounts of calcium and phosphate solutions, which contain aluminum.

Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 [micro]g/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.  []

— Vaccines, for some reason, are not required to have this label and also are not required to follow the maximum dosage of 25 mcg.

So doing some math — the following are examples of weight with their corresponding maximum levels of aluminum, per the FDA:

8 pound, healthy baby: 18.16 mcg of aluminum

15 pound, healthy baby:  34.05 mcg of aluminum

30 pound, healthy toddler:  68.1 mcg of aluminum

50 pound, healthy child: 113 mcg of aluminum

150 pound adult: 340.5 mcg of aluminum

350 pound adult: 794.5 mcg of aluminum

So how much aluminum is in the vaccines that are routinely given to children?

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) – 225 mcg per shot
  • Hepatitis B – 250 mcg
  • DTaP – depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 170 to 625 mcg
  • Pneumococcus – 125 mcg
  • Hepatitis A – 250 mcg
  • HPV – 225 mcg
  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) – 330 mcg
  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – 850 mcg

At birth, most children are given the hepatitis B vaccination.  The amount of aluminum in the Hepatitis B vaccine alone is almost 14 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM THAT IS FDA-APPROVED.

At well-child check-ups, it’s common for 2 month, 4 month, 6 month etc., appointments to include up to 8 vaccinations that add up to more than 1,000 mcg of aluminum.  Look at the chart above and notice that that amount isn’t even safe for a 350 pound adult.  And many children get up to 8 vaccinations a visit several times a year!

According to the FDA and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), what happens if a child receives more than the maximum required dose of aluminum?

  • Aluminum builds up in the bones and brain and can be toxic.
  • Aluminum can cause neurological harm.
  • Aluminum overdose can be fatal in patients with weak kidney’s or kidney disorders or in premature babies. (How many children are tested to see if their kidney’s are functioning properly before they are vaccinated?  Could this also be why the Hepatitis B shot, given to infants at birth, has been linked to SIDS? Neonatal Deaths After Hep B vaccination.)

[Aluminum Toxicity in Infants and Children, Committee on Nutrition,American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics Volume 97, Number 3 March, 1996, pp. 413-416]

Amino Acids and Proteins (Albumin is also a type of protein):

What are amino acids?  Put simply, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in our bodies and they make up over 3/4 of the human body. There are 20 amino acids found naturally in the body and 8 that are considered “essential” for humans because our bodies cannot create them naturally, and therefore must be taken into our bodies by diet.  (This becomes a *great* selling point for certain diets or food products).

So injecting amino acids into the body by way of vaccination is good, yes? Wrong.

  • Vaccines are called antigens — “A toxin or other foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies.”  Antigens are made from foreign proteins.  These foreign proteins are produced from animals (like cows, monkey’s and chickens) and also humans (human cells from aborted fetuses.)
  • Foreign proteins (in order to be beneficial to the body) need to first be digested in the GI tract.  Protein is broken down into amino acids during the digestion process.

“When we eat protein it is broken down into its constituent amino acids…if a foreign animal protein makes it into our bloodstream without having being broken down this can set up an autoimmune type response…By injecting things never meant to be in the body we are not only bypassing body defenses but wrongly activating other defenses.”  — Dr. Robyn Crosford

So what’s the outcome if you inject amino acids and/or foreign animal and human protein into the body instead of first digesting the proteins to make amino acids naturally?
  • Auto-immune disorders like Addison’s disease, celiac disease – sprue (gluten-sensitive enteropathy), dermatomyositis, Graves disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, type I diabetes etc.
  • Food allergies or food sensitivities associated with eggs, gluten, peanuts, milk, etc. 

Formaldehyde (or Formalin):

I personally became aware of what formaldehyde is most commonly used for by our local mortician several years ago.  After my son died, we met with the funeral directors to begin planning our son’s funeral.  During our grief-ridden conversations, we came to the conclusion that we needed to wait a week to have the funeral.  My father-in-law had graciously offered to make his casket from scratch, and that takes time (the project ended up including all of my brother’s-in-laws and sister’s-in-law, my dad, my brother,  my mom, and my mother-in-law).  Knowing the time constraints from death to burial, (or at least what I thought I knew) I thought this might be an issue.  The funeral director (also the head mortician) assured us it would not be a problem because the formalin used in the embalming process would preserve his precious little body so that we wouldn’t need to worry about the concern of waiting a week.  “What’s Formalin?” I asked? “Formaldehyde,” he answered.  When I learned that Formaldehyde was an ingredient in vaccines, it made me a little sick to my stomach.

Formalin is an aqueous, or watery, form of Formaldehyde.

  • Formaldehyde is toxic and is known to cause cancer.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen  [International Agency for Research on Cancer (June 2004). IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans Volume 88 (2006): Formaldehyde, 2-Butoxyethanol and 1-tert-Butoxypropan-2-ol. Retrieved June 10, 2011, from:].
  •  In 2011, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency program of the Department of Health and Human Services, named formaldehyde as a known human       carcinogen in its 12th Report on Carcinogens [National Toxicology Program (June 2011). Report on Carcinogens, Twelfth Edition. Department of Health and Human   Services, Public Health Service, National Toxicology Program. Retrieved June 10, 2011, from:]. 

According to the National Research Council:

Fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde allergies and may react acutely at any exposure level.

Formaldehyde is oxidised to formic acid which leads to acidosis and nerve damage. Acidosis can be described as a condition in which the acidity of the body tissues and fluids is abnormally high. The liver and the kidneys may also be damaged.

Other known side effects from exposure to formaldehyde:

  • Alters tissue proteins
  • anaemia
  • antibodies formation
  • apathy
  • blood in urine
  • body aches
  • cardiac impairment
  • palpitations and arrhythmias
  • central nervous system depression
  • changes in higher cognitive functions
  • chest pains and tightness
  • colds
  • coma
  • constipation
  • convulsions
  • death
  • destruction of red blood cells
  • depression
  • diarrhoea
  • difficulty concentrating
  • disorientation
  • dizziness
  • ear aches
  • eczema
  • emotional upsets
  • fatigue
  • foetal asphyxiation [SIDS, perhaps?]
  • flu-like or cold like illness
  • UTI
  • gastritis
  • gastrointestinal inflammation
  • headaches
  • hyperactivity
  • hypomenstrual syndrome
  • immune system sensitiser
  • impaired (short) attention span
  • inability to recall words and names
  • inconsistent IQ profiles
  • asthma
  • irritability
  • jaundice
  • retarded speech pattern
  • schizophrenic-type symptoms
  • sensitivity to sound

[Chronic Exposure and Human Health] Keep in mind that chronic exposure –from the source — means “exposed several times”.

Benzethonium Chloride

Benzethonium Chloride (referred to as “BC”) is an anti-microbial agent used as a preservative in some vaccines.  There has been no testing done on humans to find out information regarding the injection of BC into the blood stream.  I have been searching for over a year with no luck in finding any such information.  What has been documented about BC under the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) under section 11 is that it is toxic when inhaled or ingested and is also hazardous to human skin.  Based on animal testing, it may cause mutations in genetic information and also be carcinogenic (cause cancer).

The known side effects of ingesting BC are (according to it’s MSDS):

  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Respiratory depression
  • Central Nervous System Depression
  • Convulsions
  • Coma
  • Urinary system reaction
Raise your hand if you agree BC should be tested more thoroughly.  After all, we are injecting our children with this.


Glutaraldehyde is an organic compound that is used to disinfect medical and dental equipment.  In vaccines it is used as a chemical preservative.  There have been several studies done on Glutaraldehyde and it has been found that exposure to it can cause:

  • Asthma
  • Allergic reactions (up to 10% of up people can be allergic to Glutaraldehyde.)
  • Induced respiratory issues
  • diarrhea

Sources:  “Glutaraldehyde-induced and formaldehyde-induced allergic contact dermatitis” SCOTT M. RAVIS, M.D., MATTHEW P. SHAFFER, M.D., CHRISTY L. SHAFFER, M.D., SEENA DEHKHAGHANI, M.D. and DONALD V. BELSITO, M.D.; “Glutaraldehyde-induced asthma.” Quirce SGómez MBombín CSastre J. 1999 Oct;54(10):1121-2.; Genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of glutaraldehyde–a review. Zeiger E, Gollapudi B, Spencer P.  Mutat Res. 2005 Mar;589(2):136-51; Divergent immunological responses following glutaraldehyde exposure.  Azadi S, Klink KJ, Meade BJ.  Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2004 May 15;197(1):1-8.


MRC-5, DNA, MRC-5 Cellular Protein, Human Serum Albumin (4 different ingredients)

All of these derive from either human tissue or human blood.

MRC-5, MRC-5 Cellular Protein 

To explain MRC-5, let’s look at a brief history before MRC-5 came about.  In 1964, during an outbreak of Rubella, some doctors urged women who had been exposed to the Rubella virus to abort their pregnancy.  (Why?  Rubella is an extremely mild virus [see:].  Most people don’t show any symptoms, especially children, some may get a rash all over their body.  Rubella becomes dangerous when a pregnant woman is exposed to the virus because it has the potential to cause severe abnormalities in the child.) From one of these aborted children that had been exposed to Rubella Virus, doctors developed a virus strain that became known as RA/27/3 — Rubella; Abortus; 27th aborted fetus; 3rd tissue explant.  In other words, it took 26 aborted infants to get the right strain.  The virus was then cultivated on the lung tissue of another aborted child, and this child became known as WI-38 — Winster Institute 38).  WI -38 was an infant girl at 3 months gestation.  What makes this seem somewhat ridiculous is that the Japanese, years before the first aborted infant was used to extract the Rubella virus, proved that the virus can be taken from a *living* child simply by swabbing their throat.

In the 1970’s, a second human cell line was created from an infant boy at 14 weeks gestation and became known as MRC-5.

WI-38 and MRC-5 have become the most used cell lines to make vaccinations.  Labs currently use these 2 cell lines, as well as new sources (a.k.a new aborted infants) to create new vaccines.

The use of tissue from aborted infants has caused heated debate because it is ethically questionable.  Pro-life groups, which include many churches and parents whose morals condemn profiting from aborted infants, continue to fight the pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines that do not contain this tissue.  And the thing is, it’s possible. Vaccines can be made from other sources.


DNA is harvested from aborted infants.  It is used as adjuvant in vaccines.  In vaccines, 100,000,000 bits and strands of human dna are allowed per dose.  Again, we encounter the issue of the ethical dilemma for this issue.

Human Serum Albumin

Human Serum Albumin is a stabilizing protein made from human blood donated by screened donors.  We already discussed above why injecting a protein directly into the body is dangerous.

With that aside, let’s look at the points we reach regarding these 4 different ingredients:

We have human DNA, human cell lines from aborted infants, and protein from human blood in 23 of our vaccines.  When we need a blood transfusion, or a blood donation of some kind, what is absolutely required?  A match, correct?  For example, if a person with type O blood receives type A+ blood, the outcome is fatal.  There are rules of science that cannot be crossed regarding DNA and blood.  It is imperative to be tested when receiving any type of tissue or blood to ensure that a fatal blood or tissue type isn’t put into your body.  So may I ask: How many of you or your children were given a blood test before receiving vaccinations?  We all know the answer to that.  It doesn’t happen. The outcome to mixing and NOT matching human blood and tissue with other humans can be virtually disastrous.  Remember that every one of those 4 ingredients have human DNA in them.  Even after the protein is extracted from human blood, DNA remains.

There was a recent study done by Dr. Helen Ratajczak called “Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes–A review.” In this study, Dr. Ratajczak studied the problems associated with injecting human tissue into another person.  Please see the CBS report  on this study.  In this CBS report it says:

Ratajczak also looks at a factor that hasn’t been widely discussed: human DNA contained in vaccines. That’s right, human DNA. Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines (with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosal), they began making some vaccines using human tissue. Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.

Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? The way Ratajczak explained it to me: “Because it’s human DNA and recipients are humans, there’s homologous recombinaltion tiniker. That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it’s changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it’s an ongoing inflammation. It doesn’t stop, it continues through the life of that individual.”


Thimerosal is a compound made up of approximately 50% mercury.  Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to man (next to uranium and its derivatives.) When someone says, “MERCURY!” we immediately think of the news stories about the child at school who broke a thermometer in biology class and the HAZ-MAT team was called in and all the students were in peril.  Did you know they make that big of a deal (meaning bringing in the HAZ-MAT crew) for less mercury than what is contained in 1 vaccine []?  Thimerosal is used as a preservative in vaccines to help prevent bacteria growth in multi-use vaccines.  It is also used in the creation process of a vaccine, and then through a purification process it is “removed” and only “trace” amounts are left.  First, I urge you to read this article: Is There Thimerosal in the Flu Vaccine?

Next, let’s discuss what “trace amounts” means.  (If you notice in the document above next to many of the “Thimerosal”‘s, there is an asterisk next to it.  The asterisk notates that ” *Where “thimerosal” is marked with an asterisk (*) it indicates that the product should be considered equivalent to thimerosal-free products.”)

Before we move on, a little story — I was at the grocery store a little while ago looking at a large bag of “Stevia” — the new fad in no-calorie sweeteners.  I was reading the back of the bag and I came to a little spot at the bottom that said “Each serving contains less than 2 calories which the FDA considers dietetically zero.”  What?! That doesn’t even make sense! If something is said to be “calorie-free”, it should be calorie-free, right?? If something has calories in it, it has calories in it.  You cannot place some carrots on the counter and tell me there are no carrots on the counter.  A serving size of Stevia is 1tsp, so let’s assume that 1 tsp contains 1.9 calories.  Remember, we have to assume because we DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW.  It’s the FDA that says the calories in Stevia don’t exist, but just for the mere fact that there is this disclaimer on the bag lets us know that there are, in fact, carrots on the counter… er, I mean calories in the bag.  But going back, we’re going to say there are 1.9 calories per serving.  Using Stevia is “cup for cup.” In other words, you use the same amount of Stevia as you would regular sugar.  So, I’m going to make some fantabulous “low-calorie” chocolate chip cookies with my “no-calorie” Stevia.  I’m on a strict diet, so all I need to add up to find out how many calories are in my batch of cookies are all of my ingredients EXCEPT sugar, right?  But wait… I’m adding 2 cups of Stevia into my batch of cookies.  There are 48 teaspoons in a cup, which means I’m adding 96 teaspoons of Stevia — which also would equate to 182.4 EXTRA calories.  There’s no argument that it has greatly reduced the number of calories in my batch of cookies versus using conventional sugar, but the fact remains: NO-CALORIE IS NOT NO-CALORIE.

So the fact that those vaccines containing thimerosal with an asterisk beside it virtually says the same thing and is extremely misleading.  They should be “considered equivalent to thimerosal-free products” gives the illusion that there is no thimerosal in vaccines, or at least not enough to have to worry about.  But remember, if I eat 8 batches of my cookies that are supposed to be low calorie because of my “calorie-free” Stevia, I’m actually consuming  1,459.2 calories that the FDA says aren’t really there.  This can be applied to vaccines as well.  Many “well-child” check-ups include up to 8 vaccines in one sitting.

So how much does “trace” mean?  According to the CDC, it says less than or equal to 0.3mcg per dose. does a nice job of putting this into perspective:

2 ppb mercury is the mandated limit in drinking water 

• 200 ppb mercury in liquid waste renders it a toxic hazard 

• 25,000 ppb is found in infant flu shots 

• 50,000 ppb is found in regular flu shots — recommended for children, pregnant women, the elderly…

Also the math on how many ppb in a “thimerosal free” vaccine:

0.3 mcg / 0.5mL =
0.3 mcg / .0005L =
…3,000 mcg / 5L =
600 mcg / L
1 mg/KG = 1 PPM (formal definition of PPM)
1 L = 1 KG (density of water or saline solution)
1 mcg/L = 1 PPB (because 1 KG and 1 L of water are equivalent)
600 mcg / L =
600 ppb Thimerosal in the “thimerosal-free” vaccine

Flu vaccine has “only” 25 mcg Thimerosal. The shot is 0.5mL. Let’s do some math:
25 mcg / 0.5mL =
25 mcg / .0005L =
250,000 mcg / 5L =
50,000 mcg / L
1 mcg / L = 1 ppb, therefore
The shot has 50,000 ppb of Thimerosal

Remember that 2 ppb mercury is the mandated limit in drinking water and normally 200 ppb would label something a toxic hazard.

After we find all of this information out, we have to ask ourselves: Why is mercury dangerous?? 

A Research Video from the University of Calgary

***Notice that mercury doesn’t only stunt neurological growth, it actually reverses it, or destroys it.

Yeast Extract/MSG

Yeast extract is a common name used for various forms of processed yeast.  Many people have yeast allergies, and vaccines can induce an anaphylactic response after being vaccinated due to the yeast.

Aside from that, ALL yeast extract contains MSG. Many people have either an allergy or a sensitivity to MSG (I am one of them).  MSG has been known to cause:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Seizure
  • Stroke
  • Anaphylactic reaction

 Egg Protein

We already discussed under Amino Acids why injecting protein directly into the body is harmful.  Aside from that, individuals allergic to eggs can have a serious reaction to vaccines that contain egg protein.  What’s interesting is that many parents don’t know that vaccines contain egg products, and doctor’s virtually never reveal that information (if they are actually aware themselves), even if they know that vaccines contain egg products.  When a child with an egg allergy has a reaction to a vaccine, doctor’s often deny the fact that it’s even a *possibility* that the vaccine caused the reaction.

Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTMB)

Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide is a cationic surfactant.  It’s used for many things, including acting as a buffer solution for extracting DNA.  According to it’s Safety Data Sheet we find out several things:

  • CTMB is labeled as “Hazardous”
  • It is a skin irritant
  • It is a serious eye irritant
  • It is hazardous if inhaled
  • It is harmful if swallowed
  • It may cause respiratory irritation
  • It is dangerous to the environment
  • It is very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
  • It is flammable

In almost all cases of any kind of contact with CTMB, it advises to contact a medical professional and it advises that CTMB should never touch any part of the human body.  It also gives precautionary information and equipment to use/wear during handling CTMB. Under section 8 Exposure Controls/personal protection, it advises to:

Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and feed.

Immediately remove all soiled and contaminated clothing

Wash hands before breaks and at the end of work.

Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.

This sounds like some pretty serious stuff, and millions of children and adults are getting this injected into their bodies

In the “general information” for CTMB,  it explains that “Symptoms of poisoning may even occur after several hours” and the patient should be observed for up to 48 hours after coming into contact with it.  (How many children have a reaction to a vaccine that isn’t immediate or even on the first day?  Hundreds. And yet if the reaction isn’t immediate, medical professional dismiss the possibility of a vaccine reaction even faster.)


2-Phenoxyethoanol is used as an antibacterial agent in vaccines.  According to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), we find that it is toxic if swallowed, inhaled, absorbed through the skin, it is a severe skin and eye irritant, and it may cause reproductive defects [].  According to the EPA data sheets, it has shown to cause chromosomal changes and genetic mutations in tests, as well as testicular atrophy and interference with reproductivity in mice [].

The known side effects of 2-Phenoxyethanol exposure are:

  • Headache
  • Shock
  • Convulsions
  • Weakness
  • Kidney damage
  • Cardiac failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Death



Most people who vaccinate their children are not made aware what ingredients are contained in vaccines — and even if they’re told, they may not fully understand what that particular ingredient is or what it means.  This list is to help those individuals better understand what they are injecting into the bodies of their loved ones. 

What prompted me to put this together was the staggering number of people that report adverse reactions to vaccines.  This is what, at first, got me interested in knowing WHY so many children experience many of the same reactions to vaccines.  What I found was that many of the adverse reactions fit into many of the side effects of many ingredients contained in vaccines.  Please educate before you vaccinate!  Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you begin researching vaccines.   



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  2. This has got to be the best site on vaccine facts I’ve ever come upon!! Thank you! I have printed this to keep in my purse, as we see a lot of specialists whom question my children’s vaccination schedule, I will glady hand them a copy of this and educate the doctors!!


  3. The reason vaccines (speaking about aluminum content here) aren’t held to the same standards as parenteral forms of medications is because parenteral = Intravenous (straight into the bloodstream) and vaccines go into muscle or subcutaneous fat. If it were really as toxic as this article makes it seem, 90% of America would have renal failure. I’d also like to point out that just because you cite something, doesn’t mean the cited source is credible. The studies I have checked out from this site have either been all HEAVILY biased as far as funding goes, or have such small study groups there is no way you could claim statistical significance, much less clinical significance. Parents need to research BOTH sides of the vaccine debate before they pick a side. Remember, if the anti-vaccine side turns out to be wrong, you are still putting your kids at risk, even if you are trying to protect them!


    • Julie ~

      I can see how, at first, you could justify using toxic amounts of aluminum in vaccines because of the way they are administered. I am going to use a topic that is unrelated to vaccines: illegal drugs that are injected into the bloodstream. Users of these drugs have found that injecting a drug (such as heroine) into the bloodstream creates a much faster high, while injecting it into their muscle or subcutaneous fat would produce the exact same high, but that high would take a lot longer to occur. Parenteral forms of medication produce a fast response, while intramuscular or subcutaneous fat injections take longer to receive a response because they first have to be absorbed into that fat or muscle before it reaches the bloodstream. Injections don’t just sit in the same spot they are injected in, they have to move around the body, and always make it to the bloodstream.

      The only studies that have been done on aluminum alone that do not involve ingestion were based solely on parenteral administration. And the studies I provided up above showed that in newborns and patients with already impaired kidney function, that the affects of aluminum can be disastrous. This is where the 4-5mcg/kg of weight per patient comes into play. The FDA mandated the 25mcg “rule” as a safeguard. In all reality, the heavier a person is, the more aluminum their body can handle. However, the amount in vaccines still come nowhere close to where they should be to be considered “safe” for the weight of the child (which is where my chart above under Aluminum comes in handy — to see how much aluminum is actually considered “safe”). One thing to remember about metals, especially aluminum, is that it is cumulative. They found in patients that had “toxic” amounts of aluminum (generally over that 25mcg mark), that the aluminum embedded in their bones and brain caused neurological decline and can be fatal in patients with impaired kidney function. This could, possibly, make a whole lot of sense in children that receive the myriad of vaccinations and then all of a sudden, a number of months after their first vaccinations, experience neurological decline in the form of ASD and other neurological and behavioral disorders. This could also be a reason why Chelation therapy has been seen to be so effective in Autism patients — remove the metals from the body and the brain begins to repair itself.

      The biggest factor, especially with what I just mentioned, is that *WE DON’T KNOW* as a surety because NO ONE WILL STUDY IT (as of yet). Aluminum has NEVER been studied in vaccines or in relation to the increase of neurological disorders in young children, often following vaccination. Please, Julie, show me ONE STUDY that shows that aluminum has been proven to be safe if administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. When the medical community spouts that vaccines do not cause neurological decline, they are basing their opinions on the study of 2 vaccinations (out of 36) where only 1 of the 10 ingredients has been looked at. I’m sorry, but that’s just not irrefutable proof. Aluminum is a toxic metal that has been proven to cause neurological decline and disorders when administered directly into the bloodstream. You can’t tell me there’s no cause to be concerned about.

      You said: “I’d also like to point out that just because you cite something, doesn’t mean the cited source is credible. The studies I have checked out from this site have either been all HEAVILY biased as far as funding goes, or have such small study groups there is no way you could claim statistical significance, much less clinical significance.”

      With this statement, you are discrediting the CDC, FDA, AMA, EPA, University of Calgary, etc. I am unsure which studies you are calling non-credible or biased. I do, however, agree that many of those organizations (except the University of Calgary) are indeed biased (in favor of vaccination), so I do agree with you on that. However, they are considered “credible” to 99% of the population.


      • Megan… I just found Vaxtruth last night. What a gift and what an epic article. Question: in regards to your statement about the research involving the study of “2 vaccinations (out of 36) where only 1 of the 10 ingredients has been looked at”…what study was this? How would you reference it when discussing vaccine safety? Even though I am already convinced that vaccines are not wise and would even doubt “research” from the CDC even if there was extensive research published, your statement sounded to me like there WAS NO safety research done except this clearly insufficient study. Do I have that right? Are there any other studies that doctors are using as the basis for their declarations that “VACCINES ARE SAFE!!!”? Thank you very much, Megan!


        • I just reread my above comment :-) Just wanted to clarify that I should have said “multiple” research studies instead of “extensive”. Don’t want to sound like I disregard extensive research! Just that I would doubt research that conflicted with so many experiences of real people. Thanks!


        • Cheryl: The studies most often cited to “disprove” the vaccine-autism connection are studies that looked at thimerosal (one ingredient) or studies that looked at the MMR vaccine. There have never been any studies of the childhood vaccination schedule, or of the synergistic effects of all ingredients in vaccines. There has never been a single study performed on the safety or efficacy of vaccines as they are administered at the 2, 4, 6, or 12 month “well-baby check-ups.”
          Infants and children vaccinated according to the CDC’s Childhood Vaccination Schedule can receive more than 50 vaccines by the time they go to kindergarten. That has never been studied. To say “vaccines don’t cause autism” on the basis of studies that look at one ingredient (thimerosal) or one combo vaccine (MMR) is completely misleading and just plain wrong.
          This is a link to a website titled “Fourteen Studies” which will give you an idea of some of the problems in the studies that have been done.


    • Oh PLEASE, can you not see the big picture, you are putting toxins in your child that not only effect them in childhood, but also as adults!! Hence the aluminum/alzheimers connection. My daughter 29 years ago had a grand mal seizure after her DPT vax, she was packed in ice to reduce her temp., had a EEG scan done. The Dr’s wanted to keep her on Phenobarbital via orally for 5yrs, do you know what pheno is commonly used for?? Idiopathic epilepsy, my daughter was not epileptic, she seized from running a temp of 105, due to having foreign bodies/toxins in her. (Why don’t you do research pertaining to humans, and what causes us to run high temps…I’m pretty sure, it’s due to our immune system fighting off infection/foreign bodies…etc.. Hence autoimmune deceases). Three long horrific months, I did what was prescribed, I shoved pheno down my infant daughters throat, all along asking dr’s what the long term effects would carry, to my dispair they had no concrete evidence. I’d personally like to thank God, yes God, he answered my prayers, I had no one else to go to for solice. If you are not a God fearing person, you will be when something devastating happens to your world. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and do more RESEARCH…you will see the connection is our government…hence the big picture!


      • Unfortunately, vaccinations are NOT optional anymore, they are being forced on us if we must put our children in daycare or must send them to school because we can’t homeschool them ourselves.


        • Carol, most states have vaccine exemptions for public daycares and public school. You are right, however, it’s getting harder to get an exemption in many states. For the majority, you can still get one pretty easily. I fear the day is coming when there will be no choice but to homeschool, go back to one-income households (which is almost impossible these days), or make the choice to vaccinate your kids. It will be a sad day when medical choice is stripped from us.


    • Let’s assume for a moment that the list presented isn’t the true list of ingredients in the vaccines as spelled out in the document. If that isn’t the case, then will someone please provide us with the true list of vaccines ingredients that way we can all finally be rest assured that vaccines are safe and that there’s nothing to worry about. But my guess is no such list other than what has already been provided exists, and if that’s the case, then (no disrespect intended) but somehow those who defend vaccines are only fooling themselves. They don’t know what the ingredients are no more than the next person. Then when someone takes their time to actually do some research (probably way more research than vaccinators have ever cared to even though they probably routinely have your kids vaccinated) they have no choice but to think of some kind of way to defend their choice to vaccinate their families because considering the idea that they’re wrong about vaccines is just unthinkable for them.


  4. I would also like to add that it would take me all week to point out the flaws in the other sections.


  5. Thank you for this most useful information about vaccine ingredients.
    I have written this about mercury/thimerosal traces etc in single dose and multidose injections:

    “Mercury free – Maybe!”
    All multidose injections (contain several doses in the same container), must contain a preservative, this is often thimerosal/mercury.
    To have preservative properties it must be present in a strength of at least 0.01% in the final product. (Equivalent to 50 microgram thimerosal per 0.5ml dose, or
    25 microgram mercury).

    The reason why multidose preparations contain preservatives is to prevent contamination from the surroundings in connection with withdrawal of several doses.

    Single dose injections do not normally require preservatives. They are discarded after the one dose is withdrawn.

    During the manufacturing processes mercury may be used to prevent microbial contamination, even though it will not be present IN PRESERVATIVE STRENGTH in the end product. (This is the case with many single dose injections).

    The intention is to remove the mercury, but because it is difficult and expensive to remove absolutely all, up to 0.3 microgram per 0.5 ml dose is permitted to remain.

    This is termed “trace” mercury and is not sufficient to have preservative properties because it is not present in sufficient strength.

    It is often misleading due to the fact that injections may be termed “preservative free” because they do not contain mercury in a high enough concentration to have preservative properties – but they may nevertheless contain traces of mercury!


  6. Hi. This comment is not about the post but on this website everytime there is an adobe document or some image to look at, both Safari and Firefox tell me i have a missing plugin. I DL and install it but it never works so that i can see the image. Can anyone help me? What am i doing wrong? and what do i need to do to correct the problem?


    • Jen,

      It could be a couple of things going on. First make sure that any adobe reader program windows are closed then close and re-open Firefox.

      Second try this, in Firefox, Open “Tools -> Add-ons (or Add-on Manager) -> Plugins” to verify that the Adobe Acrobat plugin is listed and enabled. If it’s “grayed out”, select the Adobe Acrobat entry and click “Enable.” If you are missing the Adobe Acrobat Plugin from the list then try the steps I outline below.

      1. In Adobe Reader, choose “Edit -> Preferences -> Internet”.
      2. Deselect “Display PDF In Browser” and then click OK.
      3. Choose “Edit -> Preferences -> Internet”
      4. Select “Display PDF In Browser” and then click OK.
      5. Reopen your Mozilla application and verify that the plugin is enabled.

      If that doesn’t work, I would uninstall Adobe Ready and re-download and install it from here. (make sure when you are downloading, you hit yes to all the messages Firefox pops up.) Also, when you install the new Adobe Reader, make sure you close Firefox before you start the installation process.

      Good Luck! I hope it works!


  7. Excellent article which includes desciptions of ingredients and much more!

    In addition to the presence and amounts it is important to consider the influence/interactions of substances with each other.

    In drug targeting polysorbate 80/Tween 80 is used to assist in the delivery of certain drugs (especially psychiatric, nano-drugs or chemotherapeutic agents) across the blood-brain barrier and into the brain tissue. Polysorbates act by rendering the barrier more permeable.

    This also occurs in vaccines. In Gardasil both polysorbate and aluminium are present. There is risk of passage being facilitated of neurotoxic aluminium and other substances crossing the blood-brain barrier and embedding in the brain tissue.

    Thousands of girls exhibit symptoms of brain damage and many have died after Gardasil vaccines.

    Autopsies rarely if ever include thorough investigation of brain tissue. This may be of paramount importance towards revealing the truth about this controversial vaccine.

    Another example is the H1N1 “swine flu” vaccine Pandemrix which contains both polysorbate and mercury. There is increased risk of mercury lodging and accumulating in the brain tissue.

    This is especially worrying in the case of small children and pregnant women as young children and fetus have ubderdeveloped, more permeable blood-brain barriers.


    • I would like to add that aluminium may increase toxicity of mercury up to a hundredfold. This may also be a potential danger when separate vaccines containing aluminium and mercury are administered concomitantly.


  8. My little girl fell apart from vaccines 20 minutes after recieving 3 shots (MMR, POLIO, Varicella) She was later diagnosed w/ mild/moderate autism, lymes disease and inflammatory bowel disease, liver disfunction, petit-mal seizures, toxic body burden. She was ‘normal’ in every way before that day! I have heard many stories of the same thing that happened to my child from other parents at support group meetings for autism and related nuerological issues. I do not care what the biased government run ‘scientific’ studies state, it is NOT true!!! Vaccines are dangerous and cause harm sooner or later!!!


  9. How to get a copy?


    • Sun – you should be able to print this article using the “tools” button on your browser.


  10. I just want to thank you for this article.
    I am so eternally grateful to you for doing work that I just feel I can’t do. I am a mom of 2 vaccine-injured kids. They are getting better with the use of ALA chelation, homeopathy and diet. I want very much to spread accurate information and have created a Facebook page (Reveal and Heal) to help spread this info.
    But I’m thankful for you because you know the science behind this enormous topic and strive to provide it, in detail. I share your articles on my page and my own personal FB page.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing and know you’re a godsend.
    God bless.
    Morgan Pocorobba


  11. Hi,
    I just want to thank you for all the information and for taking the time to put it simply out there. I’m a mother of two. And my son I believe was greatly affected of the vaccines. He have several allergies (milk,eggs,peanut,soy,wheat and we just found of the new dozen of allergies he just developed ) he is a healthy kid otherwise and in a month he is due for his “vaccination”. I’m greatly thankful to my friend who introduced me to your website and is probably giving my children a chance to get better, hopefully. As you can tell I’m very new to this, but I want to say thank you again for giving my kids a chance…….


  12. The Science Of Vaccine Damage « antivaccine
  13. The Vaccine Damage – Science « antivaccine
  14. What an awesome article, Megan. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it.


  15. I think it’s the vaccinations we are forced to make our kids get… back in 2010 my then 12 year old son was vaccinated for chickenpox.. the next day my toddler broke out with chicken pox… recently my same little boy who just turned five on 10/9/2012 got hs vaccinations along with his 11 year old sister on 9/26/2012.. shortly after like a day or two my little boy started having tic like symptoms.. head jerking, constant moving or stepping in place.. moving both legs and arms at the same time when he jerks his head… constant spitting every few seconds… telling himself to stop because he wants his body and/or brain to stop doing the things they’re doing.. there’s so many things he’s doing and it’s sad to see my little boy like this… there’s absolutely nothing that has changed in his illness, trauma, or anything.. he just got the vaccinations and then all of this started even major signs of OCD.. they even gave him the chickenpox vaccine after I told them do NOT give it to him because he already had chickenpox.. Monday we go out of state to a pediatric Neurologist and I am praying we get some answers as to why he suddenly went from perfectly normal to not so normal right after the vaccinations.. Reading the CDC and FDA sites I checked the ingredients in the vacs and it’s down right disgusting from calf bovine serum to human tissue from aborted babies…and monkey kidney tissue.. if I would have known then what I know now I would never have gotten my children vaccinated.. I really wish I would have seen this website way before now.


  16. Whooping Cough Vaccine and Pregnancy | Immunisation Awareness Society
  17. Please delete this comment. It was overlooked that the proper conversion from ppm to ppb was made. It would be appropriate, however, for you to note that the EPA’s guidelines are based on daily consumption, not one-time exposures.


    • I deleted the comment. But, it would be important for you to note that there are NO regulations or guidelines on what is safe to INJECT (which is 1,000x more dangerous than ingestion), when there obviously should be. By injecting these toxins into the body, they remain long term.

      It’s also important to note that vaccines are not one-time exposures. Children are assaulted every couple of months for years. They receive a staggering amount of vaccinations before the age of 2, and then a handful more by the age of 6. It’s absolutely not “one-time” exposure.


  18. Many browsers do not have a print in the tools. I am going to print this and give it to a friend. It would be nice if you had a PDF version of this that we could download.

    Please keep up the good work. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose. Our children’s future depend on avoiding poisons.


  19. thank you for taking the time to assemble this Megan. This information will help me to back up my choice for not vaccinating my child. I have been going back and fourth with myself also with nurses / doctors on this topic. along with friends and family members. no-one understands my fear of neurological compromise from pumping these chemicals into my child. not to mention all the possible / likely damage to his body. I feel alone in my choice alot of the time, his mother supports my choices because she also sees the chemicals they put into vaccines has houses fears like i do. Its hard for me because i dont want him to die from a preventable illness, but i dont want him to live a sub-par life. Im vaccinated myself + whatever they gave me in the service.. and im not healthy. i cant get sick 4-6 times a year some years. asthma. and im not that bright, issues paying full attention, mind wanders, feel like me “CPU” has low processing power.. i hope going all natural for my son will provide him a better life. Plus 90% of people are vaccinated in america right? (prob not that high considering health costs) but he should be less likely to catch anything because of the “herd immunity”

    Thank you again megan, please keep up the good work, at times its so hard to pick through all the bullshit to find good information


    • Thanks for the comment, Chris. And the compliment. :)

      Another article I think you would find interesting is this one:

      You will find that there really is no threat. Vaccine-preventable diseases were already almost eradicated by the time a vaccine was ever introduced for them due to better living conditions, clean water, indoor plumbing, more knowledge about how disease spreads, etc. Vaccines never helped anything decline.

      Also – your comment about herd immunity is another common misconception. Herd immunity was originally meant to be applied in populations that had gotten disease naturally and developed a natural immunity. Between 1900 & 1930, A.W. Hendrich studied measles outbreaks in the Boston area. He found that if 68% of the children got measles the outbreak stopped…hence herd immunity.

      Unfortunately, this term has been applied to vaccines as well, but since vaccines do not offer the same sort of protection as natural infection, herd immunity in this context does not exist. We are led to believe it does though, but our vaccination rates are well above the 68% needed (in some areas near 100%) and outbreaks still occur, usually in highly vaccinated populations. In 2004 a 97% vaccinated school population got chicken pox, in 1987 a 99% vaccinated school population got measles, in 2010 a 77% vaccinated community got mumps. And there are so many more that I can list. In 1997 there was a measles epidemic in New Zealand, there were 2,041 reported cases and 99% immunization rate. Yet in 1994 there was a rate of 87% immunized and only 33 cases. In addition, some diseases have cycles of infections that are not based on vaccinations rates at all, pertussis (whooping cough) being one. Vaccinations can lead us into a cycle of lowered natural immunity and that often results in tougher, more resilient strains popping up, which we then have to rely on more man-made vaccines to cure. According to the CDC, any single vaccine will “last” about 3-10 years. But, as you probably know, most adults do not continue any sort of vaccination once they “leave the nest.” As an example, most children will receive their last TDaP vaccine at age 6 or 7, and they might receive an additional one around age 12, but that is uncommon. How many adults do you know that go in to get the full scale of vaccines for all the diseases their child gets “protection” for? I honestly don’t even know one. Some adults will get a flu shot, but generally speaking, most haven’t received a shot for any other type of disease since they were children themselves. But vaccines do not offer life-long immunity. They last, at most, 10 years. So where is all the disease among adults? Why do we not have horrid outbreaks of disease among the adult population since virtually ALL of them are unprotected from ANYthing? The answer to that is also why disease was already on such a steep decline BEFORE the vaccine was introduced for any specific disease.

      Bottom line, “herd immunity” doesn’t apply to vaccinated populations. The health of your son depends on his immune system, not vaccinated individuals around him.

      Thanks again for the comment. Please continue learning and reading about vaccines, and let us know if you ever have any questions. We’re here to help!



  20. Dear all,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. To add to this, our youngest has never been the super-healthy girl she was before her last vaccination against mumps, measles and rubella. Within 2 weeks after the shot she developed dark skin around her eyes, looking at the world like zombie, less approachable and less energy. About 6 months later we changed everything in our diet: vegetarian (“The China Study” by Prof. Campbell) and regular detox sessions by using clay baths and nano-detox fluids which can be added to oat meal etc. We actually started detoxing after seeing the lectures of David Ayoub on youtube. This helped a lot, in particular from the moment we started active detoxing, and she is still improving! Our eldest girl has improved on the fly.
    Vaccinating our kids is our most stupid act ever.
    Although you cannot convert the incontrovertible pharma and agribusiness industries of central bankers, you can convert the people and MDs.
    Good luck, thanks for the insight!


  21. Excellent information here. Everything I was looking for. And I ask, when will we parents be given an option of refusing to vaccinate based on our own morals and health reasons instead of “for relgious reasons” being our only option. When I started to explain to our new child’s doctor our reasons, they only needed to hear that it was for religious reasons to make it “legal” to opt out. Is there any legislature out there working on this?


  22. There is no list showing up at the beginning of the article — I am using Chrome — any suggestions? Thanks!


  23. This article made me sick. I have a four month old baby girl that I have not vaccinated much to the dismay of many people including my husband. As a compromise, I told him I would consider vaccinating at 6 months old as I didn’t believe it was nessecary to inject poison into the body of a 6 week old. I was aware of the ingredients in vaccines, thus my hesitation, however in my research I could not find the information about side effects and dosage until I stumbled upon this article. This is the most thorough and comprehensive article regarding vaccine ingredients, including the amount administered in each shot and all of the side effects. I have long believed vaccines cause food allergies and a host of other issues, and that doctors and government are influenced by the pharmecutical companies and the almighty dollar. Thank God I read this before I was pressured into doing something against my better judgement that I would regret. No vaccines in this home.


  24. I am wondering if anyone can give me some insight on a vaccine matter. My son is 12 and I never really thought about what was in vaccines until a couple of years ago. Started with looking into the flu shots, which we do not take anymore. Anyway I decided to get the form from the State of Texas because I did not want him to get anymore vaccines. Well luck would have it, he goes to a Catholic School and in 2008 they decided they would not accept the Affidavit from the State and it had to be a letter from a Dr. stating a medical reason that he could not receive the vaccines. I don’t know of one Medical Doctor that would do that for me. His pediatrician is an idiot that harasses me over getting the flu shots. If I don’t find a solution, we will have to pull him out of a school that he loves. But I will not have them forcing me into doing something that is wrong for my child. I am sorry I am rambling, but this whole situation has gotten me scared and stressed!


    • Did you ever figure out a way? I’m going through similar right now regarding my 3 yr old son, his preschool and the flu shot. Hoping for advice…


      • Contact dr Alfred Johnson in texas he is the best. Dallas texas


  25. Thank you for what is significantly more informative than what I heard years ago about what is in a vaccine. I have two questions though that in what little I have investigated never seem to come up.
    1. Why is all this junk in a vaccine in the first place?
    2. What is the alternative? Are there vaccine “equivalents” to organic fruit?
    Without a vaccine, do I run the risk of my kid(s) getting polio? Do I run the risk of my infant getting influenza that can kill her? I hate the side effects of what these materials can do, and I regret what could come of them in my older children, but what about the other side effects that seem positive?


    • Well Jeff, Have you ever had a disease from a “vaccine preventable disease” Kids today receive 14 vaccines. I received 8 because I was born in 1978. I have never contacted any “vaccine preventable disease” nor has anybody I know. My grandma received 3 vaccines and she is very healthy at 85. Should my grandma and myself and you go back and get the vaccines we missed. I don’t think so, its a scare tactic. Your kids will be healthier without them.


  26. Great article. You must have put a lot of time and energy in all your research as it is a lot of information to digest. I also want to say how sorry I am for your loss. I cannot imagine what you have gone through. I do have one very important question for you. If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently? Would you avoid all vaccines or spread them out? I feel you are right on the information you provided but I am stuck on what to do.


    • Carolyn – As I have done more and more research, I would not vaccinate my children at all. As public record shows, vaccines are not the cause for the decline in disease. (See:

      I have had 3 more children after my experiences with my son that passed away and I have not vaccinate them at all. I am completely comfortable with this decision, and I no longer fear the diseases that vaccines are meant to prevent, but don’t.



      • My son is 5 months and during his 4 month appointment they gave him his second round of shots. He developed a fever and since then has had 2 seizures. The doctors say it is normal but i don’t feel it is and now I will not have him vaccinated anymore. My poor son he is little only 13 pounds and he was injected with so much crap. I feel horrible for putting him through the vaccines. I wish I could go back in time.


  27. Wow. I am absolutely astounded at the level of research and informative data that lies in this one tidy article. My son is 2.5 now, but at his 5 month well visit we were coerced into giving him a Dtap shot because of an “outbreak” in our area. He has never been the same since. Anyone who has watched in terror as their once mellow and happy child slips into a dark and scary place knows first hand that vaccines are not safe. I just wish that I hadn’t caved when my doctor said “oh, so you’re fine with your son dying of pertussis then ?”
    I called to let them know that he was acting abnormally and they insisted it was teething.
    Had they been more open to the vac causing his problem I might’ve been able to start a chelation treatment or something helpful.. Instead, we went through so many attempts to remedy the situation with colic treatments etc.
    How many other parents out there have a similar story?
    The number of reported/recorded vaccine injuries has to be so far off from what the numbers actually are.. That is terrifying.

    Thank you so so much for compiling all this information. Our doctors need to be educated.
    And I may just print and frame your reply to Julie Keetan.
    Well done!!!!!!


    • Oddly enough, Sara, Julie Keetan has never come back to tell me all the points that are supposedly wrong in my article. Hmmmm…. ;)


  28. Thank you for the article. I am making a thourough research hence I have a four month old baby and throuhout my pregnancy they’ve told me his kidney was enlarged I am not sure how well his kidney functions and worried with all this stuff in the vaccine. I am completly convinced that vaccines causes harm in some more than others because I have a few friends that have experienced this with their children one child got asthma and all kinds of food allergies, the other at age 9 after the shot he got some sort of weird tics. I think is verry important for parents to educate about what they put into their child’s body and how is this going to affect them.
    Thank you again this is very helpful!


  29. It doesn’t take being brilliant or even having a degree to figure out that the ingredients in vaccines are ALL bad and do NOTHING good for the body no matter what the age… ESPECIALLY an infant. It’s truly tragic what is going on and I thaink God for sites like this which allow people to make an informed decision. Keep up the good work! Proud dad of an unvaxed quite healthy and smart child.


  30. I would just like to say that from personal experience I have a almost 5 year old son who I got all his vaccines for the first 3 years of his life, when I had my daughter we only did the DTaP at 6 months and boosters at 9, and 12 with her. She is now almost 3 and to compare she has never been sick. My son use to get everything that went around, and still gets sick more often while the rest of us will all be sick she is super healthy and not sick! She has had one runny nose for a couple days while my son had a really bad cold and fever, and she got a cough when his cough was so bad and lasted for a week and half, hers was mild and lasted 2 whole days if that. Its incredible the difference! I didnt even research the vaccines before a few months ago now pregnant with baby number 3, but made my decision based on how sick my son got when he got his vaccines those first couple years. We got everything on schedule per drs orders and didnt leave any out. I knew each time that even with the tylenol that it would be a bad day for him, high fevers, crying and being upset like he was sick all day. It was hard to handle. After dealing with all that with him I decided to wait and spread things way out with my daughter. Doing my own research I found a lot of what this article talks about, and it breaks my heart that I didnt know it before I got him vaccinated! I wont be doing any more vaccines in my kids, and if I do change my mind down the road about that I will be getting them one at a time very spread out. Even without all the junk they put in them, a baby having that high of a fever or being that sick all day every couple months is not good! I never got the Heb B vaccine for my son at birth, but if the reaction was the same as any of the other vaccines (which I have heard its worse from people) its no wonder SIDS is so common and why so many babies are having health issues and everything. Without believing anything else, dont wait to find out the hard way on your own child, do the research. Your kids only get one shot on a healthy body! Also just because you got vaccinated as a child doesnt mean anything. The amount of vaccines kids get has not only doubled, but they give more at once now, as well as have changed the ingredients in them a ton over the years. Its not the same! I would also like to point out that before you go trusting everyone to do whats right and tell us if vaccines are harmful think about how much money is being made on them each year…. billions and billions of dollars! That kind of money has and does corrupt people into letting things slide. Also ask yourself why no real studies on vaccines have ever been done!! If its so safe why not do studies on this stuff? The studies they claim to do are very weird and not scientific… Look it up and see for yourself, dont just take someones word for it! Dont be stupid like all those people who just trusted and believed that cigarettes were safe and didnt harm you! The cigarette company was making so much money they lied and hid studies to keep making that money! This time the government agencies that determine whether things are safe or not are getting paid money for putting drugs through quicker! They hold stocks in the companies that make these drugs and personally gain from putting them through, etc… Its proven, just look even a little and you’ll find it! Its enough to make you sick!


  31. As an RN we are “mandated and required” to take the flu vaccine among others. A free country, right? If you do not take the flu vaccine you are “mandated and required” to wear a mask during your shift. Some facilities and “union” contracts “Require and mandate” vaccines or you can be “FIRED” or not hired for the position.
    If vaccines are so effective than why are the people who take the vaccine so concerned about the one’s that do not take the vaccine. They are vaccinated, right? Protected.
    We’ll, it’s for “our patient’s” protection to be vaccinated. Hummmn? What? These “patient’s have a “choice” to be vaccinated, right. Whom is at more of a risk here?
    What have we, as a country, become with individual freedom of choice? Mandated and required…


    • Companies aren’t our nation. Health care companies are concerned for their patients, and if that means that their workers have to get vaccinated to protect their clientele, they’ll do it. It helps with compromised immune systems, and keeps more people safe.


      • There is no evidence that vaccinating healthcare workers prevents the spread of flu. See the Cochrane Collaboration’s meta-analysis of influenza studies dating back to the 1960s. You can find the link in this article:
        There is also evidence that vaccinating with the acellular pertussis vaccine is contributing to the spread of whooping cough:


  32. excellent info here! i just got a call from my son’s doctor’s office a few minutes ago and they asked me if he had been vaccinated with the recombivax, i said, um, no my husband and i have chosen NOT to vax our son at all. my other 2 daughters had some vacc’s when they were little b/c i was told they were absolutely safe and i didn’t do any research about it back then, but i did the research after i suffered a vaccine injury with the tdap, and let me tell you, he is the most happy, healthy, and bright little boy ever! he has only had 2 colds his whole life (he’s almost 3 yrs. old now), and i don’t regret not getting anymore vaccines for any of my 3 children. i will be printing this article for the doc’s office, and for my mom, who HAS dermatomyocitis, but hasn’t been able to find out WHY she has this disease….i keep telling her it could be the vaccines, but she’s old school, so she still believes that they are good to get, but i think that they are making her worse! again, THANK YOU for all this info, i will be sharing it with my friends and family, the ones who think i’m not nutso, anyways! keep up the good work and i’m very sorry about your loss… :(


  33. Hi my question is now that I have the facts and I now refuse to have my children vaccinated. What happens when they r enrolled in kindergarten and it is required to have a up to date immunization record.


  34. what will happen if a 15 year old child was given TD booster in a span of only 4 months?


    • Do you mean he was given a booster after already receiving one 4 months ago?


      • Yes


  35. Have any of the vaccine ingredients changed over time, or have they always contained all of these “toxic” ingredients?


    • The ingredients themselves have remained somewhat the same. In the early 2000s they reduced the amount of mercury in dead-virus vaccines. The main thing that will change from one vaccine to the next in the actual virus used. For instance, when the first DPT vaccine came out (for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) they used a whole-cell pertussis virus, which ended up killing and permanently injuring thousands of children. They stopped using that one and in the early 90s they came out with the DTaP vaccine which has an acellular pertussis virus, which proved to be a little less dangerous upfront.


  36. I haven’t checked out any of your other journaling however I am so grateful for this article. You have done the homework for so many parents just trying to sift through all of the garbage for some quality information. I cannt thank you enough. I have used this article many times as a rebuttal to people who judge me for my decision.


  37. Vaccinations: Your Child vs. “The Greater Good” |
  38. Thank you so much for this article. I stopped vaccinating my son at 4 yrs old and my daughter has only received the varicella vaccine but no more shots after this one!


  39. Out of curiosity, how much formaldehyde do we have circulating in our bodies right now? Thanks!


    • How much we have in our bodies at any given moment is irrelevant. Taking what is natural levels and introducing unnatural levels disrupts the normal process. Formaldehyde is mainly found in the stomach as it aids in metabolism. Because it’s easily metabolized, ingesting formaldehyde (like naturally found in fruit), in natural levels, is considered safe. However, we’re talking about taking raw formaldehyde and injecting it into the body. So much different. We can’t confuse ingestion with injection.


      • I’m sorry, why must we not confuse ingestion with injection?


        • Because ingesting something allows for your natural filters to filter and expel certain levels of chemicals. For instance… it’s safe to ingest formaldehyde in levels found naturally in foods because the body filters and excretes most of it. But injecting it bypasses all of the filters naturally found in the gut and instead introduces it directly to soft tissue that absorbs it into your blood stream, which then damages organs, including but not limited to, the brain.


          • That is all true, but also don’t forget that just because you ingest something doesn’t mean it doesn’t make it’s way to your bloodstream. Or else we wouldn’t have an epidemic of heart disease from people ingesting high fatty diets!

  40. ALL children should be vaccinated!! The possible result of non-vaccinating is far worse than any suggested side effects from the vaccination. People are dying from disease that were eradicated for decades, because parents are not vaccinating their children.


    • Peggy: You are misinformed. The “outbreaks” of disease are happening in highly vaccinated populations. The measles vaccine is a live-virus vaccine, and recently vaccinated individuals can spread the virus for up to a month after being vaccinated. When there is an “outbreak” nobody reports on where it started or gives any information on the vaccination status of those who are infected. There is also a certain number of people in whom the vaccine is never effective, no matter how many times they are vaccinated. This is called “vaccine-failure” and is widely written about in the published medical literature. The mumps vaccine has never been effective and Merck officials committed fraud when they published data indicating that it was. Recent mumps outbreaks are the result of the criminal behavior of the vaccine-manufacturer – not the result of non-vaccinating folks.
      The whooping cough (pertussis) outbreaks are the result of over-vaccination with the DTap and TDap vaccines, which target B. pertussis (only one strain that can cause pertussis). As a result of trying to stamp out whooping cough, a once non-problematic strain (B. parapertussis) is now causing an increasing number of cases. The vaccine not only does not protect against B. Parapertussis, it CAUSES the outbreaks by increasing colonization of B. parapertussis in the lungs of those who are vaccinated against B. Pertussis.
      It is not the unvaccinated who are causing the outbreaks. It is the vaccinated.


  41. I agree that people need to educate themselves as to how vaccines work, why they work the way they do and why certain elements are present and how the body can dispose of these perceived toxins.

    It is irresponsible for articles to scaremonger and misinform people with a list of items that present no long term health issues.

    To not vaccinate could be a death sentence, something like Chicken pox can leave a child disabled, blind and brain damaged and that is one of the “Nicer” illnesses if you could call it nice, how about polio or diphtheria?

    So before people start getting all hysterical about vaccinations, consult a professional on what they are, what they do, how they do it and what the risks are of not doing them and you will see that I have been more factually correct than most of the meme’s that float around stirring up vaccine hysteria.


    • MarK:
      You write: “I agree that people need to educate themselves as to how vaccines work, why they work the way they do and why certain elements are present and how the body can dispose of these perceived toxins.”
      My response: Good. We agree on the need to educate ourselves about what is injected into our bodies and into our children’s bodies. Calling mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and msg (all documented neuro-immune toxins) “elements” and “perceived toxins” is misleading. Assuming that 100% of the population has the ability to “dispose” of these toxins at the same rate is just ridiculous.

      You write: “It is irresponsible for articles to scaremonger and misinform people with a list of items that present no long term health issues.”
      My response: I agree. Scaremongering and misinformation is not what we do. It is what we are attempting to counter with information on things like chickenpox, whooping cough, measles and other childhood illnesses that until only a few decades ago were considered a normal part of childhood, with no long term health issues. In fact, it has been widely understood (until scaremongering and misinformation took over) that catching these illnesses as a child and fighting through them benefited the child with strengthened immunity not only for the particular virus or bacterial infection, but for other, similar viruses and bacteria encountered in the future. We have traded what for most were benign childhood illnesses which conferred natural immunity for life and instead we now have epidemics of childhood cancers of the brain, blood and bone, and epidemics of chronic autoimmune diseases such as allergies, asthma, and autism.

      You write: “To not vaccinate could be a death sentence, something like Chicken pox can leave a child disabled, blind and brain damaged and that is one of the “Nicer” illnesses if you could call it nice, how about polio or diphtheria?”
      My response: Really? Chickenpox? Who’s fear-mongering now? Let’s talk about something that is really serious, like, say… shingles. In the past, when children were allowed to catch chickenpox (as I and my four siblings did in the 1960s; we all recovered and none of us is blind, brain damaged, or disabled), older children (teens) and adults who were around those children received a natural booster to their immunity against the varicella virus. That’s why shingles used to be an “old person’s disease” – it was typically only seen in people of quite advanced age because they were the ones who were no longer caring for children when they were sick, and their immunity was not “boosted” as a result. Thanks to the vaccine, we now have epidemics of shingles in teens and young adults. Shingles is exponentially more dangerous for young adults than chickenpox EVER was for children. But hey! It gave the vaccine manufacturers another excuse to develop a product from which to benefit! Line up and get your shingles shot! As for polio – you need to educate yourself on the disease and on the “eradication by the vaccine.” Polio is still with us. For most people it presents as a gastrointestinal virus with vomiting and diarrhea, and 95% of people get over it without complications. Nobody is tested for polio when they have a viral bug. The paralytic polio scare of the 1950s was concentrated in the summer months and in areas of the country where children were swimming in rivers, lakes and streams contaminated with DDT from run-off of farming operations. Look up DDT poisoning and you will see that the symptoms of paralytic polio are identical. The “eradication” of polio was not accomplished by the vaccine. The numbers actually went up after the vaccine came out because it was a live-virus and it caused polio in those who received it. This is still happening in India, where three different types of vaccine-induced polio have been identified. In the U.S., what happened was the government changed the diagnostic criteria, which meant that approximately 95% of those cases that would have previously been diagnosed as “polio” were now reclassified as other diseases, including Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Meningitis (Oh! Another reason to develop a vaccine!)

      You write: “So before people start getting all hysterical about vaccinations, consult a professional on what they are, what they do, how they do it and what the risks are of not doing them and you will see that I have been more factually correct than most of the meme’s that float around stirring up vaccine hysteria.”
      My response: First, which professionals should we consult? Doctors? They aren’t taught about how vaccines are made or what’s in them. They are taught how to give them according to the schedule. My own family doctor adamantly declared “There is no mercury in vaccines! They took it out years ago!” as he was trying to convince me to consent to giving my daughter a flu vaccine. I showed him the vaccine-manufacturer’s insert. Nurses? The one at the local health department had been shooting up kids for decades and was close to retirement age before she knew the MMR vaccine was cultured on human diploid cells. She had never even seen a vaccine-manufacturer’s insert until I showed it to her. How about before we get all hysterical about chickenpox or measles, we actually do some research (we are really still able to think for ourselves) about the diseases vaccines are supposed to prevent, and about the vaccines themselves, so we can do a cost-benefit analysis for our own families? As part of that research, how about we consider our family medical histories, and especially consider if we have autoimmune diseases in first or second-degree relatives, which indicates there is something about our immune systems that may lead our children to respond differently than “the norm” when they are injected with adjuvants designed to ramp-up the immune system? And how about we stop to consider that within the world of medicine, there is not a single thing that is safe or effective for 100% of the population? And let’s think about how it doesn’t make sense to apply a complex medical procedure (up to nine vaccines at six months of age), which has never been studied for synergistic effects between the vaccines or their ingredients, to 100% of the infant population and expect that there won’t be at least a percentage of those infants that will have serious adverse effects.
      Thanks for your comment, Mark.


  42. Tetnus Vaccine Ingredients-In Many other vaccines as well.. | Natural Healing Room
  43. This is a wonderful article! My wife and I are expecting our first child (don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, we decided on keeping it a surprise) on July 18th, and I am completely disgusted by the ingredient lists of vaccines. I was a mortician for the past five years, and when I found out that vaccines contained formalin and gluteraldahyde, I was STUNNED. I used those chemicals every day in the embalming room, and learned about their dangers in toxicology classes in depth. I personally had an extreme exacerbation of vitiligo spots all over my body after a Hep B vaccination (required for embalming practical in mortuary school), as well as a PLETHORA of childhood and adolescent problems ranging from sub-clinical hypothyroidism to mal-absorption syndrome to ADD, of which I am now beginning to “wake up” to the fact that many of these problems in my own life most definitely stemmed from a fear-induced, profit-driven vaccine-crazy generation. I am adamant that there will be NO VACCINATIONS for my child, and my wife stands behind me. Perhaps you can shine some light on ways/tips to dealing with family members and society at large who seem to chastise or view decisions such as mine as “wrong” or “putting other people at risk” or the like? I recently watched a GREAT documentary called “vacciNation” or something to that degree, and it opened my eyes to the point that there is TONS of information PRE-vaccine development which is left out or surpressed when discussing the precipitous fall (decline) of childhood diseases. Meaning, when you look at a graph in a medical journal or textbook, you see the results of a decline in disease from a starting point of the vaccine’s introduction into society to the current year the article/graph was made….what you DON’T see, is the HUGE fall, many many many times greater of the same diesease in the PRECEDING fourty to fifty years PRIOR to the development of said vaccine!!! My mother is a Pediatric Occupational Physical Therapist and has seen first-hand the effects of sensory integration issues, and my sister is a newly made MD doing her residency, who is Gung Ho about vaccines and (although raising some interesting points) could do nothing but throw her hands up and walk OUT OF THE ROOM when I brought up this information to her attention and asked the simple question of WHY they put these ingredients in an injectable form for newborns. (The best she could muster was that she’d “seen” the “devastation” causee by parents who don’t vaccinate…which turned out to be one death of an infant from whopping cough in her entire rotation in the ER during medical school) I’m scared for her that when I, as her brother, with decent medical training myself, ask her such a simple question as to what reasoning the medical school she attended gave when explaining the choice of ingredients in the doses they are at, her reaction was to get flustered and literally LEAVE THE ROOM because either she was insulted that I’d asked such a basic question, or that she finally made the connection that she’d been lied too. This is the type of thing I want to be able to handle in the future. I already have friends and family giving us their two cents about “well just delay them” or “just do HiB and Polio” etc etc etc…why does everyone, and I literally mean pretty much EVERYONE think that they, with NO medical training for the vast majoirty, and those with medical training being lied too outright, think that they know what is best for my unborn child better than I? What has them SOOOO scared in adult life nowadays that they are willing to destory friendships and family ties over the toxins injected into newborns? I’m sorry to ramble, but I’m getting really sick and tired of someone else telling me how to live according to princibles they themselves haven’t the slightest idea about. Any tips would be most appreciated.

    “Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light.” ~George Washington (my 4th cousin 5x’s removed)


  44. I have read your article in entirety, and must say it has satisfied what I have long know. I have a unique problem, and hope maybe you can help me with it. I have always been the type of person will take natural over prescription. I’m totally against the flu vaccine, Recently, I have been put into a very precarious situation. My son & daughter-in-law are about to have their first child, my first grandchild. Her whole family is in the medical profession, plus their circle of friends are doctors, nurses and such. I am to baby sit the child, and was told the only way I could be around the child, was to get the flu shot and the TDap. I am just sick over the whole thing, because they are being totally relentless about the whole thing.

    My question to you is: Is there any kind of herb or natural medicine that could possibly void out any of these poisons, if I start taking them before, after or during the time I have to take the vaccines? I am very disappointed that my son would push me into this, knowing how I feel about it. I really need to be with this grandchild, I will soon bee 66. If you have any ideas, please pass them onto me. I’m sure there are other people out there that could use this same help, if there is any.


    • Hi and good day Megan.

      May i know what is your career background?

      Dont get me wrong because i am only a housewife yet i come to know bout the ugly truth of vaccines by reading randomly everywhere around the google globe.

      Its hard to convince friends and family around me just because i am a housewife with no professional background.

      Your article answer most of the questions am trying to search around the net about vaccines.

      And the most important thing is your debate here with the pro vacc readers really give me so many points to argue about.

      Funny that most of the things that pro vacc point out such as aluminium is as safe to ingest as to inject, that vaccines do greater good by eliminating dangerous disease decades ago proven by statistic, ext ext are some of the exactly same recitation among my pro vacc aquintances.

      Recently i got a remark from a stranger saying that breastmilk heavily contains aluminium so much greater than formula milk and when we cook using kitchen appliances made from aluminium, the food that we eat will heavily contains aluminium too everyday. So what if our infants get injected with small amount aluminium in their body to form immunity?

      I have a lot more to study but am always glad to find good article as yours around the net.

      Good job Megan!


  45. God and Vaccines: The Injustice – Colleen's Life
  46. My younger son was not vaccinated while the older one received maybe half or less of the recommended and I noticed so far the following:

    Faster Learning
    Better Health
    Better Behavior

    Coincidence? Doubt it! Thank God for the Internet and ability to research and make informed decisions instead of being like ignorant sheep lead to the slaughter. Beware of those paid to troll forums and comments everywhere swearting till blue in the face with empty arguments that vaccines are safe. Use your brains people! Read the ingredients list and try to find even ONE that is healthy for the body! Sign the waiver while you still can and PROTECT your children!


    • Hi there! Just a tip for you and everyone else… You DO NOT have to and SHOULD NOT sign any waiver or form your doctor gives you when refusing vaccines because it is your right as a parent to refuse them, period. These forms (which usually state that you are aware you are putting your child at risk or in danger by refusing doctors’ orders) have been used against parents in attempts to prove neglect and other worse things, sparking CPS calls and investigations that are unfounded simply because you make a choice to not do what “doctor thinks best”. As we all know, doctors definitely do not know best, they only know what they learn in medical school in texts written and funded by the pharmaceutical industry with obvious bias for their billions of dollars of profit and ongoing “education” and spiffs and perks and vacations supplied by the same people. JUST SAY NO. And tell them to shove that pen up their A$$!!


  47. The Day My View on Vaccines Changed
  48. I took my son (then 16 months) to a neautropath doctor after struggling to get my son back to health.
    Mother’s intuition works wonders when you are open minded and are aware of how to read your body.
    My son since birth had many difficulties with nutrition. He was born with the cord around his neck.
    He had trouble with breast milk and formulas. He had many stomach and respiratory problems. As he grew
    older, he couldn’t tolerate much of anything. His skin became so sensitive, he was always sick with colds, always congested, stomach issues, (constipation, diarrhea, etc.) ear infections and so on. I had a feeling it was the vaccines that (yes- I was giving him-cause I allowed it since his birth). My eldest daughter (who had all her vaccines) had gone through some of these issues at this same age and she ended up being diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorder and speech problems and on the verge of getting asthma at 4 yrs old.
    I could see where my son was heading if this kept on. So from doing my research, I took him to a different doctor. He immediately told me to stop the vaccines and put him on a special diet and eliminate any additive, preservatives, fragrances and chemicals from anything including what I bathed him with and laundered his clothes with.
    He was in shock. He told me he had never seen a child this severe from skin rash. My son looked like he
    had leprosy! So I did… I learned to read labels of all kinds. Went Homeopathic and organic with everything.
    My son is now going on 4 yrs. old. He is healthy, vibrant and very strong. It took a while for his suppressed system to recover, but victory was won! He has not had any vaccines of any kind since he was 16 months. He hardly gets a cold, rashes or suffers from any stomach problems. Now he is able to eat just about anything. He is active in sports.
    I see my grand-kids now a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old with these same issues. My daughter and I were pregnant at the same time and she chose to vaccinate her kids despite my efforts. I see the big difference! I wish more parents could see clearly.


  49. Dr. Oz Show: Thimerosal in Flu Shots – What He Got Wrong & What You NEED to Know! |
  50. Global Cooling - Page 99 - Sports Forums
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  52. Autism + Vaccines Revisited | Be Your Own Healthcare Reform
  53. Here’s a Canadian website which lists additional vaccines containing thimerosal, either in preservative quantity or trace quantity: It’s dated 2007.


  54. Thank you for your informative article.
    I’m a medical professtional and having difficulty locating anthing published in regards to the filtration process of Thimerosal to prepare for the unit dosed vials and Thimerosal free label.
    Can someone please point me in the direction, or post a link that validates the claims of filtration and/or the process please?


  55. I’m really confused about there being DNA in these vaccines. So in simple terms my kids have been injected with another humans DNA? This article brought put so much info I had not a clue about. Thank you!ar


    • Amanda: This link will take you to the report of research performed by an independent group examining the effects of homologous recombinant DNA in vaccines.


  56. This link will also provide info about human DNA in vaccines, with video clips from the distinguished scientist who has researched this extensively. The website isn’t totally finished, but it’s up and usable:


  57. Crunchy Mama: Vaccinations {Counter Culture part Three} | Quiet In The Chaos
  58. Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Your Children : Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – UPDATED DAILY! |
  59. I would just like to say that I didn’t even have to get half way through this article to realize it’s complete bullshit. by simply doing tour research you can find these numbers are wrong. for instance the the amount of aluminum safe for babies and other humans is correct. ..yet the amount of aluminum in the vaccines is NOT. On the same website you can find the amount of aluminum that is safe you can fond the amount in each vaccine. for example the hib vaccine has only .225 aluminum. The amounts are all hundredths of a microgram….A decimal point really does mean a lot…especially when it’s your child’s and other people’s children’s lives


    • You are incorrect.
      The amount of aluminum in the HiB vaccine varies from 0-225 mcg, depending on the manufacturer, with Hiberix at 0, ACTHiB at 170 micrograms (mcg), and PedVaxHiB from Merck at 225 mcg. (not .225 mcg, as you assert).
      Here is the link to the manufacturer’s insert for PedVaxHib, which clearly states on the first page that it contains 225 mcg aluminum.
      1 microgram is 1/1000 of a milligram. .225 aluminum is stated in milligrams. .225 mg. is the same as 225 mcg.
      The FDA safety limit for aluminum for adults and children is .5 mcg per kg. (2.2 pounds) of body weight over a 24 hour period. A two month-old infant vaccinated according to the CDC’s Schedule may receive up to 1200 mcg. of aluminum in a matter of seconds, which is hundreds of times above the safety limit.
      Thank-you for your comment.


  60. Thank you for this. Can’t wait till I get the time to print this out and make a few copies of it. If I come across a problem with a doctor I can hand them this while asking for a new pediatrician!


  61. Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets? | Living For Longer
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  69. This may have already been addressed, but could you please post a link to where you got information on the measured amounts of toxic ingredients? I searched all.over for a source I could quote and couldn’t find one.b


    • Leah: The amount of toxic ingredients is listed on the manufacturers’ inserts for each vaccine. You can get the inserts here:
      However, you should be aware that independent labs have sent vaccines for analysis and the amounts listed on the inserts have been found to be inaccurate, with several vaccines having toxic ingredients far in excess of what is claimed by the makers.
      Vaccines are often made in factories outside the U.S. and there is no way to consistently enforce quality control, from what I understand. I have not looked into that thoroughly, but have heard it stated from multiple sources. I’m sure if any of the pro-vaccine people who read this have proof otherwise, they will provide it, and I will be happy to retract that statement and post the proof.


  70. 7 months ago my husband and I were blessed with our third daughter. She was born June, 30th 2014 four weeks early. We were ready to take her home and her O2 stats dropped and she wasn’t breathing correctly. The doctors told us they thought it was seizures so they shipped us to another hospital and the same thing happened again. Then after 8 days we finally brought her home. They said they couldn’t tell me what actually caused it. I’m now wondering if this is the cause of the ALTE


  71. My Dad was an MD at a hospital, he faced the same issue. He tried to fight the system but ultimately it came down to losing his job, so he caved and got the shots. Now he has ALS.


  72. Thank you do much for all your hard work and research into this. A great article and so very informative. Once again thank you so much!


  73. So, if vaccinations are forced because we must put our child in daycare, or go to school because we must work and can’t homeschool, how to we protect our child from these ingredients? I have searched, but can’t find anything on how to reduce the toxic effects of having to vaccinate when we have no other choice. Please, someone put this information out there for those of us who HAVE no other choice because the powers that be are hamstringing us : either vaccinate of you can’t get daycare/go to school!!!


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