How Can it be About the Money? Immunizations are Free! Right?

Throughout the years of both defending and educating as many of our friends and family about our decision on immunizations, we have heard these questions or comments many times and in many different formulas.  A few examples I have heard myself are these:

  • “How can vaccines be all about the money?  Immunizations are free!”
  • “Don’t you know anything?  Doctors actually LOSE money giving vaccines to their patients.  They are doing a public service.”
  • “Pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t risk lives for money!”
  • “The government would never let innocent children be harmed!  It’s not like they make money from vaccines!”


I hope through this article to show some truth about what actually happens behind the scenes.  The truth may be difficult to accept, but it must be known before any logical conclusion can be drawn.


Vaccines are free, aren’t they? If not, who really pays?


This question is asked by many without knowing what they are actually asking.  Lets ask this in another way that makes it much more clear:  “The pharmaceutical companies care so much for the health of our children that they donate the vaccines to prevent diseases.  Then they don’t have to make those nasty drugs (that they give out free as well) to cure those diseases later!  Pharmaceutical companies love to help people and they hate money.  Don’t they?”  Yes, yes, yes, I know that there are a number of problems with this statement — more than just the statement about “the money”… Namely, the issue that all “Vaccine Preventable” diseases were almost entirely burned out BEFORE vaccines were introduced to combat them, and that Pharma drugs actually CURE anything, rather than cover up symptoms…  But I digress.

Yes, contrary to what many people believe, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.  In many states the government has given vaccination mandates for attending public schools.  In so doing, they also increased property taxes, income taxes, or the like to pay for public vaccination programs.  These programs provide the vaccines to all doctors licensed in the state “free of charge” to administer to their patients, usually with an administration fee tacked on for extra spice.  These states are called “Universal Purchase States” because they purchase every vaccine that is distributed.   But if you live in the state that your doctor practices in, you are paying for those vaccines time and time again (and so are those without children).

Others have health insurance that covers the cost of the vaccines as well as the majority of the office visit cost and they only pay a $10 – $45 co-pay.

Lastly, there is the good old fashioned way, like in California for example, where a well baby check-up and vaccination visit will cost you upwards of $700 without insurance.  The state doesn’t pay for them but they are still required, so enjoy the cramp in your wallet muscle.


How much is my child worth to my doctor?


This one may surprise you.  Let me explain my methodology in determining these numbers for you.  I spent a few hours calling some random pediatrician’s offices in 6 states around the U.S.  I chose the 6 states that had the highest website traffic frequency for our website (  I’m sorry I didn’t have time to do more, but the pricing seemed pretty similar regardless of the region.  In my conversation with each of the receptionists I asked the following “Could you tell me the average cost of a well-child checkup in your office for a child 5 and under please?”  Some had different prices for 5 and up but they were within 5 dollars of each other every time.  Normally after that question they would automatically chime in with, “is your child fully vaccinated?” — which made me sick.  But I pressed with “what is the ‘Administration Fee’ for giving each vaccine?”  These varied greatly, some were $7 each, others were $40 for 1 $60 for 2 or more, but there was always an administration fee.  In many of the conversations (mainly the “universal purchase states”) they suggested that I bring in my child for a well-child checkup after visiting a local Health and Welfare office or clinic who would give them for free.  Here’s what the numbers look like:

Doctor Average Cost per State

I took an average of all the offices I called (At least 3 per state) for both visit cost and administration cost and used those in the calculations below.  I followed the recommendations for both vaccination schedule and well-child check-up schedule from the CDC and AAP.  What I found, I believe, is a VERY good reason for pushing vaccines for doctors… $$$$$!!  I don’t know what do you think? Remember this is PER CHILD vaccinated!


I used the following vaccines in calculating these numbers according to the CDC and AAP recommendations: Infanrix®, Kinrix®, Pediarix®, IPOL®, Havrix®, Engerix B®, PedvaxHIB®, MMRII®, Prevnar 13 TM, Rotarix®, Varivax®, and Fluzone®.  These are the most popular vaccinations given, however each doctor can change what brand they purchase. (Table shown below under the Pharm Companies heading)


I received some information from a reader attempting to rebut my research above and I wanted to share their source as well as my interpretation of the information they presented.

The source is from a Georgia study done by a few doctors with the following associations: Immunization Services Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia.  In this study they attempt to prove that doctors make little, break even, or lose money on giving vaccinations, in Georgia.  I looked deeply into this study and found another tidbit of information that was very interesting to me.  I assumed that making money on the actual vaccination itself was impossible, however this table from their research proves my assumption incorrect.  In their research it shows that in EVERY case, the average COST to the doctor for the vaccine was lower than the reimbursements they receive from insurance, cash or medicaid.  So they also have income, in Georgia at least, from the vaccine drug itself.

I will link the whole study for your review, but before you read it I have a few comments to make about it.  From their research and conclusions, it APPEARS that over half of the offices who responded to the survey “broke even or suffered financial losses from vaccinating patients.”  On the surface this looks to be valid argument, and this may certainly be the case for THESE particular practices in Georgia.  I want to point out that this survey was a voluntary survey in which they finally assessed only the “VACCINE FEES” that we looked at in my table above, not the over all visit.   I would also like to show that near the bottom in the section titled “Results”.  They point out the fact that they sent this survey to 199 total offices (Including 25 volunteers, I’m not sure why…) but there were only 34 respondents to the survey.  Why did only 17% respond, you ask?  Well they go about explaining that, too.  “Survey respondents reported that it took an average of 17 hours to complete the 13-page survey.”  This is a simple issue of SUCCESSFUL doctors (the 83% who did not respond and 2% who wanted to do a good service) and UNSUCCESSFUL doctors (The rest of the 17% who responded).  Very few successful doctors who are busy with many patients and have a full staff working full time would give 17 hours of his time or that of one of his trusted administrators to fill out a 13 page elective survey…  This study has officially been debunked by the poor administration of the survey.

Even if these practices are losing money on the “Vaccine Fees” that does not mean that they are losing money on the visit overall.  We have to remember that the Well-Child checkup fee is on top of these vaccine fees.

Here is their “research” from the website “”

They also pose an interesting paradigm.  They state that the amounts most insurance companies pay for the administration fees are much lower that what the doctor charges or should be paid and in so doing the doctor is losing money on these fees.  This points to the exact reasoning that Dr. Sears mentions in his quote below, that doctors are kicking patients from their practices, so they can make their year end bonus and come out on top.  This is a disgrace.

[End Edit]

Of course we all know that doctors are running businesses and have costs and expenses as well as salaries to be paid.  The table above in no way shows “Profit” that they receive from vaccinations, only the total income they receive (on average).

Dr. Sears found an even more compelling reason why many doctors are so adamant about vaccinations.  I had never even dreamed that doctors would push vaccines because of money!  Winking smile  Here is a quote from his article.

I recently talked with two physicians in different states that told me the HMO plans that they contract with do chart reviews and patient surveys at the end of each year. If their office scores high enough on these reviews, the HMO plan gives them a several thousand dollar bonus. This bonus varies depending on the number of patients the doctor sees. One of the requirements for a patient’s chart to pass the test is that they are fully vaccinated…  So, why not give their doctors a bonus for meeting this goal?

Here’s why. This policy gives any doctor who contracts with such HMO plans an incentive to NOT want any unvaccinating families in their practice. Maybe a few such families wouldn’t make them fail the chart reviews, but if they have too many, there goes their year-end bonus.

I’ve always wondered why so many doctors are so adamantly hardcore about demanding all their patients fully vaccinate, and why they kick patients out of their office who refuse. I’d always just assumed it was because the doctors felt that the vaccine protection was so important that they don’t want any children to be at risk, so they draw a line in the sand for the good of the child (in their minds). BUT some doctors, especially those large groups who rely heavily on large HMO contracts, may actually be doing this because of money. Do they have the right to do so? Of course. But is it right? I don’t know. The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Bioethics makes it very clear that the official AAP policy is that doctors NOT kick patients out of their office over this issue. But when money talks, some people don’t listen…

I thought you’d find it interesting to know why you might be having a hard time finding a vaccine-friendly doctor. If you’ve never checked out my vaccine-friendly doctors list, click here to find one near you (he’ll be the one driving the Honda instead of the Lexus).

You can read his whole article here.

How much is my child worth to the pharmaceutical companies?

According to many proponents of vaccinations… this number is zero.  Why don’t we take a look at the real numbers.  Using the CDC Vaccine Price List (Updated August 31st 2011), I took the same dosage information I used in the doctors section above to find out how much money the Pharm companies are making per child during the same time period.  I used the private sector numbers due to the majority of vaccines being purchased by both states and doctors at that price.  Again, I used the most popular brands of vaccinations in this calculation, each doctor can choose which brand they administer, which would change who got how much.  This is a “perfect example” of not missing any vaccination visits and being fully vaccinated on time:

Pharma Income from your child first 5 years

Now lets do some more math.  In 2010 there were 4,247,694 births in the U.S.  If we take a conservative average vaccination rate of 90% and multiply that by the table of values above.  What do we get?  This is where the numbers get scary big:


Considering this is one years worth of births in the U.S.  You can quickly surmise that the pharmaceutical companies have a HUGE interest in increasing and protecting vaccination rates at any cost.  Do we really trust these companies to be honest and tell us if/when their product is deadly to some and harmful to many more?

Source for the price table below can be found on the CDC website here.

Here is the price list I used to calculate my figures used for the tables in this article:

CDC Vaccine Price List


How much is my child worth to the government?

One of the many things that defenders of vaccinations state time and time again when faced with proof from the FDA, CDC, EPA and VAERS databases that vaccines are harmful like we have presented here — is something like this: “The government would never let innocent children be harmed! It’s not like they make money from vaccines!”  Well, on the CDC’s own website as shown on the table above, they do make money in the form of Excise Tax and on every vaccine that is given.  They use this money to pay for the “Vaccine Court” which allows vaccine manufacturers to walk away scott-free if/when a citizen of the US is damaged by a vaccine.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services – Heath Resources and Services Administration,  This “Vaccine Court has paid out a total of  $2,381,131,203.84 since 1989 through Feb 2, 2012.  Yes that is $2.3 BILLION!  So Far this year (2012) they have paid out a total of  $61,104,749.34 in damages as well, (Source  How much money is collected per child?  Take a look below:

Federal Government Excise Tax Income Per Child

Do keep in mind this does not include any State or Local taxes charged.  We could also talk all day about the campaign contributions that the pharmaceutical companies make to political parties, representatives and how much they spend on lobbying, but we will leave that to another medium.   Now lets take a look at the 2010 birth numbers in comparison with the Excise Tax amounts above:

Federal Government Excise Tax Income Projection 5 years from 2010

Yikes! So now you can make a fully informed decision armed with the knowledge that your child is worth A LOT of money to a lot of people, companies, and the government.  Of course to you, your child is priceless — with value far beyond what money can buy.  But many in these different groups,  see only dollar signs.

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  1. Excellent article – thank you. I get so tired of hearing that pharma and the govt are just saintly entities doing all this for your child’s own good.



  2. This is such a wonderful, in detail article. Thank you! I am actually sending a letter to our old Dr. that kicked us out due to refusal to vaccinate stating the above that “The AAP Policy is that doctors NOT kick patients out” due to this issue. I hope more people are open enough to take the time to read this.


  3. The highest price of all is paid by those who are injured by vaccines.


  4. Funny how the liberal state costs are more than the conservative states.


    • It’s not at all surprising, since the overall cost of living in “liberal states” such as California and New York is MUCH higher than that of the most “conservative states.” Which is due much more to the fact that they are coastal states with large cities than it is to their “liberality.”


  5. Great work. And I wanted to believe their vaccine fanaticism was just because they loved and cared for us so much.


  6. great work lot’s of good info


  7. While your information is very detailed, your work wouldn’t hold up in the scientific community. Let me explain:

    First your methodology is biased, in that you “randomly called” doctors. While random sampling is used in science, in this sort of study, random sampling isn’t the correct method. If you “randomly” call doctors, from “high frequency” states, you leave out too many variables…such as “what is the average socioeconomic status of the city I am calling?” That could account for a higher level of price. What about low socioeconomic cities? In order for your math to be right, you would need to have more samples in order to calculate a mean. What type of calculations did you use? In scientific studies, your data needs to be documented in order for it to be replicated. As I can not replicate your results, I cannot conclude that your information isn’t merely made up.

    Obviously, a doctor’s office is going to charge for vaccines, it does cost money to buy the vaccines, ship it, pay someone to administer it, pay for it to be properly stored,rent for the office, pay for the light bill to keep it properly stored, TAXES, etc..and that sort of reasoning seems to be missing from your calculations. After calculating those variables into your methodology, is the prices the same?

    I paid 18 dollars per vaccine with my kids (Texas) at a 100 dollar office visit. The office is roughly 2000 sq. ft, there are 7 or 8 employees, I live in San Antonio (I am sure you can figure a mean tax amount, mean electric bill, mean rent, mean income, etc) Using the vaccine schedule, and adding the variables I suggested…Did my doctor profit over vaccinating my children? I delayed the first child and followed the schedule with the second.

    I would also like to see your resources on how you calculate whether or not pharmacological companies profit using the same methodology I suggested above (You know, a CHEMIST has to make it and they aren’t cheap) what about the average size buildings, average employee size, average cost of chemicals, what do those darn viruses cost, rent, electric, etc. I believe just one of those chemists cost close to 80,000 a year. Would you work for free? Could you? I know I couldn’t. I have two kids. How will they eat? Would you spend close to 50,000 grand on an education to make 20,000? Don’t expect a chemist to.

    I am not trying to be mean but I think it’s important that before someone starts to conclude a big financial conspiracy, they have the information to back it up.


    • Thank you for your response, although I am not sure that you read the article in it’s entirety.

      I gave all of the required information to replicate this. I also disagree about your conclusion on my random sampling… The reason I chose the highest traffic areas, was so that the article would be relevant to the largest portion of those who view the article. I showed the exact questions that were asked as well as the standard responses received and I also noted the variability. If you were interested in replicating it, you could. Although the prices would most likely be slightly different, the majority would be very similar. Due to the similarities I saw from 6 different states, even though their state laws and regulations differ greatly, their visit and administration fees were very close. I showed 100% of the calculations that I used, as well as gave the state in which the calls were made. If you would like to attempt to replicate or disprove the information that was presented, you have all the necessary information to do so.

      I would also like to point out a direct quote from my article that fully explains the rest of your comment… “Of course we all know that doctors are running businesses and have costs and expenses as well as salaries to be paid. The table above in no way shows “Profit” that they receive from vaccinations, only the total income they receive (on average).” The same can be said about the pharmaceutical companies.

      We all know that there are costs associated with all services rendered, however that does not mean that a customer is not worth every dollar they spend. Without income there cannot be any profit, but we are not looking at profit, only pure “Income”.

      The point of this article was not to show how much cash a doctor takes home from vaccination, it is to simply to show that their is a large monetary connection with vaccination and all parties who pressure parents into submitting their child to their recommendations.

      Thank you for your comment, I’m sure it will clear up some concerns of others as well.



      • How about making it possible to enter several email addresses for only one “send” when forwarding articles? Also, most sites I forward include a box for me to also send a comment to those to whom I am sending the article.

        I am 71, avoid doctors and hospitals since they kill people (my doctor agreed with me), am in great health, do not take any vaccinations at all and have had two physicals in my life; age 18 entering the navy and at 65 entering medicare. My wife is a retired nurse and I am having a hell of a difficult time getting my family (who researches nothing!) to buy the things I share with them about vaccinations and drugs in general. I might note that I am the healthiest one in my family and in-law families. You would think I might be a good example and perhaps a living documentation of what your site and others are trying to teach us!


    • I did some calculations with the numbers you presented ($100 for the visit) which is low according to my research. I would also like to know if that was actually the amount that was paid to your doctor, do you have insurance as well? I left out the costs of the vaccines as well as the fees doctors charge for them. And I came up with some more sobering numbers.

      In doing the calculations I assumed the following: A doctors office sees an average of 5 patients per hour 12 mins per patient which is VERY generous (in reality it could be as high as 10 per hour), the doctor makes nothing more than the $100 fee per patient on any given day. I will guess at the rest of the costs, again very generously.

      Estimated Income
      Income per Patient – $100
      Income per Hour (5 patients per hour) – $500
      Income per Day (8 Hours) – $4,000
      Income per Week (5 Days) – $20,000
      Income per Month (4 Weeks) – $80,000

      Estimated Costs
      2000 SqFt Building rental, Building Upkeep, IT Support, Office Supplies per month – $10,000
      Utilities per month – $500
      8 Employees per month ($5000 per month including benefits) – $40,000
      Tax rate of 30% (15% business on $80,000 and 15% employment on $40,000) – $18,000
      Total Cost Estimate – $62,500

      That leaves a profit of $17,500… PER MONTH!

      From the amount you provided and the very high cost estimates that I made, it still appears that this office made quite a good profit. This leaves plenty of money to pay the doctor as well as any incidental costs or equipment purchases/leases. And these numbers don’t include vaccine fees, lab work income, prescription kick backs, or insurance bonuses. I do not see your point.

      Thanks again for the comment. The more attempts to discredit the information presented the more evidence I find to support it!



    • Thank you Observer for pointing out the lack of science in this article. Unfortunately I find that most anti-vax followers rely on a whole lot of “not-science” and conspiracy theory. It is nice to see an educated person pointing out the obvious flaws in this “study”. :)


      • Please read my response to “Observer”.

        There is no conspiracy theory nor anything of the sort, these are pure numbers that speak for themselves. as to your comment about “the lack of science” if you read the article, every ounce of information you need to replicate my “study” as you put it, are contained in the original article. As far as I can tell based on the definition of Science, my burden of proof has been met.

        Thank you for the comments, they are always welcome!


      • Dear PH Nurse, My mother is a nurse and I want you to know I respect Doctors and Nurses for their pursuit to help people. However, I believe you mistake a genuine interest in keeping a business accountable, for “conspiracy theory.” I have to say that though it would look funny on a political comic, I don’t believe big pharma co. are trying to poison the population. However, I do look at them as a business, who no matter what amount the gain off of each product they are selling a product. It is therefore my job as a parent to decide if I trust that product to do all that it claims. If I truly did not believe it, and simply complied because everyone else is doing it, that would not make me a good parent, but a weak peer. I do not believe that the pharmacudical companies have enough accountability. Money tends to help escape consequences. So no conspiracy theory just not enough trust.


      • I didn’t realize this article was supposed to be about Science. I thought it was about why the Dr. think they have to push their vaccines on us and try to force us to get them. And yes I believe that it has a lot to do with $$$$$$$$. the reason I believe this is simply this: almost every well-visit has vaccines tied into them so therefore, my conclusion is that the only reason for the visit is for the vaccines.


      • Well…I suppose if you call throwing out red-herring arguments ‘education’ (which you also picked up and carried on as well) instead of repudiating Spencer’s actual research (whether you agree with his methodology or not) with your own credible scientifically-based research and statistics and/or that of others you can point us to for validation of credibility, then ‘observer’s’ comments are applicable. However, I see nothing particularly ‘educated’ or ‘educating’ in his predominantly red-herring remarks. As my Mom always said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t BS the truly educated.” Stay in school, kids, and learn the difference in logical arguments and arguments born of mere fallacies.


    • Wow. Your argument is based in Spencer’s assertions ‘holding up in a scientific community’, yet you offer up nothing scientifically or even statistically credible in your argument to refute them. Instead, you go to the red-herring mantra which I will sum up as the ‘so what? Everyone has to make a living and it takes money to pay the bills’ argument. You assert that Spencer’s research is flawed, while adding the red herring ‘demographics matter’ argument. Spencer provided an ‘average’ from his random samples of the various vaccination costs, charges and income. He was working through average costs and incomes, not profit, although with bonus monies added at the end of the year, it is clear that all in the vaccination business chain stand to profit, and even more clear why many doctors now refuse to take on and keep patients who refuse vaccinations. Your assertion that more samples would be needed to calculate ‘a mean’ reveals you have no actual experience or education in either statistics or science. No-one is asserting it’s wrong for Docs to profit in order to pay the bills and stay in business, but my assertion is that a system that creates this deception from the top-down in order for them to have to do so is corrupt at its core. The incentive for Docs to buy into (as in accept and push) the corrupt system is greater than ever, as is the punishment for not doing so.

      That said, overall, Spencer did a good job in illustrating his points, clearly illustrating the why, what, where, when and how his research leads to a healthy skepticism of the push for vaccinations (especially certain types of vaccines)–from the CDC (federal gov’t) on down the chain to the pharmaceutical companies, on to the Docs administering them.

      Interesting, that my Doc of the last 13 years, other than the standard childhood immunizations, was never much of a vaccine pusher until over the last 6 years–more-so during my children’s teen years than their childhood years. When I questioned him on his fairly recent ‘push’, he back-peddled, big-time, clearly seeing I could see right through his attempt to BS me. We’ve known each other a long time, now, after all. The only flu shot I ever had (on his recommendation) made me seriously ill–after researching out why, I haven’t, nor will ever have another one. I am not anti-vaccine as far as the standard vaccines go (polio, MMR, tetanus, hepatitis), however, other than the pneumonia shot for older people and others who are ‘at risk’ due to certain medical conditions, I do not believe in the various unnecessary vaccinations that are being pushed today. Once flu-shots became so prevalent, It was only a matter of time before flu viruses mutated, making vaccinations a hit-or-miss proposition at best, and killers at worst. Yet, the CDC and the rest of the vaccination chain chooses to put out BS intended to placate the masses and continue the deception instead of the truth.

      Relatively healthy and want to avoid viruses and/or shorten their symptoms? Take some personal responsibility– Build your immune system by eating the right nutrients, washing your hands–often and carrying hand-sanitizer just in case, staying home when you have a fever and respiratory symptoms, getting adequate sleep and exercise, learn positive ways to handle stress, get a blood work-up revealing what you are lacking and how much and then change your diet and/or take the right nutritional supplements in the right doses for you, adding extra D, C, and Zinc during cold & flu seasons. Avoid substances that make you sick and weaken your immune system (for many, it’s wheat (gluten) and/or cow’s milk, and/or certain other grains, for other it’s certain nuts, berries, etc.) It’s not rocket-science, but it has taken some effort of joint research between my Doc and I, but we’ve nailed several of the reasons why some get sicker than others from the flu, (including me) and it has lessened the duration and severity of my symptoms on the rare occasions when I happen to pick up the virus du-jour. Your body loses its natural ability to naturally build the necessary antibodies and fight off illness on it’s own with every chemical concoction that is shot into it. Heaven help those who become dependent on them instead of getting to know their own bodies and acting accordingly.


  8. And, also Spencer, your reasoning for the profit of $17,500 is also false, as yes you have listed the direct costs of running a business, but the other costs involved (information technology, equipment, paper, shredding contract, phone/internet, etc) would probably fill that $17,500 gap quickly with a business of that size/nature.


    • @PH Nurse,

      I did take into account those costs, they were included in the building rent number. I changed the description to reflect that Information, thank you for pointing out that I left it out.

      No 2,000 SQFT office would run $10,000 per month. Class A Office Space across the US on average runs $27.50 per square foot per year, that comes out to $4,500.00 per month at best in this estimate. The highest IT cost for a doctors office of this type would be around $1000.00 per month but most are much much lower than that (I know, this is my professional line of work). And there is no 6 person office that uses the remaining $4,500 in supplies and paper.

      Thank you for the response, sorry for the slow reply. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!


  9. I am just curious if asked in different settings, by say another physician or the like, or in a peer professional setting such as a Better Business course targeted at increasing profits or cutting costs, etc.,what the response might be in regards to the reason behind firing patients…if the income factor would be something that would be admitted given the right circumstances. If not, then is it really true that the patients no longer having a doctor is truly better for the patient in the doctors’ POVs because of questioning of or refusal to vaccinate? Is it even ethical/legal to refuse to treat them in return?

    I am not a conspiracy theorist, just have worked in some businesses and I don’t worship people in white coats as gods either. I have seen medical professionals perform poorly and overcharge for it. Most folks that I have heard from that are anti-vax did not start out that way. They or someone they care or cared about became ill or died, typically after being healthy, but then were vaccinated and lost their health.

    As far as articles for the layman this sure beats the PopSci articles that gets published on topics like porn viewing, sexual orientation, pupil dilation, and gender…that are mostly conjecture. With the “why” does it even matter topic.
    But the comments are fun to read. And many are more astute than the article.

    Bottom line is can it be proven that administration of vaccine creates income…or profit…or loss? If the same fields expanded into more populations and income brackets, would it show differently? Of course!
    Maybe the pupil reading perverts could do a better job?

    But what is the standard…really? If one were to look at the studies in PDR, how many fields are covered? Over how many areas, ages, and sexes? Over what time frame? Are ALL factors EVER considered…Of course not. How about variations on efficacy studies?

    I will admit that I am curious how this would play out month to month, with school commencing as a consideration to income. Let’s be real a moment and admit most schools push shots, and a big reason to get the physical is to get the shots you were told your kid(s) had to have. This is where the conspiracy possibility starts become plausible to me. Because they are not actually required in most states in most circumstances. And I do not know of another voluntary procedure where you have to document you are not getting it.

    But back to the point… $$$
    I just do not know too many businesses that turn away clients (actually none unless it is a time sucking client from hell)…and if they do not make “profit” from vaccinating are they honestly that concerned…wouldn’t they want to keep an eye on these poor folks that would be so likely to get ill from lack of protection, the poor misguided souls, who may or may not have taken the time to read insert information and had legitimate concerns? Maybe these curious or concerned patients are the time suckers? Time is $?


  10. So the doctors are sticking babies with vaccines just for the money?

    You must believe that ALL pediatricians are simply ON THE TAKE?

    It’s one thing to figure out the costs of the vaccines…..the charges for administering them…..etc, but then to make the huge jump in logic to ……THAT’S WHY DOCTORS INJECT BABIES WITH VACCINES,,,..JUST FOR THE MONEY IS INSANE.

    You need to allow yourself to accept that the doctors truly believe (as well as the government and pharma companies) that vaccines are effective and have ridden the world, while currently protecting it, from the return of so many dreaded, tragic, fatal diseases.


    • Kris ~ No where in this article does it ever indicate that doctors vaccinate *only* for money, nor does it state that anywhere that “THAT’S WHY DOCTORS INJECT BABIES WITH VACCINES,,,..JUST FOR THE MONEY IS INSANE.” The purpose of this post is to show that there’s a huge conflict of interest and that doctors have little reason to educate themselves about any dangers involved with vaccinations. 80% of a pediatricians income comes directly from well-child/vaccine visits. If your livelihood depends on the sale of these vaccines, would you research into something that could potentially put you out of your house? As has been shown far too well in human history, human nature suggests that a person would do *anything* for money.

      I happen to believe that many doctors DO believe what they are doing is right. However, that belief is based on almost nothing. Doctors receive approximately 4-6 hours of direction and research on vaccines in medical school – and most of that is how to administer vaccines properly. A doctor who only relies on what he/she learned in medical school, from a school that receives hundreds of thousands of dollar from pharmaceutical companies that also depend on the sale of vaccines, is doing his/her patients a huge disservice. To believe that a doctor is the “know-all” of vaccines is completely insane. Most doctors can’t even name 3 ingredients of vaccines, and yet millions of parents trust their “expertise” to administer these dangerous chemicals, neurotoxins, and essentially poisons, into their baby’s body.

      Your last statement also got to me just a bit. The government and pharmaceutical companies are fully aware that vaccines have done *nothing* to rid the world of anything. Due to the Freedom of Information Act, we publicly know that the government and Pharma is aware that vaccines are dangerous, they kill and maim people, and that the diseases they are supposed to prevent already had virtually no deaths prior to a vaccine being introduced.


    • It is not in question whether doctors believe they are doing what is right. The question is more accurately put “Has vaccination been proven safe for the ages that it is being pushed? Are there accurate, non-partial, scientific studies that prove the vaccine’s safety for one month, two month, six month old human babies? ” The answer to these questions is NO. There have been no studies comparing the health of un-vaccinated to the health of vaccinated. I have no doubt that most doctors truely believe vaccines are the answer to disease, but there are also doctors out there who have been presented with the facts, and refuse to consider the possibility that better methods of disease prevention exist.


      • Completely agree, Crisa.


      • @Crisa: I completely agree with your comment, also. I have known, and know, unvaccinated chldren who are very healthy.


    • Yes they might believe indeed…. but it’s just another belief, based on the ideology that “science” is the new infallible religion. What doctors say, or “researchers” say can not be questioned…. we have been there a couple of hundred years ago.. what the church said, what the pope said was per so true and correct”ex cathedra infallibilitas”. In fact from cultural -ontological point of view nothing has changed.


  11. Most doctors are not intentionally “on the take” they are unwittingly “on the take”.
    As a doctor who trained in pediatrics, directed a pediatric emergency room and went back to graduate studies years later, I can tell you the majority of doctors know close to nothing about vaccines. Pediatricians are not trained in vaccine science or policy. If I asked the average pediatrician how vaccines are made and what is the approval and recommendation process, they would be clueless.
    Vaccine science is tenuous at best and vaccines are the only drugs approved by the FDA that 1) do not have to prove effectiveness to make effectiveness claims 2) are exempt for all types of law suits, even defective design ones as they are consider “unavoidably unsafe”.


  12. While I too find that numbers a touch “loose” I also can verify that vaccines, if not a main income stream (the main billable hours in most practices is still office visits, followed by labs. That said, it is still a significant “value added” (to use the economic term) income stream.

    It doesn’t cost them money and does generate some income to cover overhead, salaries, equip, etc. In other words, the administration of vaccines are a profit generator. As such one cannot make the claim that this is something that is being done out of the good of their hearts or for the public good.

    That may also be true, but there is a fiscal connection to the decision to push so many vaccines so fast. No other industrialized nation has near our vaccine schedule and all of them have better health outcomes for their populations. That is not in dispute.

    Disclosure. I am a partner and operating manager for a primary care clinic that does not administer vaccines on the “recommended” schedule and we offer alternatives and education for those who choose not to use vaccines. Part of that education is an understanding of what the risks are.

    And I would stack our medical director and medical staff up with any staff in the nation on this subject. Daily time for review of case study and research is built into our business model.


  13. I know hospitals and nursing homes are getting money from the government when the have a certain percentage of employees vaccinated. I am wondering why. I do not believe for one second it is because the care about us or our patients.


    • Dear Judy! 100% agree. No institution in the modern world is set up in a way to serve the “greater good” , to benefit the “people” but in a way to benefit big corporations… from this point of view “health care” or rather”Sickness Industry and CO” is not different from politics, or bank and financial institutions who all claim shouting loud how much they are for the people! In fact all of these institutions are ways too big, and far far distanced from those who depend on them….


  14. EXCELLENT! Why why why? For years I have not received the flu vaccine. Pharmacist and chemist do not recommend getting it. Physicians only have a short period of instruction in pharmaceuticals and rely heavy on pharmaceutical reps. Thank you for informing the public.


  15. Vaccinating my Child: 15 Reasons I'm Looking for Middle Ground - Live Renewed
  16. The whole issue on whether anyone makes money on vaccines is irrelevant to their benefit or lack thereof. A vaccine is an entity in society that involves some amount of informed choice. So is a bicycle. A recent very well designed study I read showed that the aging of the population and media attention on exercise has created an upsurge in bicycle riding. More out of shape old people riding bicycles has caused an even greater upsurge in bicycle deaths and injuries (around 50,000 injuries and 700 deaths a year, at a cost of 4.4 Billion a year– compare this to 400,000 deaths a year in the US due to obesity, defined as a BMI of 25 or higher).

    So, knowing that, what if I started to discuss the amount of money people make and spend on bicycles, by type, safety, their motives, etc. Everything, even everyday air and water, have both benefits and unpleasant consequences, and the money is often irrelevant to the decision if a range is available– I can buy a bike for $10 used on Craigs list, or the world’s most expensive bike for over a million, or an average tour de France competitive custom for over 20 grand. Americans spend $12 Billion a year on bottled water.

    In these days of the internet, ALL misplaced authorities, whether doctors or clerics, are moving over for informed decisions by purchasers. But there is a big difference between being informed vs. convinced in your research. There is an old and true economic saying that goes: “A free resource will be consumed to infinity.” What if vaccines cost $1,000 a shot? The disconnected payment mechanisms aren’t just a problem in vaccines, they are a problem in ALL of health care.

    I don’t really care, when I get on a flight, if the plane’s pilot is the best on the planet because she is paid a ton, loves safety, doesn’t want to die herself, or couldn’t care less about money and loves being the best. The decision turns on the quality of her safety performance, skill, knowledge and ability, as well as many random variables out of her control, not motive.

    If one vaccine were sold by a drug cartel, which was so effective it saved millions of lives, and another by Mother Theresa that killed you, who cares about the motive of the seller? Take out all the extraneous variables, and the issue boils down to quality, outcomes and effectiveness, with motive and finances a distant second consideration. Folks discussing vaccine efficacy are right on, “anti-business” or “corporate lovers” are crusades that add little to the efficacy decision.

    If you look at the financial incentives to research one intervention vs. another, you get into much deeper and more nuanced economics than are normally seen on blogs– a lot of complex, boring and difficult math dealing with the Bayesian weights and competing tradeoffs of the costs of exploring blind alleys just to be sure they are blind, among many other methodology issues. One math study I read recently concluded that we would have discovered many physical laws a century sooner had the research been organized and stratified instead of spontaneous, spotty and random– but research, and life, are not that clean and simple.


  17. If vaccine makers make so little money on them as claimed by their pushers, then why are these companies among the richest in industry? When they get fined hundreds of millions for some uncovered fraud, they don’t seem to feel the hit at all. They have the most lobbying power on the hill and that is why there are always more laws protecting them from liability and laws forcing vaccination. The have control over all the media. This is not theory. It’s researchable. They also have a hiring revolving door. One of many, many examples of this is the previous CDC director now being the president of Merck’s vaccine division. BTW the CDC isn’t there to protect us from pharma. It there to protect pharma from us. They are repeatedly caught hiding proof of vaccine dangers. There’s a ridiculous shot for newborns on the first day of life for something you can only get from unprotected sex or needle sharing. Calculating using the number of babies born in the US per day and the price of one shot, it is estimated the two companies that provide it gross 7 figures a day.


    • I totally agree with you, Carter’s Daddy. The Hep.B vaccine is nothing but a money maker filled with disgusting ingredients. An infant’s immune system is not even developed at birth. It’s all about $$$$$$$!


    • Amen to Carter’s Daddy

      Those who believe that money is not a factor are simply naive.

      Vaccines are made by for profit companies. A company’s duty is to its shareholders first and foremost. The way a pharma company makes money is to sell a product. The more who buy, the more revenue they generate. If vaccines were not profitable, they would not make them. The more fear generated, the more likely you will have more buyers. While likely many will argue that there is some/a lot of good as a result of modern drugs, one simply cannot ignore the fact that profit is the motive of big pharma, first and foremost. And when big $ is at stake, there is a conflict of interest between what is best for the individual vs. what is best for the large company.

      All you have to do is read the pharma annual reports, and it will become very clear that they make big money from vaccines.

      Don’t believe me, read their annual reports:

      Merck 2013 Annual Report :
      See page 35
      “Geographically, the Company will increase its focus on ten prioritized markets, which account for the
      majority of revenue in its pharmaceutical and vaccine business. These markets are the United States, Japan, France,
      Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Russia and Korea.”

      “The Company will increase its focus on the key therapeutic
      areas that meet unmet medical needs, provide the best opportunities for the business and deliver the greatest value for
      customers – diabetes, acute hospital care, vaccines and oncology.”

      pg. 40 Influencing the government is very important, and something they measure. Hence the comment on sales decline in Japan:
      “Sales in Japan declined 21% in 2013, to $3.9 billion, of which 17% was due to the unfavorable effect of foreign exchange. The sales decline reflects the ongoing impacts of the loss of the market exclusivity for several products, including Cozaar and Hyzaar, as well as lower sales of Gardasil, reflecting the Japanese government’s decision to suspend proactive recommendation of HPV vaccines,

      See page 44 to see the BILLIONS in revenue from vaccines in one year.

      When Billions are at stake, I would say that is significant.

      They have product “launches.” In the vaccine world what do you think that means? Creating fear through media stories, lobbying government officials.

      Pfizer’s Annual report
      See page 25.
      Second highest revenue item: vaccine. Twice as much revenue as Viagra! Higher than Lipitor. Higher than Celebrex! Look at the numbers. This is significant revenue!

      page 26 “In the U.S., revenues for the Prevnar family of products decreased 4% in 2013, compared to 2012, mainly due to inventory sell-through in the public and private markets and lower demand related to lower birth rates, lower rates of children receiving the final dose of the approved dosing schedule, and stronger U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inventory management procedures. What better way to combat reduce usage due to lower rates of children receiving the final dose, than to launch a concerted lobbying effort to require by law with no exception that it must be purchased.


      Page page 8
      Vaccines are 13% of their business.

      Vaccines are an important facet of their business as stated by them:
      “We have been creating a more balanced business and product portfolio, capable of delivering sustainable sales growth. This is centred on our three business areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare”


  18. Healthy Children & Adults Vaccinated with Flu Shot are Dying |
  20. Is it not wise to question the “benevolence” of an entity that makes 1 billion+ per year from being “benevolent”? Especially when their product is not held accountable to legal liability and independent research? Most people would agree that this, in any other arena, would be strange and extremely suspicious.


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