Patti Finn, Attorney for Vaccine Rights is Threatened with Loss of License after West Virginia Rally

Last week I traveled to West Virginia to attend a rally at the State Capitol.  The rally was organized by a group called We the Parents.  We the Parents have been working tirelessly to bring parents and children in their state the same Constitutional Rights that are enjoyed by parents in 48 other states.

Members of the grassroots organization We the Parents gather before the West Virginia State Capitol building.


Only West Virginia and Mississippi currently do not allow non-medical exemptions from vaccinations.  Children in West Virginia and in Mississippi are mandated to receive multiple vaccines, including vaccination against a sexually-transmitted disease (hepatitis B) prior to being allowed to attend daycare, Head Start, or public or private school.

We the Parents has hired Attorney Patricia Finn to represent them in this cause.  Ms. Finn has also recently been retained by the parents of Kaylynne Matten, the 7 year-old Vermont girl who died in December 2011, just four days after receiving the flu vaccine.

Kaylynne Matten: 7 year-old Vermont girl who died four days after the flu shot.


Nicole Matten and Patricia Finn are interviewed prior to the rally.

Ms. Finn has been practicing law for several years, and has dedicated her practice primarily to protecting parental and Constitutional Rights; specifically with regard to vaccinations and school atttendance.

As has been the case with other professionals who dare to take a stand or even suggest that vaccines may be causing harm and that children may need to be protected from that harm, Ms. Finn reports she has faced harrassment and threats in the past.  She believes she is a target for such action because she stands up for the rights of the most vulnerable citizens:  our children.

Upon her return to New York, following the We the Parents rally, Ms. Finn was served with papers, threatening to strip her of her license to practice law.  Ms. Finn posted the following on her facebook page, earlier today:

Upon returning from the Rally for Parental Rights I was served with papers seeking to suspend my license to practice law. I am being ordered to disclose the names of people I represent who do not vaccinate their children. I refuse. If it takes my license to get attention to this issue, then so be it. I’ve done nothing wrong.

In the last few days, Ms. Finn’s plight has been reported by others who follow the news regarding vaccination policy.  Curt Linderman has interviewed Patti and written about her plight in his article, NY Ninth Judicial Committee Attacks Vaccine / Parental Rights Attorney.

Today, Ms. Finn’s story is being talked about on the Robert Scott Bell Show and The Alex Jones Show.

Those who speak out about the dangers of vaccines are likely to become targets for retribution.  It happens to parents. It happens to researchers. It happens to doctors and nurses who dare to speak out and take a stand.  Now it is happening to one of the very few attorneys who has been willing to work for the rights of children and parents as they battle huge corporations and government machines.
Listen to Patti Finn’s speech from the We the Parents rally:


Part 2:


Part 3:


At this point I believe, as Ms. Finn does, that she is being targeted not because of what she has done, but because of who she represents. I do not know Ms. Finn well, but I know she has stuck her neck out for our kids, and I know that as an attorney, she could have chosen many other, more lucrative issues to litigate. For that alone, I believe she deserves our gratitude, our prayers and our support.

Marcella Piper-Terry and Patricia Finn with Nicole Matten and members of We the Parents

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  1. What you wrote made my blood boil, with sadness for that little girl, and for sympathy for the truth telling lawyer.

    First, drug companies (vaccine manufacturers) reject hearing about drug side effects (death, etc.), because it potentially cuts into their profits. Then, too many doctors are generally in denial, because they either feel guilty that their vaccinating children caused harm (or worse), or, they fear being held to account by parents.

    So, instead of being reasonable, the various “authorities” blame the truth-tellers (the messengers) for saying such unpleasant things, such as: vaccination side effects can be dangerous or even fatal.

    Someday, everyone will know the truth, but it will be too late for the young victims of horrendous vaccination side effects, including death.

    Doctors who understand the dangers of vaccination, refuse to get their own children vaccinated. But they stay pretty quiet, for fear of being “censured” by the AMA (American Medical Association) as being outside the mainstream.

    Nurses and military people who understand this, won’t get vaccinations themselves. But, they face being fired or court-marshalled, if they refuse.

    We live in an upside down world, where lies (vaccinations are harmless) are touted as being the truth, and what some of us know to be the truth (vaccinations can be fatal, or dangerous), are called lies!

    Thank you for telling “inconvenient truths”.


  2. I’m so proud to know Patti Finn and I have followed her crusade against mandatory vaccinations for a long time. She’s a courageous woman and a Lawyer with a conscience…something this country and the world desperately need more of.

    Her fight, and that of We The Parents is indicative of a larger and more pernicious problem. That problem is the corrupted state and agenda of medicine in general and the shredding of American’s Constitutional Rights combined with the wholesale dismantling of the Bill of Rights.

    I offer the following:

    The updated Hippocratic Oath:

    Treatment without specific diagnosis.
    Controlling symptoms without addressing causation.
    Dispense medications and write prescriptions because you’ve been compensated to do so by the manufacturers.
    Complain about mal-practice insurance premiums.

    Take two of these and if you’re still alive in the morning, call my office and we’ll schedule an appointment at our convenience.

    Do you want fries with that?


  3. This makes my blood boil as well.
    And since when does an attorney have to give up the identities of their personal clients or face losing their license?
    This is disgusting.

    Big Pharma and Filthy Lucre really do run the Federal Agencies if our God forsaken upside down nation!


  4. I must say, that no matter which side of this issue I, or anyone else, may be on, that it is quite simply a mockery of “justice” to attempt to revoke an attorney’s licence for representing their clients and championing their position. It’s the job for which they were trained. It’s the job for which they are (sometimes) paid. And it’s the American way. This arbitrary decision to punish Ms Finn for doing her job just doesn’t seem appropriate for the American Judicial System as most of us understand it. Does it?


  5. It shows how much the whole medical system has become essentially a criminal enterprise. Also you might want to look up tonight’s (already shown) NBC Dateline where they went behind the scenes at a pharmaceutical company. How many more children and adults will be scarred and killed before we rise up to stop it, once and for all? Stand strong, girl, we’re on your side!!


  6. My sister was killed by the rl polio vaccine, at the age of 18 months, in 1963. She was beautifully healthy right up to the day she had the vaccine. Approximately 1 week later she was screaming in agony, as her first medical problem from the vaccine was meningitis. She developed acute myeloid leukemia subsequent to the meningitis. Those bastards that destroyed her beautiful life will burn in hell, for killing her and all the there who ave even killed by vaccines. I became a registered nurse as a result of her death and I adamantly encourage my patients to not be vaccinated until/unless they have read all the available books addressing vaccine injury. I supply them with names of boos and honest websites where they can read honest information and see accurate data. I hope that I have been able to help save lives this way. I also educate every dog owner that I encounter to not vaccinate until they have done a thorough of the data. I again provide sources of information to them. I KNOW that I ave helped significant numbers of dogs avoid vaccine injury, and vets hate e for it as 40-60% of clinic Inge is exerted via vaccines!


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