We Are Anti-Vaccine Wackos. It’s Just What We Do. Updated, April 9, 2014.


By Marcella Piper-Terry, M.S., Founder of VaxTruth.org

UPDATE: April 9, 2014… For the first time since I wrote this article back in August of 2011, I have been hesitant to share it. This month has been so painful for parents, families and friends of vaccine-injured children. The media is spreading hate-speech and lies like never before. We are being falsely blamed for outbreaks of measles and whooping cough, both of which are occurring in populations with higher vaccination rates than the national average. The diseases are not being spread by non-vaccinating families; they are being spread by the vaccines themselves. I won’t go into that here; anyone who takes the time to read further probably already knows the truth. On the off chance someone reading this is pro-vaccine, and you want to learn more about why vaccines spread disease, please see the manufacturer’s insert for MMR. Please Google “Atypical measles from vaccination” and “Measles vaccine failure” and “Acellular pertussis causes mutation in bacteria, contributing to development of superbugs.” Frankly, I’m too busy to spoon-feed anyone who really doesn’t have an interest in learning more. If you are a parent and you are genuinely questioning, please ask. I will do what I can to give you the information you seek.

I am re-sharing this article today and I am not going to change the title. The pro-pharma folks are attempting to hurt us and turn our friends and families against us. That’s the plan. I refuse to let them hurt me (again), and I refuse to let them make me even think twice about sharing information. I apologize if the term “wacko” feels hurtful to anyone. That is not my intent. My intent is to remove the power of those who are using the term against us.

I will hold my head high. I will continue to do my research and advocacy, and I will step up my game and keep stepping until I reach the finish line.

I AM ANTI-VACCINE, and I am proud of it. I have earned the right, through years of pain, hard work, and ultimately, healing of my daughter’s injuries, and if I want to refer to myself as a “wacko,” then that’s my prerogative!

To anyone who is pro-vaccine and still reading this, I have two things to say:

1.  Thank-you. Your nastiness, bullying, and attempts to remove my civil rights keeps me going.

2.  Our mission is NOT contingent on your approval.

NOTE:  I have received a comment from a pro-vaccine parent who was offended by my characterization and use of the phase: “Your nastiness, bullying, and attempts to remove my civil rights…”    To the person who commented and to any other pro-vaccine parents to whom this applies:  I am sorry that my choice of terminology offended you. Those parents who are pro-vaccine and who also recognize that vaccine-choice is a parental right protected by The Constitution have not “done anything to me/us.” Unfortunately, the media campaign to remove our rights is increasingly pitting parents against other parents and the level of nastiness continues to escalate. It was not my intent to paint all pro-vaccine parents with the same, broad brush.

Original post:

Probably the biggest issue, as it relates to autism and other neurodevelopmental, immunological, gastrointestinal disorders is the overwhelming number and concentration in the ever-growing childhood schedule.
In 1983, this was the childhood vaccine schedule:

In 1989, this was the childhood vaccine schedule:

In 1994, this was the childhood vaccine schedule:

The explosion of sick kids began in the early 1990s. Looking at the difference in the vaccine schedules, we can see that this time frame coincides with the addition of the Hepatitis B vaccine. Recent studies have shown that any immunity conferred by the hep B vaccine series is gone within 2-5 years. Another recent study found that boys who were vaccinated against Hepatitis B were three times more likely to develop autism than boys who were not vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Hep B is a sexually transmitted disease. Infants and toddlers usually aren’t out running around having sex, so there is no justification in giving this vaccine.

The childhood vaccine schedule has continued to increase in size and complexity over the last 18 years. For parents who follow the schedule, which now includes yearly flu shots beginning at six months of age, their children receive 36 separate injections, which contain 50 vaccinations by the time they enter kindergarten.

Here is the newly released 2012 childhood vaccination schedule:


The second issue, albeit related to the first, is that current vaccination laws force parents into an “all-or-nothing” stance. In order to claim a religious exemption you have to refuse ALL vaccinations. You can’t pick and choose which make sense for your child. Many physicians will not work with parents who want to exercise caution and spread out vaccinations. Some physicians “fire” parents from the practice if they even bring up the subject. So, if you ARE concerned about measles, diptheria, polio, etc. (the “childhood diseases” everyone cites when discussing their fears about death from going unvaccinated), you ALSO have to accept having your child injected with a whole bunch of stuff he or she does not need and which may cause adverse effects. This is a very important concept. We, as concerned parents who love our children and want what’s best for them, are FORCED to given them MEDICATION (vaccines are medication – you can’t get them without a prescription and they contain chemicals and things designed to alter the way your body functions) they DO NOT NEED and which carries significant risk of side-effects. We do not FORCE adults to take medication even when the HAVE an illness. There are laws to protect adults from government-mandated medication. You cannot legally force a person with schizophrenia to take anti-psychotic medication, even when that person has already displayed violent aggression to others. You can’t legally force a cancer patient to take chemotherapy or radiation. If the government cannot force people to take medication when they HAVE an illness, how is it the government can force parents to consent for our infants and children to be injected with medications for illnesses they do not even have, and for which they have an extremely low risk (in many cases zero) of contracting?

Some will argue that nobody is “forcing” us to vaccinate. Thankfully, we do have some options, but we also give up a lot of our rights in the process. Many of us have to leave the workforce because our children are not allowed to attend daycare. Many of us lose our jobs because our children are so sick from vaccine-injury that we are FORCED to stay home full-time, whether that was our initial intent or not. Many of us are FORCED to become dependent on the government for financial assistance, especially if our marriages fail because the constant stress of caring for a sick child is overwhelming, financially, emotionally, and physically.

Many of us are lumped together in a big group and labeled “Anti-Vaxxers.” Some of us ARE Anti-Vaxxers. Some of us have been forced into being “Anti-Vaxxers” because we have no other choice. This is not a position we have chosen for ourselves and for many of us it is not an easy stance to take. We are simply doing our own research and weighing the costs-vs-benefits for our own children. At least that’s how it starts out. What happens in the process though, is we start to learn the truth about vaccines. We learn that they have not been studied for safety. We learn that they are implemented very quickly into the schedule without regard for their effects on “vulnerable populations.” As we research, we start to see patterns and we realize more and more how our children are not so rare, and how more children are being harmed everyday by mass vaccination. That’s when we become increasingly vocal. That’s when it becomes not just about protecting our children but about trying to protect your children, too. We realize that in many cases our concern for your children is not something you welcome. We realize that you wish we would just shut-up and go away. Many of us realize these things because we used to be you.

The reason we keep doing what we do is because we wish, beyond anything you can possibly comprehend, that someone would have done for us what we are trying to do for you.

You don’t have to agree with us. You don’t have to think we are right. You don’t have to be our friends.

We really do hope that you never know what it is like to be one of us. However, we also know that unless things change, our club is going to keep growing. If you become one of us, we will accept you unconditionally, and we will do everything we can to help you.

That’s just what we do.

CDC Recommended Immunization Schedule, 2012, Birth through 6 Years


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  1. My pediatrician doesn’t mind at all giving my son only the most serious illness vaccines. My 1 yr old is seriously “behind” as far as vaccinations go, he’s only had a few. I’m glad he allows us to pick and choose. Now, I have no idea what will happen when school comes about….


    • Depending on your state, you can get a legal, notarized exemption form. That is what we have in TX and it gives me SO much confidence when registering my kids for school. I am a public school teacher too and I really don’t have any problems when I pull out my notarized exemption form. Check out what your state offers. Even if I don’t have the forms with me, I say “My kids are legally exempt and I can provide the notarized government form for you to see if you need.” They usually say, “oh, okay I understand”. Sometimes they ask why and I explain how my oldest is living with a vaccine injury and my other kids shouldn’t be subjected to that, so I legally opted out. Hopefully you can too!


    • Sarah, just curious as to what the ” most serious illness vaccines” to your Ped. are? Also, each state has different exemption laws. Check this site for your state! http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx


  2. Thank you for writing this article. This is where I am. I never intended to be a non-vaccinating parent – I was forced into a non-vaccinating position. I do try to warn other parents even though many of them do not want to hear me. I try to respect them and back off. I desperately hope their children don’t experience vaccinations injuries.


  3. By limiting the use of vaccines you are threatening the herd immunity of whole countries, let alone your own children’s health. With the growth of antibiotic resistant strains, herd immunity is one of the first lines of defense on a national scale. By following this course of action you are incrementally threatening all of us, and for what? Wakefield’s scamming? Playing the ‘autism’ card has been one of the most damaging of actions by health professionals and parents in the last 30-40 years, and is a symptom of the capitalistic psychiatric discipline characterizing almost any human divergence as deviancy and mental imbalance- something which deletes personal and professional responsibility for all involved, an attack on the fundamental dignity of mankind.


    • 1. There is no such thing as “herd immunity” from vaccines.
      2. Andrew Wakefield didn’t scam anyone. Please see the article on this website: 5 of 25: An in Depth Review of Dr. Wakefield’s “Debunked” Research (http://vaxtruth.org/2011/08/5of25/)
      3. My daughter hasn’t had a vaccine since the one that nearly killed her. Contrary to your assertion that I am threatening her health by not giving her vaccines, she is now thriving, on zero prescription medications, and instead of being in the doctor’s office every week as she was when we WERE vaccinating, she now goes for more than a year at a time without having to see the doctor.
      4. I agree there has been an attack on the fundamental dignity of mankind. It originated with the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine/medical machine. We are fighting to recover our children’s lives, and their dignity.


      • Thank you for this valuable information!!!
        My son was so sick all the time when he was getting his vaccines on schedule. At 12 months he started having seizures, at 18 months with Dtap he regressed so bad. All his sensory was so damaged. He wore the same clothes, shoes for 2yrs because he was not growing. His health got so deteriorated. Now, thank God he has recovered. He eats only right food (unprocessed, unrefined, not frozen pre pack food) and I can say he has not gotten sick anymore. AND over my dead body he’ll get another vaccine.


    • Fred, you do know that unless you have had the boosters, you are unvaccinated. The vaccines only last 10 years. They are just realizing this and starting to do boosters at the age of 10. Unless you had the disease as a child, your immunity is gone. So much for herd immunity. Most of the herd is at risk.


      • Dynomommy’s comment illustrates very well the fallacy of “vaccine-induced herd immunity.” As noted, “they are just realizing” that vaccines only last a few years – that is… if there is ever any immunity conferred in the first place. Most adults have not been vaccinated in decades – other than those who succumb to the fear-mongering and get yearly flu vaccines. I am over 50, and have not been vaccinated against pertussis since fifth grade – 1970 to be exact. Since we now know the vaccines wear off within 3-5 years (on average, and again if they ever worked in the first place), and since we know that I am far from an anomaly among my peers, that means at least 50% of the population in the United States has been walking around with ZERO “vaccine-induced herd immunity” for decades, without significant increases in the incidence of whooping cough.
        People who believe in vaccine-induced herd immunity will tell you there has to be 90-95% vaccine coverage to maintain it. Since we’ve never – NEVER! had 90-95% coverage (given that adults are mostly “unprotected” and have been for many years), that shoots the entire “herd immunity” theory down. You can’t lose what you never had.


    • Unfortunately, if you want to look at antibiotic resistant blame, it is certainly not the unvaccinated population. Antibiotics are included in ….in….in vaccines(there ya go, look at vaccine ingredients, and you will see them listed)….Unless you eat orgaic meat, you are getting it there,as well, How about over use of antibiotics in the human population? Whew! That makes a hell of a lot more sene then what you have stated! ~My son had a set of vaccines and had one of the worst adverse events known to man (other then death) permanant brain damage, called encephalopathy. As an adult, he needs care for the rest of his life. IT SIMPLY…. IS NOT HIS JOB… TO PROTECT YOUR KIDS!!!! IT ISNT THE JOB OF ANY CHILD TO PROTECT ANOTHER, NOT WHEN THE PROTECTION IS SKETCHY AND POOR, AT BEST, AND THE METHODS USED CAN PERMANANTLY INJURE KIDS…..HERD IMMUNITY IS SOOOO VERY FLAWED, A MYTH, REALLY! Check VAERS.COM to see what is being reported, and that is a fraction of what is happening. Vaccine injury….is very real, it is insensitive of you to state that Marcella’s child doesnt count, and that she is endangering other children…….Open your eyes to what is happening with the kids of today. The vaccine schedule is out of control, along with the FDA!


    • “Playing the autism card”?

      Really??? Do you have any idea how infuriating that is? I didn’t WANT my child to become severely autistic. And I am quite sure that my grandparents would have noticed had their child spent all his time humming, spinning, and repeating everything we said verbatim. No, it’s not a wonderful gift of diversity. It’s a pervasive developmental disorder. It blows my mind that I actually have to say this, but:

      Developmental disorders are not a GOOD thing.


  4. As others have pointed out “herd immunity” is a concept that was conveniently propagandized for the recruitment of people to be vaccinated. One should always thoroughly question any decision motivated by fear, especially irrational fear introduced by companies that make money off of this fear. History although frequently misrepresented clearly shows that many diseases are self limiting and, in many respects necessary to the continued survival of a species. We are harming ourselves with this “GMO” treatment mechanism.

    On that subject of whole countries, maybe it would be good to look at the schedules in other countries. most are much less aggressive than ours.


  5. I am wondering if there are any statistics and information on children who have not been vaccinated and the autism rate. Is the rate of autism lower significantly in children who have never been vaccinated?


  6. May I commend and thank you for your highly informative articles, so well researched, scientifically validated, your intelligence is music to my ears.

    Please never be discouraged by the clones, drones and trolls who comment on your excellent articles in such a way that everyone reading swears a collective oath at the top of their voices, (my dog just jumped up barking wildly) and shouts at the screen, “READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE YOU COMMENT, YA BUNCH OF ZOMBIES!” *tries in vain to put back the handful of hair they just inadvertently yanked out in their little fit of rage.*

    There is now much evidence to support the theory that America was never meant to be a real country at all, but rather the entire continent is a giant social experiment. I can sometimes believe that. People living outside the US are often just appalled at the complacency, the compliance, the willing ignorance, the worship Americans give their government, their doctors, their scientists, rarely questioning and NEVER taking responsibility, terrified to step outside the prison door, even when it’s open.

    Thank you for your colossal effort to change that. Don’t feel you have to waste precious time replying to each zombie individually, simply refer them back to the article with one sentence: YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID BECAUSE YOU DID NOT READ THE ARTICLE ON WHICH YOU ARE COMMENTING. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE. THANK YOU.

    I think you would have more time to yourselves if you did that :)

    Much love to you all.



  7. the thing is NO vaccine gives immunity ever – just some level of harm, accumulating. If you still think you need some, you need more research!


  8. Love the information, but I wont post it to my wall due to the title. I DO NOT want to reinforce the “anti-vaccine and whacko” together. This is a very serious topic for me, my son was injured, seriously in the 1990’s. Nothing I have to say, or believe is “whacky”…..Love the article info, and content.It is well researched and written as all of Marcella’s articles are. I just wanted to give my opinion about the title, and why I cant share it. It is worth the read. I don’t think any one in my fb friends list will open up any thing titled anti vaccine whackos……


  9. Best frikin article ever written to describe how my family got to our decision NOT to further poison and damage our children! Bravo. Well written. Well supported. Well founded. Well done. Thanks to vaccines we were forced to investigate what the heck was going into my child’s body, brain and gut via the injections. Gross! Bad me for not questioning the poison prior to vaccinating him. Now we spend day and night recovering from the heavy metal poisoning. Fun? Not at all. Sad? Yup. Preventable? Absolutely. My non-vaxed child thrives and my vaxed child sick all the time. Thank you big pharma for your non-tested, toxic waste in a needle.


  10. Children in the Amish community are not vaccinated and from what I understand there are no known cases of autism.


  11. I agree with Rita about the title .. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t share it.


  12. Do you have links for the early immunization schedules? I was looking for them earlier and the earliest I could find was 1995.


    • What year are you looking for? Earlier than the 90s is hard to find but I may be able to help.


  13. Thank you for this TODAY. I’ve been reading the nasty comments and hateful things people are saying about the “anti-vaxers” (didn’t even know that was a term until yesterday) and I’m glad I found this site and articles. I needed a reminder of why I chose to not vaccinate. OK…I’m good now. Carry on.


  14. I am in favor of everyone having the right to exercise his or her Constitutional rights, and I gave a client free legal assistance in her attempt to avoid vaccinating her child. I am pro-vaccine in the sense that our family has chosen to have our child vaccinated. I came here to try to understand where you all are coming from, but I’m leaving now because of these words you addressed to those of us who are “pro-vaccine”: “Your nastiness, bullying, and attempts to remove my civil rights . . . ” Tell me what I ever did to you.


    • Meredith: Thank-you for your comment, and thank-you for your work to defend your client’s Constitutional right to make medical decisions for her child.
      I am sorry that my choice of terminology offended you. Those parents who are pro-vaccine and who also recognize that vaccine-choice is a parental right protected by The Constitution have not “done anything to me/us.” Unfortunately, the media campaign to remove our rights is increasingly pitting parents against other parents and the level of nastiness continues to escalate. It was not my intent to paint all pro-vaccine parents with the same, broad brush.
      Thank-you for bringing this to my attention.


  15. I have had a hard time finding info on vaccinating and because of that, and the fact that my hubby is no comfortable doing things outside the norm without TONS of info, my sister-in-law is a pharmacist, and my brother-in-law works at a hospital, we have done recommended vaccines up to age 3. Is it still worthwhile to stop or modify the schedule? I would probably want to vaccinate against certain things that are higher risk, but just as I oppose HPV, for some of the same reasons I don’t see why my child would need Hep-B (too late for this one). Thank God, we haven’t had any adverse reactions as of yet and she is super smart and a social butterfly. That being said, I worry more if I have a boy, cause I usually hear more about these vaccines affecting boys. I would love to find resources with samples of different vaccine schedules. I would love to know what some people consider to be more important vaccines and a better schedule. Any other info that I can get would be helpful, but maybe not to overwhelm me (and especially hubby).


  16. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate those who help others and can stand up and fight for what is right! God bless.


  17. What I’d like to know is, why from 1983 until now have vaccines increased? I’m of the 1983 generation and was rarely if ever sick as a child. I never had chickenpox or anything major. I’ve never even had a flu shot or had the flu as an adult. I’m now pregnant with my first child and overwhelmed with all I’m learning about vaccines. What changed in our country that children need more vaccines? I’m seriously thinking I’ll follow the 1983 schedule, as it worked well enough for me!


  18. I can still hear my father say (you are not going to shoot my children with that posion) I happen to be 88 years old a d never has a flu shot or vac I amrarely sick so I am sticking to my guns much to the dismay of my younger generation keep up the good work for us seniors


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