The Vaccine Game


Have you seen The Hunger Games?  Did you cry?  Did it make you thankful that we don’t really live in a society where the government takes our children from us and forces them to participate in a “game” where the object is to prove that you are strong enough to live through assault after assault with any number of deadly weapons hurled at you or plunged into you over a course of several days, all taking place while government officials and upper-class citizenry watch and take bets to see which child will emerge “the victor?”

Here’s a news flash:  We are living in such a world.  And our children are being forced into just such a game.

It’s called The Vaccine Game.

In The Hunger Games, a yearly contest is held.  Two children between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen by lottery from each of 12 provinces.  A total of 24 children are taken away by government goons as their parents, siblings and friends stand and watch, knowing there is nothing they can do to save their children from the pain and almost certain death they are about to endure.  The woman at the podium, in her gaudy makeup and haute couture garb can hardly contain her excitement as she announces the names of the “lucky” children who will have the “honor” of representing their province in the games.  As she smiles and congratulates the children (called “tributes”) who are chosen, she utters the ominous phrase, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Effie, the Government representative sent to kidnap children to fight to their death in The Hunger Games. Copyright Lionsgate Films.


In The Hunger Games, of 24 children who are taken, there can only be one victor – one survivor.  All the other children must die.  It is the ultimate “game” of survival of the fittest.  The purpose of The Hunger Games we are told, is to teach a lesson to the citizens of the 12 provinces.  The Hunger Games are the government’s way of maintaining control and order in the nation. They are also punishment for a previous uprising of the citizens, against oppressive government control.  The annual kidnapping of the children serves to remind the citizens that the government has ultimate power and will not tolerate disobedience or uprising of any sort.  The message is very clear:  You WILL do as we say.

As the names of the “tributes” are being drawn in the lottery, the camera pans the crowd of parents and children, and images of The Holocaust are immediately recalled.  This parallel continues as the tributes are whisked away aboard a train, under constant guard of “The Peace Keepers” on their way to what for most of them will be the last days of their lives.


Katniss Everdeen, a kidnapped “tribute” under escort of “The Peace Keepers” – copyright Lionsgate Films.


In The Vaccine Game, the contest is not so well delineated.  The contest does not happen on an annual basis; it is ongoing.  The participants are much more numerous and the age span more vast.

In The Hunger Games, each year 24 children were taken and 23 of them died.  By comparison, The Vaccine Game is enormous.

In the United States alone, there are approximately 4 million infants born each year and every one of them is actively recruited as a “tribute” in The Vaccine Game.  A few of them will escape the clutches of “The Herd Protectors” (analogous to “The Peace Keepers” in The Hunger Games) by virtue of their parents’ hard work, research, and strength required to stand their ground or move to a state where they will be allowed to exercise their religious and philosophical beliefs.  However, this number is still very small, with U.S. vaccination coverage at approximately 90%.  That means that of the 4 million children born each year  3,600,000 of them become active participants in The Vaccine Game.

We have no way of knowing how many of The Vaccine Game’s tributes are killed during the first round of the game.  Our only estimate is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  VAERS is a voluntary reporting system and estimates are that somewhere between 1.5% and 10% of severe adverse reactions to vaccines are ever reported.

According to VAERS, the reported deaths from vaccines tend to cluster in two age groups… the very young and the very old.  Just as in The Hunger Games, those who died first were the weakest and most vulnerable.

  • In 2009 there were 245 deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS.
    • 101 (41%) were in children under three years of age
    •   33 (13%) were in adults age 75 and older
  • In 2010 there were 230 deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS.
    • 125 (54%) were in children under three years of age
    •   30 (13%) were in adults 75 years and older
  • In 2011 there were 176 deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS.
    • 112 (64%) were in children under three years of age
    •   18 (10%) were in adults 75 years and older

You may find it notable that in general, those who are classified as “young adults” or “middle aged” do not comprise many of the deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS.  Could this be because “in general” this segment of the population is not targeted for participation as tributes in The Vaccine Game?  This would seem to be the case, when we look at the numbers for this group.

  • In 2009 there were 245 deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS
    • 41 (17%) were in adults age 44-65 years
  • In 2010 there were 230 deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS
    • 15 (6.5%) were in adults age 44-65 years
  • In 2011 there were 176 deaths from vaccines reported to VAERS
    • 10 (5.7%) were in adults age 44-65 years

What do you suppose could have accounted for the near tripling of the death rate from vaccines during 2009?

That was the year of H1N1.  More adults ran out and got vaccinated against the dreaded H1N1 flu in 2009, which is most likely the reason there were more vaccine-related deaths that year in the 44-65 year age group.  When you play The Vaccine Game, your chances of dying go up.

How The Vaccine Game is played:

Participants in The Vaccine Game begin their service to the government within 24 hours of birth and the first phase of the game goes on for the next 24 months.  Tributes (infants) who survive the first round (Hepatitis B given at birth) will be assaulted an average of six to eight different times by hundreds of different potentially deadly weapons, all before their second birthday.

Unlike the tributes in The Hunger Games, tributes in The Vaccine Game do not face lethal assaults from each other.  The blows they suffer are delivered more directly by the government representatives (doctors and nurses who adhere religiously to the CDC’s Childhood Vaccination Schedule) in the form of syringes and cocktails filled with poisons and infectious agents that are either injected into their limbs or poured down their throats.

Another difference between The Hunger Games and The Vaccine Game is that in the movie version, all that was left of those who were not crowned “The Victor” was a corpse.  If you didn’t win the game you died.  Tributes in The Vaccine Game differ in this respect because in addition to death, there is a continuum of illness and suffering that also signifies defeat.  In other words, if you are not strong enough to survive unscathed, with no outward signs of significant neuro-immune damage or serious developmental delay, you are also classified a loser when it comes to The Vaccine Game.  According to The Rules of The Game, a tribute (child) must be strong enough to run the gauntlet and emerge in much the same condition as before the assaults.  If the tribute cannot achieve that goal, it’s not because of The Game… it’s because the tribute was weak.  Remember, The Vaccine Game is a game of survival of the fittest.  The makers and promoters of The Game cannot be held responsible for what happens to a weak tribute.  That’s just part of The Game.

Those who do not die, but who are left with lifelong physical injuries from vaccines comprise a huge segment of the population of former tributes.  Again, it is extremely difficult to know just how many former tributes there are in this group.  Autism is just one of many systemic illnesses that results from having played The Vaccine Game.  There are countless former tributes suffering from autoimmune diseases, ADHD, asthma, allergies… and other immune system damages that have yet to be discovered.

If we only consider autism as an outcome of “losing” The Vaccine Game, what does this mean in terms of the casualties?  Again, we don’t know.  Our best guess comes from the numbers supplied by The CDC, but those numbers are based on data from school children, which leaves out a whole segment of former tributes who either have not yet enrolled in school or who will never attend school because their injuries are too severe.

For the sake of estimation, we can say that the number of former tributes who are now living with autism as a result of their “service” in The Vaccine Game is somewhere between 1 in 88 and 1 in 38.  Using the 1 in 38 estimate, this equates to a prevalence of 2.63%.  So, if we were to estimate the number of tributes in the United States, who are left with autism as a result of their participation in The Vaccine Game, we would need to figure 2.63% of 3,600,000 (90% of 4 million babies born in any given year in the U.S.).  The number is 94,680.

94,680 per year.  That’s quite a lot more than the 23 children who “lost” each year in The Hunger Games.

Other than these differences, the rest of the plot is basically the same, and the message remains:  This is survival of the fittest.  “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

The Message

In The Hunger Games, control of the population is maintained by showing parents “We can take your children and there is nothing you can do about it.  Either you tow the line and comply or things will get worse.  If we can take one or two, we can take more – and we will.”

In The Vaccine Game, compliance with the government’s vaccine schedule is maintained by showing parents, “We can take your children and there is nothing you can do about it.  Either you tow the line and comply or things will get worse.  If we can take one or two, we can take more – and we will.”

If you think I just repeated myself, you’re right.  That’s not a typo.

I did go to the movies last night. It’s not something I do often, largely because the phrase “disposable income” is almost never spoken in my house.  I have a vaccine-injured child.  ‘Nuff said about the financial issue.

Yesterday, before I went to the movies, I read an article about a family in West Virginia whose children had been removed from the parents’ custody nearly three years ago by over-zealous social workers who were acting on an anonymous report of abuse and neglect.  When the social workers found no evidence of abuse, neglect, or drug use in the home, they dug further and realized that one of the children was not “up-to-date” on his vaccinations.  The children were removed from the parents’ custody on the basis of “medical neglect.”  Since that time, the mother, Amanda Underwood has been caught in a game which appears to have been arranged as punishment for non-compliance with authority when the government representatives (social workers, in this case) first came calling.  She has been jumping through hoops set up by the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and The Court, in an impossible attempt to regain custody of her kids.  The children were put in foster care and, presumably, they were immediately vaccinated and “brought into compliance” with the government mandate.

According to the article published by The Spirit of Jefferson, many errors were made by DHHR and by The Court in Amanda Underwood’s case, and those “errors” are not uncommon to the system.  However, Amanda Underwood is not sitting by and letting this happen without a fight.  The following quote is from the article:

In July 2011, Underwood filed a federal lawsuit against the DHHR, Carper, Castleman, Nicewarner and several other department officials. The complaint alleges that they violated her Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights and the West Virginia Constitution.  It also alleges that the actions in her case are part of an ogoing pattern of similar abuses.


In West Virginia, parents do not have the legal right to make medical decisions for their children and failure to comply with Health Department rules regarding vaccination is against the law.  In West Virginia the officials make up the rules themselves.  Even in cases where a child’s pediatrician has determined that it is dangerous for a child to receive vaccinations and the physician has written a medical exemption, the Department of Health in West Virginia has granted itself the power to deny the medical exemption and force the child to receive vaccinations before he or she is allowed to attend school – public OR private school.

Many parents cannot afford to home-school their children. They have to work in order to provide a roof over their children’s heads and put food on the table.  If they don’t have a “stable home environment” and if their children go unfed, guess what?  “We can take your children away.”  And they do.

This is not just happening in West Virginia.  It’s happening in Pennsylvania, and in other states, and it’s happening with increasing frequency.  And it’s not just Social Workers who are doing the government’s dirty work.  Many pediatricians are also involved when they engage in strong-arm tactics to force parents into compliance.  Increasing numbers of pediatricians are “firing patients” from their practices when parents express concerns about the ever-increasing vaccination schedule.  Asking to have vaccines spread out over time, selectively vaccinating, or refusing vaccinations altogether may result in families being left with no physician to care for their children.  In practices where physicians do not kick parents out, the parents are often coerced into signing a statement that basically admits they are neglecting their children’s medical needs.  In these cases it may be the physician himself who places the call to Child Protective Services.

Make no mistake… We are living The Vaccine Game.

What can we do to stop this insanity?

I don’t want to spoil the ending of The Hunger Games for those who haven’t seen the movie, but there is a lesson to be learned from the main character, Katniss…

We stop playing the game.  We call their bluff.  We start standing up and refusing to hand over our children as “tributes” and we start standing up for those among us whose children are being taken.

Does the Department of Health and Human Resources really have enough money, manpower, and foster care placements to care for all of the children in the United States whose parents refuse to comply with the CDC’s vaccination schedule?  If they are going to take one child because his or her parents don’t vaccinate on schedule, it seems to me they have to take all of them… including the ones who have severe medical problems and who need round-the-clock care that costs tens of thousands of dollars each year.

I am not really suggesting that we start handing over our children to DHHR.  However, I think we need to send a very clear message that we will not sit by silently while this happens to a select number as retaliation.

I urge you to get involved with what’s going on in The Vaccine Game around the country… and I STRONGLY urge you to get involved in what’s going on in West Virginia.  Please read the entire article about Amanda Underwood and her children.  You will have to pay 15 cents to get the article, but it is well worth the read and it’s absolutely necessary to understand the entire situation.  This morning when I checked the comments, there was one from a woman named Faith that really caught my attention, so I’m going to include it in this post.

The only way Amanda Underwood will receive the help she needs is when the general public stands behind her. A petition needs to be started immediately.  All the people in the so called systems – court, social services, DHHR etc. are in those positions to earn paychecks only.  In the article just how many mistakes did the DHHR make?  Too many and Amanda has to pay the price. They don’t see the human and emotional side of it. A huge black cloud has been wrongfully put over her and she doesn’t deserve it. The impact of denying her the opportunity to live her life with her children has forever changed her life……the time she has lost can’t be given back.  Once again the West Virginia Court has failed another mother.  Amanda isn’t the only victim of this inadequate system.  Come on everyone, Let’s Get Behind Amanda.  Trial is to be set for December 2012 – Let’s Be There For Amanda.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

If you are a parent in West Virginia and your child is being threatened with expulsion from school for “non-compliance” with vaccine requirements, please check out the facebook page of “We the Parents.”  Band together. Stand up for your rights.

If you want to learn more about what is happening in West Virginia, please visit the website of We the ParentsWe the Parents is a grass-roots group that is working tirelessly to change the vaccination laws in West Virginia.  VaxTruth supports their mission fully, and hopes you will do the same.

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  1. Really? Equating vaccinating your child with the Roman Gladiator-style fighting featured in the Hunger Games stories? Seriously? That’s a bit of a stretch!
    Not vaccinating is also a game of Russian Roulette. (To go along with your implicit claim that vaccinations are a dangerous “game”).If you don’t vaccinate, you are banking on the fact that the rest of us are vaccinating our children so yours doesn’t get sick. In the days before vaccines, very many people got sick and died. Polio is a great example of this. In fact, I know several people who contracted polio and suffered horribly from it. They were lucky to live. The reason they got polio is because the vaccine wasn’t available at the time. Vaccines have prevented many deaths and outbreaks of illness. This is not to say that medical science is infallible -vaccines should be tested before administered to people and spread out to not overwhelm the body…but to say that vaccinating your child is like the inhuman torture of the Hunger Games is downright ludicrous! It frightens me to think how many people blindly read your ridiculous claims and accept it as truth.
    Here are some real facts:
    2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized!
    How’s that for a “game”? I’m thinking Russian Roulette!


    • Thank-you for your comment, AJ.
      I would recommend you read a few of the other posts on this site, starting with these:

      After you have read through the above articles, which are extremely well-researched and include citations to dozens of studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals as well as the CDC’s own data, then perhaps we can have an informed debate about polio and other horrible infectious childhood diseases like measles and chickenpox. You have bought into the myth. I encourage you to do more research on your own so you can really understand this issue.

      If you research vaccination and the history of how they have been developed and how the infectious diseases they claim to have eradicated were actually nearly completely gone before vaccines became available, you will see that we have all been lied to and our children are being harmed and killed everyday, all for profit. The kidnapping of children by social workers and the forced vaccination against things like hepatitis B, which almost NEVER infects children in the United States IS exactly analogous to plot of The Hunger Games, and the message being sent to parents is that if you do not comply, we will take your children, too.


      • Marcella;

        I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have been pointing this information about vaccines out for years. My only question is, what do we do about the new diseases released to coerce us into getting vaccines? This is a worldwide assault that has become a long-time billion dollar industry and standard. It greatly saddens me that “educated” peopl believe the hype – relying on other’s research and propaganda. It is so obvious that this is simply business. Have you thought of launching a petition with


    • Wow..some truly ill-informed, misguided individuals who are all “pro-vaccines”..vaccines are EXTREMELY different now than they were back in the 80’s and especially before the 50’s. Why, pray tell, would you inject all these toxic chemicals, many of which have to be repeatedly given in a 2 to 5 year timespan into a newborn body with such a fragile immune system?? That is just INSANE!. Where are these vaccine promoters’ critical thinking skills? Why would you think that it is ok to do this to children? Giving vaccines for diseases that have long ago been eradicated, or for sexually transmitted diseases..even if the mother wasn’t infected with anything? And then not even educate or promote superfoods and other vitamin supplementation to counteract the adverse effects of the chemicals? Makes no sense whatsoever. “Today’s vaccines not only contain live versions of the diseases you DO NOT WANT, but also contain GMOs, hormones from infected cows, pigs, chickens and monkeys, untested virus combinations (like H1N1), aluminum, mercury, emulsifiers, and crossbred bacteria from animals, mosquitoes, and diseased humans”
      Learn more:
      That is just the tip of the iceberg on toxic vaccines.

      “Vaccine study admits that PFCs and fluoride compounds suppress immune system”
      “78 percent increase in childhood autism rates over past decade.”
      “New 2011 Autism Studies links to MMR Vaccines’
      “Study: Polio vaccine campaign in India has caused 12-fold increase in deadly paralysis condition”

      Just type these article titles in your search engine for more info. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Blessings.


  2. My second cousin got polio from the vaccine!


    • Karolyn: Thank-you for your comment.
      Unfortunately, what happened to your cousin is not an isolated incident.
      In the U.S. over the last few decades the only cases of polio that have occurred have been Vaccine-Induced Paralytic Polio.
      As horrific as it is in the U.S., it’s much worse in other countries, where they are still using the oral polio vaccine.


  3. Thank You so much for all your doing in getting the word out what is really going on with the shots!!!
    Don’t give up the fight!


  4. Max was struck out at 22 months and his brain was signed over to the crown after harassment and begging from the police and the coroners officer………Game over!


    • Thank-you for your comment, Steve.
      I am so sorry for what Max endured, and for what you have been through.
      Thank-you for sharing his story with the world, in the hope that other children and other parents do not have to suffer the same fate.

      With much love and gratitude to you,



  5. Vaccination is equivalent to child sacrifice. We are no better than the pagans of old who sacrificed their young children to a false god for appeasement.


  6. You can tell you grew up when vaccines were readily available. Have you ever spoken to your grandparents or great grandparents about vaccines? They have a very different perspective, because they actually witnessed many children die from diseases like polio, measles and mumps. They think vaccines are great, and I bet if you lived then when it was common place you would want a vaccine as well.

    And another thing, how many times does the autism and shots link have to be disproven before people stop believing it. The original paper that claimed there was a connection to shots and autism has been found to be fraudulent. Other studies have shown that the same percentage of autism in vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated kids is the same. If shots really caused autism then the rate of autism should be significantly higher in vaccinated children, but it’s not.

    Below is a link about autism and shots, but I know it will be no use since you’ll come up with some excuse why the AMA can’t be trusted.

    Oh, and in case you are wondering, the number of polio cases has decreased by 99% since the vaccine has been introduced (see But polio is now on the rise in countries like Pakistan because children can’t get the vaccine. You are extremely lucky to live in a place where 90% of children are vaccinated, otherwise you would have to worry about polio, measles and mumps like they do in India and Pakistan.


    • Julie:
      Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.
      You are correct: I was vaccinated as a child. I got a smallpox vaccine as a very young child, and I was also vaccinated against polio. When I was in fifth grade I was vaccinated with MMR and DPT. That’s it. Nothing compared to the 115 vaccine antigens an infant now receives between birth and 2 years of age, when he or she is vaccinated according to the CDC’s recommended schedule. And actually, you are wrong about my grandparents. My grandmother and her sisters did not believe in vaccines. They lived to be 87, 94, and 96 years old. My mother was born in 1932 and my father was born in 1930 – they both lived through measles, mumps, whooping cough, scarlet fever and chickenpox just fine. My father had all of these childhood illnesses in a single year. He did miss most of that year, out of school, but since then he hasn’t been hospitalized at all for illness… except when he was talked into a flu shot in 1999 and subsequently had a stroke. He’s now 82. When I spoke with him yesterday he and his live-in lady friend (she’s 84) were planning their upcoming weekend getaway to Catalina Island for the art festival. Clearly, vaccines are not necessary for lasting health.

      For the record, I used to drink the Kool-Aid, too. My daughter was fully vaccinated as an infant and young child – and she nearly died as a result. She was also diagnosed with a host of neurological and immune system disorders, including Asperger’s Syndrome and Primary Immune System Deficiency Syndrome (PIDS). That last one is a misdiagnosis. She doesn’t have PIDS – she has AIDS – Acquired Immune System Deficiency Disorder – she didn’t “Acquire” it from sex or drugs; she acquired it from vaccines.

      The “autism and shots link” has never been disproved. Even those who attempt to disprove the causality between vaccines and autism are finding the truth – they are just obscuring their findings because they know the general public (and most doctors) have no clue how to critically read a research study. If you actually care about the truth, I suggest you read through this article:

      The original paper you refer to never claimed there was a “connection to shots and autism.” Dr. Wakefield’s clinical observations were reported and he stated that more research should be done. Period. For that, he became the subject of the biggest witch-hunt in modern medical history. Do a little critical thinking, Julie… If there was nothing for Merck to worry about, why such a huge response? And for the record, Dr. Wakefield’s observations have been confirmed by independent researchers in 28 studies in 7 different countries.

      “Other studies have shown that the same percentage of autism in vaccinated vx. non-vaccinated kids is the same.” – REALLY? Where are those studies? Please post the links in this thread. I can’t wait to see them. I’ll be holding my breath.

      The link you posted is from the AMA, but it regurgitates the opinions of Dr. Paul Offit, who is the head of The Church of the Sacred Vaccine at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Offit is the guy who said vaccines are so safe children can receive 10,000 vaccines on the same day and it won’t hurt them. He has been challenged to demonstrate the safety of this claim by being injected with 10,000 vaccines himself, but guess what? He refuses. He’d rather use my child as a guinea pig. He’s not willing to do it himself. He is also the creator of the rotavirus vaccine – the patent for that sold for $182 million. Oh, and Dr. Offit also holds a $1.5 Million (per year) research chair at CHOP, which is funded by….. (drumroll, please…..) MERCK – the creator of the MMR vaccine. Really, Julie? This is who you get your “unbiased” information from?

      Oh, and in case you’re wondering, polio has not decreased as a result of the vaccine. The opposite is true. Google “Vaccine Induced Paralytic Polio” or “Vaccine Associated Paralytic Polio” if you REALLY care about the children in India and Pakistan. Here is a link that will get you started:


  7. Can I make a recommendation? I get a ton of emails from where anyone can start a petition online (many of which can go viral) that allow a story to be told and support to be gathered from across the country and the world. Someone who is familiar with this case and is heavily involved in the details could easily do this. I am not in a position to do the writing or start such a petition, but would whole-heartedly sign one and show my support.
    I was not vaccinated as a child and that was in the early 80s… I am utterly disgusted at the evil-greed in this country that has us eating cancer foods and being shot up with toxins from birth. We are supposed to be the land of the free, and we are freely destroying an entire generation of people so that politicians and big corporations (with no morals), can line their pockets. I have tried to educate those around me, and sadly, most people I have known for years don’t seem to care about their own health. I am so tired of watching my adult friends get sicker and sicker, but I am horrified even more at what they are doing to their own children because they are too lazy to do the research.
    I was raised to believe in my own brain, and never ever to trust my health to a doctor with a God complex. My parents and many family members are chiropractors and I am proud to say we are all very very healthy. My kids are vaccine free and as my husband puts it, “you touch my kids and you risk certain death.” These are wicked times, and now with the internet, it is ever more clear the evils that are out there. Protect your children from the monsters at the FDA and CDC. They do not care about your family. That is your job. Get educated. Stop swallowing the Big-Pharma lies!


  8. The children are not given to governments or communities or intellectual tyrants who wish to indoctrinate us on the proper way to protect and raise our children. God gives children to Fathers and Mothers. Your authority (State) over our children is not even close to legit. Why do you have no respect for the family or for the Almighty who established it? You even mislead and lie in public schools telling all the shots are mandatory when in fact there are medical and religious exemptions. Just another case of bullies that never grew up are those who want to impose their beliefs
    on the masses.


  9. Yes, and have any of you read Ursula LeGuin’s story, “For Those Who Walk Away From Omelas”, a short story from 1973. It is reprinted in the Habekus book…


  10. I played the Gardasil Game, the odds were very very very not in my favor.


  11. Are you seriously going to compare an post- apocalyptic fictional world that involves violence to something that is a shot, barely hurts, and is absolutely necessary for disease prevention ACCORDING TO EVERY REPUTABLE WELL EVIDENCED SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE OUT THERE, seriously why would you not get your kids vaccinated?

    Why would you even think of posting this, it is a weak analogy and you know it. Honestly people will take your opinion as fact and cause for disease to occur. Do you seriously think that’s safe?

    This is coming from someone who has researched this topic since the beginning of the semester. I know completely what I’m talking about. All those autism articles have weak research and vaccines are inspected by public health agencies before they are marketed. Saying you don’t agree with vaccines is basically disagreeing with public health professionals, pharmacists, and researchers who study this for a leaving. Seriously check the facts and DO YOUR RESEARCH!


    • Where to begin…
      Yes, I am drawing that comparison and obviously I think it’s an appropriate one or I wouldn’t have written the article.

      “something that is a shot, barely hurts, and is absolutely necessary for disease prevention…”
      The act of injection is not the issue. It’s what’s in the vaccines and the damage they do that is relevant. Damage can be immediate (acute) or chronic, and it can be severe (clinically significant) or low-level (sub-clinical). However, because sub-clinical damage is cumulative, it can become significant as a result of additive and synergistic effects with other vaccines, with genetic predisposition, and with (other) environmental exposures to toxins.

      I don’t have time to compile a list of reputable, well-researched scientific article out there that demonstrates the damage each vaccine can do, but you might want to check the list of peer-reviewed medical literature in this article, which is specific to the MMR vaccine:

      “…seriously why would you not get your kids vaccinated?”
      seriously. I did. She almost died as a result. I’m lucky. My daughter is still alive. I was an obedient citizen and did as I was told, and it nearly cost her life. That’s how this happens. When you follow blindly and then realize how you spend more time researching what cell phone or what car to buy than looking into what’s being injected into your children, and when that ignorance significantly harms your child… it changes you. At least it changed me.

      Your concern that my actions will “cause for disease to occur” is well… silly.
      The only way stopping vaccinating would cause disease to occur is if vaccines had anything to do with eradicating diseases in the first place. There is no scientific evidence of that, and history tells us it’s not true. You know… correlation does not equal causation? If you vaccinate someone for… let’s say the flu, and that person doesn’t get the flu, how can you say the vaccine prevented it? They may not have ever gotten the illness in the first place. You can’t prove a negative.
      When you look at the data since 1900, it is clear that infectious diseases (including those for which we do not have vaccines) were WAY on the decline, with 90% or greater decrease in mortality across the board before vaccines (those that exist) were even developed. Again… correlation does not equal causation, right?

      “This is coming from someone who has researched this topic since the beginning of the semester.”
      Good. I’m glad you are researching. Keep at it. I would recommend taking some graduate level courses in research design and statistics so you will be prepared to really delve into the research with an understanding of what you’re reading. And go to the peer-reviewed medical literature. Be sure to check who is funding the studies you are reading. Also check in your textbooks to see which pharmaceutical companies are paying for the content you’re getting at school. And check your professors to see which of them are paid speakers for the pharmaceutical industry. And while you’re at it, check your university funding to see who is influencing what you’re being taught. After you’ve done that, maybe we can have an intelligent discussion about research bias, and cooked data. That would be fun!

      If you are really interested in looking at some research articles, I suggest you start with this. Here are 81 studies for you to evaluate. Let me know when you’re done with this and I’ll give you some more.

      Finally… here’s a news flash: If you’ve been researching vaccines since the beginning of the semester and you believe you know completely what you’re talking about, you are either living in a fantasy world or you’re in serious need of psychiatric and psychological help. That kind of grandiosity suggests you might need a combination of medication and therapy. I’m not generally one to suggest psychotropic medications, as I know they carry serious side effects and there are a lot better alternatives to be had. However, something tells me you’re probably not interested in a holistic, comprehensive approach to healing, and given your statement, I doubt talk therapy is going to be sufficient.

      Now… Do your research.


  12. I love this article! Creative, well written and dead on!


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