Putting Measles Into Perspective

By Guest Writer Dawn Babcock Papple, writer for Everything Birth (www.everythingbirth.com


Before the MMR vaccine, measles was at epidemic proportions. Before the vaccine, the US had 3-4 million cases of measles! That’s insane! Thank goodness for vaccines.

The end.

Aw, now you didn’t think I’d let vaccines get off  THAT easy did you?

Prior to the vaccine, 3-4 million cases of measles occured in the United States each year. <—True.

Also true, however, is that of those 3-4 million cases, only about 450 people died each year from it in the years before the vaccine.

That still seems like a lot? Instead of running out to make sure your vaccinations are up to date, how about a shot of perspective instead?

In the screen shot below, I have figured out the percentage of people who died from measles of all of the measles cases back then.  0.015%.  Suddenly, measles seems a little less scary doesn’t it? The CDC claims that around 1 or 2 out of a thousand people who get measles will die from measles. Their math doesn’t add up though. I guess they use the term “about” lightly.

measles vaccination statistics


Also, consider that in 1963, the population was 189,241,798. That means that prior to the vaccine, the percentage of the entire US population that died from measles was .000237%. (Remember this figure, because it will be important in about two paragraphs.)

Now, if you read the little excerpt above, you might be scared, because even with vaccines, the global death count for children from measles is 197,000 in the stats above!  That’s a scare tactic and it makes me mad. First of all, it wasn’t 197,000 children. It was 197,000 people and some of them were children.

Then the excerpt above goes on to talk about present day figures. There are over 6 billion people on the planet. That’s shown as  6,000,000,000 numerically. Correct me if you disagree, but when over 150,000 people die each day total,  is 540 people dying of measles each day really that outrageous?  They’re counting on us not comprehending the vast population of our global society. 240,000 children in low income countries alone die each year of neonatal infection. 1.26 million people die each year from diabetes and yet they’re still pushing the high fructose corn syrup in school lunches.

With vaccines, the US went from a .000237 PERCENT death rate  among the general population from measles in 1963 to a 0.000000% measles death rate. It’s a different story around the world though (as the WHO points out to scare the crap out of you.) Currently, around 197,000 people die each year from measles… out of 6 billion. Want to know percent that equals? The calculator showed: 3.28e-5.

***pencil scratches on paper, moving the decimal point to the left five places because of the -e***


***calculator clicking***

Which brings the percentage of people who die globally from measles today to:

0.00328%. (Remember when I told you to remember that figure above?)

0.000237% < 0.00328%

So, comparing the two figures, as a country, we Americans did better in 1963 at not dying from measles than the general population of the world is doing RIGHT NOW.

But in fairness to vaccines, when compared to our own progress as a country, we no longer have that .0002% of our population dying of measles. Right?

But I digress, let’s compare measles death rates in 1963 to other death rates in 1963.

In 1963, there were about 450 deaths from measles. Meanwhile, about 12,000 people died from stomach ulcers and the likes.  Just over 43,000 people died from car accidents in 1963. Over 700,000 people died from heart disease.

In 1963, you were more likely to be one of the 9200 people murdered that year than to die of measles. If you were born in 1963, you were more likely to die from a congenital disease than from measles. In 1963, it was about 46 times more likely for a child to die from a congenital malformation than for someone to die from the measles.

Frankly, in 1963, you were about 46 times more likely to kill yourself than you were to die from measles.




And at any rate, and I just know this makes pro-vax people upset to hear, measles was already declining prior to the vaccination. The US graphs you can find indicate a huge visual decline, but the way the numbers are set up in the vertical axis is misleading.  Check out how the axis representing the difference between 0 and 1 is represented by the same space as the difference between 2 and 20? I highlighted it in yellow for you.  Another vaccine awareness group added the dotted red line, but I think that the vertical axis manipulation is even more crucial. So, visually, it looks like a huge decline after the vaccine was introduced:

Unfortunately, finding the specific numbers per year has proved challenging for me, but thankfully, I found a similar graph (similar numbers, but unofficial source) that has not included an exponentially growing vertical axis so that you can see the trend in declining measles rates prior to and including after the vaccine introduction more accurately:


See that tiny blip right around 1967? That’s when vaccines “drastically” reduced measles deaths.


Well, as early as 1932, doctors began using cod-liver oil (high in vitamin A) to treat measles and ended up lowering the mortality rate significantly.  In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that vitamin A supplements significantly reduce measles complications and death rates.  It would be interesting to know what kind of impact essential oils such as oil of oregano with antiviral qualities or better yet, homeopathy, would have had on measles as well. At the very least though, you don’t have to stress as much, 0.015%mortality rate among measles infected people is just not very scary.

Not nearly as scary as the monster under the bed.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 
1-800-922-7967 or

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
1-800-338-2382 or

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  1. A friend recently pointed out that the majority of the 450 to 500 deaths were in the South and probably involved poor rural children who were malnourished and living under miserable conditions. Developing world conditions in fact.

    I think the declining rate of measles in your chart is inaccurate. What you are showing is that reported cases of measles were declining. However, the serological evidence seems to show that 95% or more of the population who were children before the measles vaccine came into use ended up immune to measles. This makes sense, of course, if a child has a mild case of measles, it isn’t likely to be reported. It is even possible that some children developed immunity without showing clear symptoms, so they weren’t even diagnosed, much less reported.

    Good article!


    • Thank you so much for this. This really puts it in perspective quite well. not to mention that by people obtaining natural immunity to the disease and creating a natural herd immunity may have led to the decline as well, definately NOT the vaccines. Thank you for your hard work, it is very much appreciated!


      • sorry to reply to your post I cannot seem to add a new response?
        Anyway, what are your thoughts on SSPE?
        Also its not only death whcih concerns me as I know that risk is low, its the much higher risk of blindness, deafness, brain damage, meningitis etc??? those rates are much higher are they no?
        Thanks :)


        • I wonder how many have died or had zero quality of life from the MMR vax?


          • I am not interested in imagining or wondering or maybe only facts.. SSPE is a huge concern.

  2. California Doctors to Provide “Vaccine Education” – Who is Educating the Educator? | VaxTruth.org
  3. You have addressed the issue of measles using the figures that you have available and in a way there is no choice. However, how many of the cases of measles in the US or worldwide are in fact measles. Studies have been done demonstrating that when ‘measles’ cases diagnosed by doctors are laboratory tested the majority are caused by other viruses and not measles at all. As soon as a vaccine is introduced, e.g. polio, the doctors decide that symptoms that previously were one disease must be another.(e.g. aseptic meningitis). We have to work with the statistics given in order to present a rational argument but often I wonder if we are not just playing with numbers which bear little relation to reality.


  4. Ms. Papple,
    Could you please site the references for these statements.


  5. As a little girl, I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, and also rubella. All within a 2 year period. I spent a lot of time home sick from school. But I survived. As did all of my friends who contracted the same diseases in the 1960’s before immunizations.

    I am also much of the opinion that the tragic deaths that did occur were not solely due to the viruses, but underlying disease as well. Malnutrition and all of the problems that accompany that were biggies in the Southern US at that time.


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  8. I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, german measles as did all my friends, neighbors and relatives in the 50s not one of us had any complications or lasting problems. I also assumed that the children who had serious complications as well as those who died had other medical problems or were malnourished


  9. Thank you for these helpful graphs! I was born in 1952 – one of five children all born between 1947 and 1957. Like some of the comments above, we all had measles, mumps, chicken pox, german measles, as did our cousins, friends, classmates, etc. and all recovered without complications. It was just a normal part of childhood back then. I do remember that my mom made us take cod liver oil regularly. Mom was instinctively very wise and we also had a pediatrician named Dr. Fish! When I was preparing to have my third daughter in 1988 and the vaccine schedule was on the rise, I began to do my own research on the pros and cons of “routine” vaccines. Part of my research included talking with older moms who raised their children in the pre-vaccine area. The consensus was that although it kept the moms and kids in the house for a while — especially in cases like ours where two would get the illness, followed by the next two and then the fifth child — it really wasn’t a big deal and our moms were not afraid of these illnesses. While parents of today are conditioned to be terrified of the once routine acute childhood diseases which came with the side benefit of lifelong immunity; traditional medicine has conditioned today’s parents to accept the chronic childhood diseases of ear infections, allergies, ADD/ADHD, Asthma, Autism, etc., and the drugs to treat them — which come with lifelong side effects — as the new “normal”.


    • Jeanette: Thank-you for your comment. I also had a mom who made us take cod liver oil, along with vitamin C and kelp.
      I applaud your proactive stance regarding the “routine” vaccines, and completely agree with your observations on the complacency and acceptance of chronic illness in children as “the new normal.” Vaccinations have destroyed our kids immune systems and robbed them of the right to strengthen and develop immunity by fighting off childhood illnesses.


      • Marcella, thank for your reply to my comment as well as to Tom Blooms’s. I completely agree with you in that, “Those who have weakened immune systems, other ailments, or are malnourished need things like improved nutrition, improved sanitation and clean water.”

        It’s not easy to be a parent, but as parents, it is our responsibility to be informed — to learn as much as we can about the pros and cons when it comes to vaccines, foods, exposure to toxins, medical treatments and anything that affects the health of our children — and then we should have the right to choose what we truly believe is best for our children.

        Recently, I heard Paul Offiit, MD say in a video, with regard to parents who choose not to vaccinate, that, “some parents don’t do what’s best for their children.” What an awful statement!!!

        My older daughters, born in 1978 and 1980 received the handful of vaccines that were recommended at that time. To be honest, I hadn’t done any research back then. I just did what the doctor said was best for my children and thought, “Wow, I won’t have to deal with what my mother did!” I should have known better . . . those routine childhood diseases of yesteryear actually had some benefits that I enjoy having had the natural illnesses, but my daughters do not.

        As I wrote in my previous message, when I was pregnant with my youngest in 1988 and vaccines were on the rise, I started my research — not to prove that vaccines were harmful — but to make an informed choice either way and do what was truly best for my baby. I can still remember how painful and disturbing it was to learn from that research which included “mainstream” and “alternative” sources about the adverse effects of vaccines; about the incredibly sad stories of children that had been seriously harmed from vaccines; and, keep in mind, that was before we had the epidemics of Autism, Allergies, Asthma, ADD/ADHD that we have today. In addition, when my older daughters were vaccinated, I had been led to believe that vaccines offered lifelong immunity to Pertussis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, etc. It wasn’t until years later that we heard, “oops” the immunity doesn’t last . . . “looks like we need booster shots.” As a result of all that research, which continues to this day, I made different choices for my youngest daughter.

        With all due respect, Tom, vaccines are not “extremely low risk.” If they were, and diseases could safely be eliminated, I doubt that parents would oppose them. No mother wants to see her child — or any child — suffer or die; and I’m sure most mothers don’t want to be confined to the house while their children are sick! The parents that I know who oppose vaccines are educated, well informed, loving, caring people who only want the truth and what is best for children — all children. They are people who have done their homework on these issues before making their decision. I know from personal experience that it is not easy to make a choice that goes against against mainstream opinion, “authorities” and conventional medicine.

        I now find myself in a situation where my youngest daughter — now 25 — must submit to vaccines for MMR and Tetanus to start law school on a part time basis. She will not be living on campus or in a dormitory, but attending class 4 hours a night, 4 nights per week with about 35 adult students — she is probably one of the youngest. The school is in an urban setting very close to the office in which she currently works. If she takes more than 12 credits, which she may have to do next year, she will be required to have a Hep B shot as well. Up until now, we were considered “exempt” for philosophical reasons which were honored in the same way as a religious exemption; however, philosophical exemptions are being eliminated at the state level and it appears that religious and even medical exemptions are being compromised. Anyone concerned about the elimination of our right to choose should go to http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/May-2014/NVIC-Calls-for-Vaccine-Policy—Law-Reform–To-Pro.aspx, watch the video, download the guide to “Reforming Vaccine Policy and Law” and learn about the NVIC Advocacy Portal.

        If anyone has experience with an adult child being forced to get vaccines, I would appreciate your input. Thank you very much! God bless all the young children and adult children — vaccinated or not — and the parents who love them.


  10. It is interesting that people here seem to write off the fact that it is “only” those who have weakened immune systems, had other ailments, or were malnourished who died. I guess having an extremely low risk way to prevent children from dying is not worth thinking about if it only saves poor kids. I am not sure why people would be so arrogantly flippant about the prevention of such diseases as measles, rubella, polio, rabies, small pox, and tetanus (all seriously dangerous diseases whose ill effects have been greatly reduced or eradicated by vaccination); I think it is, ironically, that the reduction brought about by vaccination has given people a comfort zone where they do not feel such things a threat and can thus poo-poo the value of vaccines. In 1980, prior to the worldwide prevalence of a cheap and available measles vaccine worldwide, there were 2.6 million deaths due to measles; widespread vaccination has reduced this to 122,000 in 2012. Hey but we’re talking about 6 billion people on earth, so who cares about 2.5 million additional preventable deaths each year, especially since they are mostly poor kids, and people with other health problems, right?


    • Those who have weakened immune systems, other ailments, or are malnourished need things like improved nutrition, improved sanitation and clean water. They certainly should not be vaccinated, as it clearly states on the vaccine-manufacturer’s inserts.
      You are incorrect on many levels. For example, tetanus is a bacterial illness that is not transmittable from human-to-human. There is also no evidence that the vaccine does anything to protect against tetanus. Actually, there is no evidence vaccines have had ANY effect on the eradication of illness. If you look at the graphs for diseases in developed countries, all of them have decreased in morbidity and mortality at very similar rates, regardless of whether or not there is a corresponding vaccine. In all cases, for those illnesses that do have a corresponding vaccine, the vaccine was developed and released at a very late state in the decline of incidence and severity. People who push vaccines often make the statement “correlation does not equal causation” when it comes to vaccines and autism. You can’t have it both ways. If you believe vaccines have eradicated illness, prove it. Correlation does not equal causation. And for the record… smallpox was absolutely not eradicated by vaccination. Smallpox was endemic world-wide for centuries, dating back to at least the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. Less than 10% of the world’s population was vaccinated against smallpox. If, as vaccinators claim, we have to have 90-95% vaccine-coverage to eradicate disease and to keep it from coming back, please explain how vaccines could have possibly stopped smallpox. Also, since we now know that the pertussis vaccine wears off in 3-5 years’ time, and since at least 50% of the population (adults) walking around have not been vaccinated in decades and we have not had huge resurgence of whooping cough (except in cases where the vaccine is spreading it by promoting colonization of B. parapertussis in the lungs of recipients), how exactly does that fit in with the concept of “herd-immunity?” It doesn’t, because there is no such thing as “vaccine-induced herd immunity.” Herd immunity is a concept that is only applicable to naturally-acquired immunity. If you want me to believe there is such a thing as “vaccine-induced herd immunity,” please show me the research article(s) that prove it.


    • Vaccination is just one tool against measles. I care deeply about children around the world. It is far more effective to clean up their water, give them better nutrition and living conditions, and increase their access to medical care, because these things help protect them from ALL diseases. Vaccination can certainly be part of the solution, but it’s not the sole route to good health. I believe the comments about only children in the third world dying of measles were to point out that there is a different cost-benefit analysis for American kids. If measles was deadly in this country, perhaps a small risk of neurological damage would be worth it. The reason it it not deadly, as has been shown, has nothing to do with vaccination.


  11. Tom, how long have you been alive? I’m in my mid-fifties. Virtually everyone I knew growing up had measles, mumps, and chicken pox. It was very rare not to. I have lived for 54 years without meeting ONE SINGLE PERSON who has ever mentioned any long term detrimental effects from one of these diseases, nor have they mentioned knowing anyone with long term detrimental effects. My life experience is not a peer reviewed medical study, but if these are so dangerous, why are deaths, complications, or any effect whatsoever so unknown among people alive during the era of these illnesses being a normal part of childhood?

    Polio crippled people and some died from paralyzed muscles involved in breathing. Pertussis killed the toddler daughter of one of my great-aunts, without her having any weaknesses or risk factors. It still kills some people, although it’s a tiny fraction of those who get it. Smallpox scarred people, caused blindness, and had a fairly high mortality rate. It makes sense to vaccinate for these disease, because they can be dangerous. (However, there are documented dangers with the vaccines, as well as evidence that vaccines are either no longer needed, weren’t the cause of the decline of these illnesses, etc. discussed elsewhere.)

    Measles, mumps, and chicken pox don’t belong in the same category as these diseases. Calling these “dangerous” is being melodramatic.

    In addition, your insinuation that people against vaccinations don’t care about poor people also misses the mark. People of all socioeconomic levels develop other ailments, have compromised immune systems, and those with anorexia have self-induced malnutrition.


  12. My doctor just started shouting at me and telling me my daughter is going to kill other children if i dont get her immunised….


  13. Marcella,

    Truth will speak for itself, but editing and redacting Adam’s comments and replacing them instead with a list of links to support your side of the argument shows your lack of faith in people… in their ability to read and understand and (if needed) discredit Adam’s links. Your heavy handed redaction of his posts (calling them spam as a veiled justification for doing so) is reprehensible. It is a sad irony that you resort to such repressive techniques to avoid alternate viewpoints.

    In your post, you wrote, “Directing people to receive information from Paul Offit at CHOP is not something I would ever do.” By allowing Adam to post his links, you are not directing people to anything. You are allowing people to share and explore ideas. If you’re convinced that Adam’s links are to worthless drivel, reply and say so…. but to outright delete them and silence his voice is appalling.


    • Adam spammed one article with 11 comments which were redundant. I published one, which contained the links.
      As you and Adam no doubt know, whatever time I spend having to respond to comments and correct misinformation is time taken away from research, writing, and advocating.
      Unlike Adam, I don’t have time for spam.


    • Adam continues to protest because I did not publish all eleven of his comments, which, as he indicates were left on this article and on my recently published article on Measles at Disneyland. I will leave his most recent comment here along with my responses [in brackets]. Again, Adam: I do not have time to spend responding to so many comments from one person. You now doubt understand this, and my impression is that that is your intent. If I spend all my time responding to you, I don’t have time to research or write. Sorry. You need to find someone else to target with your need for attention.

      From Adam:

      “Marcella: I’m very confused. If you read my comments before deleting them, you know just as well as I do that not one of them contained a single link to Paul Offit or CHOP. I don’t know if you still have access to the text, but I do have copies of each that I could repost if you are willing to allow that.

      [My response: Please refer to Adam’s comment above and to the links he provided, the first of which is to CHOP.]

      Back to Adam:

      Here is a brief summary of each post that I made, first to this article ‘Putting Measles into Perspective’ (5 posts):
      -I posted a full list of complications from measles with incidence data from the CDC pinkbook
      [link: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/meas.html

      -I posted the conclusion from a review article that describes double-blind controlled tests of measles vaccines in low-middle income countries that prove the vaccine lowers neonatal mortality
      [Which has nothing to do with measles in the United States.]

      -I posted a message pointing out the main severe complication of measles is pneumonia, which is why people don’t often think of measles itself being fatal
      [Which is why measles has not been a source of concern in the United States since the 1930s when antibiotics became available.]

      -I posted that measles can be particular bad for pregnant women due to complications involving premature labor, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, and low-birthweight infants
      [Which is why it is much more preferable for children to get measles naturally, as most did in early childhood prior to the mass vaccination program. This gave them long-lasting immunity, possibly life-long, and protected women throughout their pregnancies and also provided immunity to offspring during the first year of life. The vaccine often fails, with primary vaccine failure – giving no protection, and secondary vaccine failure – waning immunity after 5-25 years, leaving women with a false sense of security and zero protection when they need it most.]

      -I posted the list of links to stories of people whose lives were affected (and sometimes ended) by measles, which you did post

      The remainder of my comments were posted to your article ‘Measles at DIsneyland!’ (5 posts):
      -I pointed out that from 2000-2010, there were 8 deaths from measles in the US out of 777 cases, so an average risk of about 1 in 100 for those that actually catch measles.
      [What you don’t say is that at least some of those cases of measles are the result of the vaccine (vaccine-strain measles has been identified in several cases and horizontal transmission (aka “shedding”) does occur, particularly among people who are immune compromised, which may be why the death rate would be higher. The increase in measles cases over the last several years was predicted by scientists at the time of the development and mass use of the vaccine, due to concerns about both primary and secondary vaccine-failure. What we are seeing can be expected to continue and increase – not due to unvaccinated children, but as a result of the vaccine program.]

      -Another comment asked to compare the risk of being struck by lightning and dying in a car accident to that of dying from measles; I posted the figures and references for each.
      [I don’t know how to respond to that because it seems irrelevant.]

      -I made a post arguing that the risk of dying once someone actually caught measles (1 in 100 based on recent data) was a much more significant figure than the figure you calculate in your article, i.e., the risk of death from measles for any US citizen.
      [Use of third-world statistics to fear-monger regarding measles in the United States does not deserve a response.]

      -I posted that the risk of death of 1 in 1000 prior to the vaccine in 1963 was accurate based on reported cases, but that the common assumption was that many cases were not reported prior to the vaccine being available.
      [With 3-4 million cases of measles per year (U.S.) and an average death rate of 450 per year in the U.S., the 1/1000 figure is complete bullshit. Again, using third-world stats to fear-monger does not deserve a response.]

      -I posted that while measles-related deaths in the US were going away prior to the vaccine (primarily due to improved treatment of pneumonia), measles cases were not decreasing until the vaccine was introduced in 1963 (and the number of cases dropped by 20X, and deaths by a further 10X). These data were omitted from Figure 1 in the article.
      [There is no “Figure 1″ in the article. If you are referring to Dawn’s article, that is something you should take up with her. As I told you and as is clearly stated, she does not write for VaxTruth and her article was reposted here with permission. If you contact her and receive a response, I would be happy to post that in the comments on this site.
      My own response to your comment is, “Why are we trying to prevent measles in the first place, since it is not a serious infection in children (when it occurs naturally and for a very important reason)? As my more recent article “Measles is GOOD for YOU? conveys, the attempt at wiping out measles and other mild childhood infections was misguided and it now appears that the artificial manipulation and tamping down of the natural immune system, may be a contributing factor to the higher incidences of childhood cancers. Given that measles (and mumps) infections are protective against cancer, and given that the MMR vaccine has been shown to alter DNA in recipients via homologous recombinant DNA from aborted fetal cell lines, and given that childhood cancers are associated with alterations in DNA in early childhood, why would we want to continue this insane practice?]

      I reiterate, none of these posts included any link or mention of Paul Offit or CHOP in any way.
      [I reiterate, see the post (1 of 11) I published, higher up in this thread and see the first link contained there.]


    • Dave: I did not edit or redact Adam’s comments. I simply did not publish all eleven of them for reasons already stated. Of those I have published, nothing of Adam’s words has been changed.


  14. So let me get this straight… it’s no big deal if your loved ones die of measles, even though the disease is completely preventable, because the statistic is so small in comparison to total deaths? What a crock of BS. This is the most asinine argument against vaccinations I have ever seen. Obviously the author has no concept that every statistic represents heartbroken, grieving people who lost someone they didn’t have to lose. It wouldn’t cheer me up, if my son died of the measles, to think that after all, he’s only a small statistic, so nobody will miss him anyway. I’D miss him!!!!! And it wouldn’t matter if he was the ONLY death from measles on the planet! I’d miss him with all my heart and I would never forgive myself for choosing not to protect him from a disease when I could have. BUT I DID PROTECT HIM. Damn right I did. There are things I can’t protect him from, but this is one thing he will never suffer from!


    • MMR vaccine has a high failure rate, so if you are counting on that to protect your son, you may have a false sense of security.


    • Really Retha, because that is exactly what vaccine apologists due to parents who have lost a child to vaccine injury. A few cases of measles is a crisis used to spread fear and panic. Children die from severe vaccine reactions and it doesn’t even make the local news, isn’t allowed to be mentioned in the obituary, they don’t get a purple heart for their sacrifice for the herd and our family is not honored or even recognized for our sacrifice. No indeed, it is quite the opposite. We are shunned, marginalized, accused of being delusional money-grubbing, uneducated, looking for something to blame. Even if awarded in vaccine court we are told by online trolls it still doesn’t mean it was related. They tell us serious reaction happen they will just never acknowledge one EVER!
      Children die, it’s the worst thing any human being will ever experience no more, no less whether from a typically benign childhood illness, or from vaccines, accidents, food poisoning, or any other reason. Do you really believe if people would just vaccinate no children would ever die again. It’s also tragic when a perfectly healthy child regresses right before their parents’ eyes following a vaccine reaction!
      Please save your fake indignation for someone else! I would give up my own life, pay millions of dollars just to go back in time and give my children the opportunity to take their chances with the measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, hell I would take our chances with polio verses what we have gone through!


      • Achsel, My indignation is not “fake” or I wouldn’t bother to comment. You have no right to say I don’t really mean what I say. I mean every word of it. Saying that risking children’s deaths from disease is a valid option because the odds are so minimal is insensitive and stupid. My son has a kidney disorder and I have spend days with him in the hospital watching him suffer something I couldn’t prevent. I am just thankful he has never had to suffer from something I could have protected him from and CHOSE NOT TO. I am from a generation that was vaccinated as a matter of course and I have never in my life met anyone who had an adverse reaction to it, or had a loved one die from a vaccination. I have however met a few people from an older generation who had polio and the usual childhood diseases and it’s not an experience they want to repeat. I’ll take the one in a million chance that my son will have a negative reaction to a vaccine over the 540 out of 150,000 chance that he could be hospitalized for a preventable disease. If we’re just out to play the odds with our children, that sounds like a lot better odds to me. There are valid reasons not to vaccinate, but saying that the numbers show that the few deaths from measles don’t matter because they are so minimal in comparison to all deaths is not one of them.


        • Retha: my grandson was also hospitalized multiple times with kidney disease, which was ultimately determined to be the result of vaccine-injury. He now has a medical exemption and will no longer ever receive any vaccines. Autism is not the only vaccine-injury to be concerned about.


  15. Also, what if your child is one of the many who have died FROM Vaccinations…even if they are 1 in a million ??like you said It doesnt matter if they are the only one if it is YOUR child that is your world. There are children who die from every vaccine manufactured, vaccines do not guarantee immunity, live vaccines Do shed and infect those around….So a parent who chooses to Not vaccinate is not making that choice lightly and is also protecting their children.


    • They have no idea how many children die or are permanently damaged from some vaccines and don’t want to believe it (in their defense- who would?) so they refuse to research on their own and blindly trust their doctors and the pharmaceutical companies to have integrity. I empathize with the fact that they sincerely believe they are protecting their children and endeavor to keep that in mind when discussions become passion-filled. I wonder if they know they can request single shots that specifically do not contain glyphosate or aluminum or if they are not even given the option or the option to space them out. There are so many unknowns and injuries that should be addressed and are being ignored in the name of “real science”, while injured numbers increase. The many beautiful baby pictures I’ve see of children who passed soon after their immunizations and the heartbreaking stories that accompany them make me extremely grateful my children are grown and were fortunate enough to have vaccine schedules greatly reduced from what is now considered normal. They both had the chicken pox so hopefully won’t let anyone talk them into having that shot. I have a couple of dear friends whose children survived, but whose lives have been irrevocably altered. It’s truly heartbreaking.


      • I cannot understand a doctor injecting a needle into a 2 week old baby and doing this 10 or 20 times per day?!


        • Most often it is not the doctor doing the injecting; it’s the nurses. A recent study indicates the toll on nurses is huge. They are the soldiers being ordered by the doctors to commit the acts. A study published in 2012 in the journal “Vaccine” found that 33.5% of nurses who work with children are leaving the profession in the first two years after graduating from college. They cited distrust in vaccinations and objections to mandatory vaccination of themselves and children as factors contributing to their decision to leave nursing. Here is a link to the study: http://www.vaccineliberationarmy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/What-lies-behind-the-low-rate-of-immuniz-among-nurses.pdf


  16. State of the Union for Autism Families Remembering Avonte Oquendo | VaxTruth.org
  17. This why I have never chosen to vaccinate my kids: I’m completely confused! There’s such a strong argument on both sides. I have considered getting them but start investigating and I’m lost again. I feel like no matter what I do, my kids are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If everyone (doctors, parents, lawyers, researchers, my gold fish) agreed it wouldn’t be an issue.


    • Jess: Keep researching and don’t make any decisions one way or the other until you are sure it’s right for your children. You can always vaccinate later if you decide that’s right, given your children’s individual and family medical histories. You can never unvaccinate once it’s done. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have specific questions we might be able to help with.


    • Jess, isn’t that the truth!!! There is so much out there (on both sides) that is absolute bosh, that it’s hard to make an actual informed decision. I vaccinated because I hadn’t even heard of the anti vaccination movement until it was already a done deal. I would have vaccinated anyway. I completely and with my whole heart believe that doing what was in my power to protect my son from disease was the best choice. When he became seriously ill (from something completely unrelated to any vaccine) his immune system was compromised by the drugs he had to take. He got sick at the drop of a hat, 9 sinus infections in one year, and countless sniffles and coughs. All I could think was how thankful I was that he couldn’t get whooping cough and measles and all the rest. There is no doubt in my mind that with his weakened system he would have died from a disease like that. That’s my gut. You have to go with yours. I applaud you for doing your best to make an educated decision for the well being of your children. Keep researching, but with an open mind to both sides. Bear in mind that the generation of people trying to convince everyone that suffering through a disease is no big deal, is NOT the generation that did suffer through these diseases. That generation is still here to give you their 2 cents. Talk to people who’ve experienced having those diseases and ask them if they’d rather not have had them. My mom still remembers hallucinating and feeling absolutely horrible with chicken pox and that was over 50 years ago. People blame vaccinations for autism, but has incidence of autism declined with the decline of vaccinations? I don’t see either side looking into that. Good luck with your continued research.


      • Retha: You write: “People blame vaccinations for autism, but has incidence of autism declined with the decline of vaccinations?”
        There has been no decline in vaccinations.
        In 1983, children vaccinated according to the CDC’s schedule received 23 vaccines between 2 months of age and 18 years of age.
        In 2014, children vaccinated according to the CDC’s schedule received 26 vaccines by six months of age; 49 by 6 years, and 70 by 18 years.
        You have no idea what you are talking about.
        Please read this post and look at the schedules before commenting further.

        In the 1980s, the rate of autism in the U.S. was 1 in 10,000 children.
        In 2014, the CDC announced the rate was 1 in 68 among 12 year-olds. Extrapolating the data, that means the current rate is 1 in 21 among 3 year-olds; 1 in 18 among 2 year-olds.


        • Since I am not a scientist, doctor, or expert, I have only the sometimes questionable content spewed across the internet to educate myself with. So I suppose you can say I know as much as the average parent, going by what I have heard, read and had time to research. Anyway, I was asking a question, not stating a fact. I refer to the exploding numbers of people opting out of vaccines, not to the vaccine schedules. My question is: since huge numbers of parents are no longer vaccinating their children for fear of autism, has autism declined? Has anyone researched this? Since the anti vax movement we have seen outbreaks of diseases that were almost unheard of in my childhood. QED, there is a decline in vaccinations. Is there a corresponding decline in autism diagnoses???


          • Retha: It is not true that huge numbers of parents are no longer vaccinating their children. It is also not true that “fear of autism” is the only or even the main reason people choose not to vaccinate. The percentage of people who vaccinate remains above 95% in most places of the country. There are only a very few places where vaccination rates have fallen below that level. And no. there has been no decline in autism. The rate of autism has increased by approximately 15,000% since the early 1980s, when it was 1 in 10,000.

          • Why are vaccines blamed for autism? Hasn’t the reasearch showing this association been discredited because it used fraudulent data? (This is a question I have, not an argument). Thanks.

          • Vaccines do cause autism, and a host of other chronic health conditions in children and in adults.
            The research you refer to was not a research study investigating vaccines; it was the report of Dr. Wakefield’s observations in children he was seeing for gastrointestinal disease at the Royal Free Hospital in the U.K. Dr. Wakefield saw, among the many children in the study, that a number of children with developmental delays and/or autism diagnoses appeared to have a different form of bowel disease. The parents of those children reported that their children had developed the bowel disease after the MMR vaccine, and then regressed and some of them (not all) were then diagnosed with autism.
            In the original paper, Dr. Wakefield reported what he observed, and as is the case in all good research, he stated that further inquiry appeared to be warranted.
            There is a huge amount of conflict-of-interest in what became the witch-hunt to discredit Dr. Wakefield.
            This is a good article which explains the ties between Brian Deer, James Murdoch, the Sunday Times, and GlaxoSmithKline (makers of the MMR vaccine): http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2011/07/revisiting-james-murdoch-brian-deer.html

            The media still points to Dr. Wakefield whenever anyone talks about autism and vaccines. The problem with that is that Dr. Wakefield’s paper was ONLY about the MMR vaccine. MMR is only a tiny part of the overall vaccination schedule administered to infants and children. When people say vaccines have been studied, that is inaccurate. Infants vaccinated according to the 2014 CDC Vaccination Schedule receive 26 vaccines by 6 months of age; 49 by six years, and 70 by the age of 18. The schedule has never been studied for safety or efficacy. When people take their infants in for 2, 4, 6, and 12 month “well-baby checkups,” those infants receive between 8-10 vaccines all at once. That has never been studied. What happens in each of those appointments is completely experimental. There has never been a governmental study comparing health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. That study has been done in other countries, with the result that unvaccinated children are far healthier.

            Here is a link to testimony from the Congressional Hearing on Autism, held in November 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA9f-i0LKaU
            Here is a link for studies comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes: http://www.vaxchoicevt.com/science/studies-comparing-vaccinated-to-unvaccinated-populations/

            This is a good link to a list compiled by Ginger Taylor, which now includes 96 studies that show how vaccines can and do cause autism: http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2007/06/no-evidence-of-any-link.html

            Getting back to Dr. Wakefield’s research, contrary to what the media tells you, that research has been replicated in at least 28 studies performed in several different countries. You can learn more about those studies here: http://currenthealthscenario.blogspot.com/2012/06/28-studies-that-support-dr-andrew.html

            Even the studies that have been performed for the express purpose of discrediting Dr. Wakefield’s work have actually found the same association between MMR vaccine, bowel disease, and autism. This was one of those studies, which I broke down paragraph by paragraph to show the deception: http://vaxtruth.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Only-5-of-251-final.pdf

            This is a presentation I put together Vaccines: Questions & Answers: http://vaxtruth.org/2014/12/4196/

            Finally, when it comes to the proof that vaccines cause autism, all you have to really do is listen to the experts on the subject: the parents who are left to care for their children for the rest of their lives. I hope you will take the time to listen to their stories and to really see their children.

            Thank-you for your question.

          • Thank you!

          • Marcella, you can’t actually think I am stupid enough to believe your assertion that there aren’t huge numbers of parents refusing vaccinations. It’s on the news, there are documentaries about the trend. There is the fact of the existence of this and other websites (dedicated to convincing large numbers of parents not to vaccinate) and the fact that until 15 years ago I didn’t know anyone who didn’t vaccinate and now I know many parents who are refusing vaccinations, ALL support the understanding that there is in fact an explosion in the numbers of people refusing to vaccinate. It is evident in the fact that there are large outbreaks of diseases that my generation never had to think about. You can’t possibly assert that the people now suffering from these diseases have all been vaccinated? If that was the case, it would be all over the news that the vaccines had failed and that new ones were being manufactured and we should all go get the updated vaccine. No, the disease is spreading among the unvaccinated population. Therefore I know, in spite of your assertion, that numbers of vaccinated children have certainly declined sharply. But thank you for the information that, in spite of this, autism continues to rise. I’d be interested to know what the incidence of autism is among the unvaccinated population, and if the percentages are comparable to incidence among the vaccinated population.

          • According to the CDC, the rate of vaccination has continued to increase with coverage surpassing the 90% mark and exceeding expectations each year since 2000. Goals were for 90% coverage for individual vaccines and 80% for full series. The first link below is for data from 2000-2007. The second link is for 2013. As you can see, there has been no decrease in vaccination rates. The rates are the highest they have ever been in most areas of the country.


            What you see on the news and in the documentaries (especially if you are referring to the NOVA series, which is funded by Merck), is a targeted attempt to fear-monger and turn parents against each other. If you believe what you hear on news stations that receive millions of dollars in funding from pharmaceutical companies, then you need to re-evaluate the sources from which you are receiving your “news.” Count the number of pharmaceutical commercials during the next national newscast.

            As for large outbreaks of diseases your generation never had to think about… The overuse of vaccines is causing many of the outbreaks. This is very easy to understand if you dig deep into the research on pertussis. If you care about the truth, I hope you will take the time to read this: http://vaxtruth.org/2015/01/pertussis/

            As for the incidence of autism in unvaccinated populations, we have information from the Amish Community: http://www.whale.to/vaccine/olmsted.html
            We also have the large population from HomeFirst Family Practice in Chicago, which is where my recently departed friend, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and his colleagues have been delivering babies and caring for children for more than 40 years. Dr. Eisenstein never gave a vaccine and he very rarely prescribed antibiotics. There were more than 50,000 children in the practice in the 4 decades of Dr. Eisenstein’s medical career, and the rate of autism was 1 in 25,000. That’s compared to the CDC’s rate announce in March 2014 of 1 in 68 among 12 year-olds. The CDC’s data has indicated a 13-15% yearly increase in autism since the 1990s. Extrapolating the data that means the current rate among 3 year-olds is 1 in 21 among U.S. children, with more than 90% of them being fully vaccinated, according to the CDC’s data. Most schools throughout the country report vaccination rates at 97-100%.
            There’s a big difference between 1 in 25,000 among vaccine-free children and 1 in 68 (or 1 in 21) among those who are so highly vaccinated.

  18. Informational Articles on Measles | VaxTruth.org
  19. My son and I got Whooping Cough due to anti-vaxxer morons like you. It could have easily cost my boy his life as he has had a series of health problems. I don’t know what you think you’re accomplishing here, but I hope you get sicker than hell like we did. You have it coming.

    I hope none of you have children. If so, they should be taken away. You don’t have enough brains to piss out of a boot. As far as I’m concerned, you all can go straight to hell. I mean that with all of my heart.

    Paranoid idiots.


    • I am sorry you and your son caught whooping cough, and I’m sorry your son has had a series of health problems. I know what it’s like to have a chronically ill child. I would never wish that on anyone.
      There is a good chance, particularly if you and your son were vaccinated, that you did not get pertussis from a vaccine-free person. You may have gotten it from the vaccine, or from someone else who was recently vaccinated. This post explains how, and it is backed up with research citations.


    • My hubs and I both got whooping cough while fully up-to-date on our boosters, long before we had kids. We got it from someone who was also fully vaxxed. Because we had all been vaccinated, we were all out spreading germs for months, thinking it could never be whooping cough. In our case, the vaccination led to our faulty thinking, which caused the disease to spread. So it seems silly to blame the 5% of kids who haven’t had a DTaP, in my view.


      • True.


  20. It is foolhardy to think you will always be in top health and able to survive without major disabilities or at all a highly contagious, dangerous systemic infection like measles. What about all the people you are around before you have symptoms and those who knowingly or out of ignorance while they do have symptoms?
    Those the most vulnerable are those with another illness that maybe completely curable had not some fool selfishly not received their vaccinations. Or the ones that the vaccine did not take; with most vaccines this happens.
    The risks of the vaccine far out way the pain, deaths, and permanent disabilities of not being vaccinated when applied the WHOLE population. Ship of fools.


    • Each parent has the responsibility and the right to make informed decisions for his or her own children.
      Vaccines are tested on infants and children who are cleared medically and pronounced 100% healthy. They are then applied universally to the entire population of infants and children as if they are all the same. There is no other medical product or procedure that is deemed “safe” for 100% of the population. Serious vaccine injuries and vaccine-induced deaths do occur. When they do, parents are left holding the bag. The vaccine manufacturers are protected from liability by the U.S. government. Vaccines are the only product in existence that the government simultaneously mandates for use and refuses to protect consumers from harm.


    • But my child is not the “whole population”, he is a person who is loved and valued. If you personally believe the risks are outweighed by the benefits, you have the right to go get vaccinated. That’s where your rights end, however.


  21. What the heck ever happened to questioning authority?
    Here’s how the media portrayed measles before the marketing of vaccine$.


  22. My daughter chose to at the very least spread out the shots. She was in for a well child check up and she told the nurse no for a shot and when she excused herself for 5 minutes the nurse vaccinated her child anyway and declared Melissa was a bad parent and took the choice away from her wishes. How crazy is that?


    • She should file assault charges. I know of a few cases where people successfully sued because nurses or doctors performed procedures without consent.


  23. Thank you for intelligently and carefully stating your point of view with this article. You do an even better job dealing with trolls who emotionally can’t handle someone questioning the “undeniable truths” they not only accept but didn’t even realize could be questioned. In all of these discussions you handle yourself in a calm manner that makes your message even stronger for the undecided readers. Keep up the good work.


  24. For those of you who care about the dangers of vaccination –
    you might want to do a web search:
    Andreas Moritz + vaccination. He’s written an entire book on the subject.
    1. heavy metals from immunizations – your body can’t remove them without costly and cumbersome procedures
    2. people with low immunity can die after vaccinations (my 34-year old flue vaccinated co-worker did)
    3. possible risk of Sudden Infant Death, Autism and other illnesses


  25. What do we say to people that want us to vaccinate for their child who has cancer? I know we are responsible for our own children’s health, and I am very thankful for that. I don’t ask other parents to protect my children. Why are we constantly being blamed for outbreaks? Why aren’t people upset that vaccines are not 100% effective? Why don’t some people ask why their child has cancer in the first place (hello, could it be vaccinations?).


    • I don’t know but I do know the story you are referring to. The father wanting to force unvaccinated children to never be allowed in school, as if SCHOOL is the ONLY place their cancer child could possibly get a disease.

      “If we have the “right” to homeschool based on our own health decisions, this guy has the “right” to homeschool based on HIS, which is that he doesn’t want his children around the un-vaxx’d (and he does not get to make that decision for the rest of us).” – Ava Racc

      I used to homeschool up until 3 years ago. It wasn’t because we didn’t vax, but now with the over blown hysteria over measles, it’s really pissing me off that people want a FEW to change their ways for one or two kids. Whole schools have to change their FOOD policies based on allergies to nuts. This is a benign request that doesn’t harm anyone on either end of the spectrum. Forcing medical chemicals into people who do not want them is possibly forcing harm onto them for another person’s irrational fears.

      I fully believe both choices to vax or not have the same risks – side effects and death from both sides. Only one side risks treatable diseases, while the other risks injecting side effects and deaths. I’ll risk the measles with the complete minor less than 1% chance of death over an unproved vaccine that has a 30% failure rate, any old day!


      • Thanks for your comment, Sephia8.
        You might be interested in this post, in which I go into the measles-cancer connection:


        • Thank you. I have 9 children. My oldest was born in 1998, and a few months before she was born there was a 20/20 episode that dealt with vaccine effectiveness, which started my questioning. I did a little bit of research (internet still young back then) and felt uncomfortable with it but in talking with my mother (had 6 kids) I decided to listen to her when she used the old statement “Well you were vaccinated, and you turned out fine.” At the time I didn’t have a comeback for it, I remember a few vaccines – one was in my butt as a kid and I HATED it and refused to sit in the car on the way home. I remember having chicken pox at one point too. No big deal.

          So my oldest received vaccines for the first 2 years of her life. At about 6 months of age she had a febrile seizure – I won’t link vaccines to it but it was one of the scariest times in my life.

          My 2nd child was born and we again vaccinated, until she was about 12mo old and at that point she received the MMR and from that vaccine got the measles! Her reaction to that vaccine changed my mind completely on the vaccine debate.

          Vaccines had always been an inner debate of mine. It always felt WRONG to me when getting my babies vaccinated, and when baby #2 ended up with measles from the MMR we stopped cold turkey with vaccines. In high school, when I did a report on Autism and read about possible links to vaccinating and autism – especially in boys – I worried about it with my boys. I DO NOT automatically believe vaccines cause autism now. I believe they may trigger it, but that they are not the sole cause of autism. Still the idea of possibly vaccinating my children and them developing autism scared me, along with other side effects and death, especially after my 2nd’s reaction to the MMR.

          Since then we have been vax free; even with birthing at home to make sure they don’t even get newborn injections.

          My oldest was diagnosed with Expressive language disorder (she understands language but can not verbally express her thoughts ideas in an age appropriate manner) around age 4; my youngest who ended up with some medical complications shortly after birth was forced to have some vaccines (super long story) and he now, at age 2, is showing distinct signs that he too has expressive language disorder as well. My nephew who is 2 days older than my youngest and is on schedule for his vaccinations was recently diagnosed with recessive expressive language disorder (he can not understand information and language going in, nor can he express ideas and thoughts).

          With our NOW family history of these language disorders in only vaccinated children, I do believe that vaccines may have contributed to these language disorders our children have now.


    • Oh no! The Brady Bunch survived the Measles . . .


  26. What i see is thst whayever side you are on, it is defended without a mind change. If your child gets measles look up how to care for you child. Its that simple.. If your child gets a vaccine they shouldnt get it. If they do get it, look uo how to care for your child. If measles still happens the full eradication is not true.


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