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It’s that time of year again!  For most of the children in the United States, school will be starting in just a few short days.  My daughter is one of them this year.  This is a whole new experience for me.  I’m about 1,000% sure I’m more nervous about it than she is.  Will she make friends?  Will she eat alone in the lunchroom on the first day?  Will her teacher be nice?  Will she be one of the children that’s forgotten on the school bus?  Will she leave that new sweater I just got her somewhere on the playground?  We were a homeschooling family before, so these were not a concern to me at all.  We have decided this year to put her into public school.  One thing I was ready to get off my to-do list was her exemption letter that will exempt her from the “required” (I use that term very loosely) shots her school mandates for entry.  What a relief! I finally got it done!  Because it’s difficult to find example letters on the internet, and you’re never sure of the right wording, I thought I would share what we will be using.

This is an example of a public school religious exemption letter for the State of Idaho.  The wording on this document could also be changed so that it would fit under a philosophical exemption as well (Thank HEAVEN we have both exemptions here!).  The State of Idaho is one of the more lax states when it comes to public school exemption information, so to be sure of your state’s requirements, please see this link.  Idaho doesn’t require a notarized statement, but I figured I better make sure everything is square.  Getting it notarized was more for my benefit than the school’s.

  • A word of advice from VaxTruth: DO NOT sign or initial any document that states you “know” you are putting your child at risk of disability or death (see an example of what I’m talking about).  First of all, I would hope you don’t believe that is true and have done the research to know this *isn’t* true (and that vaccination is much more harmful than the disease), and second of all, these letters are self-incriminating and can be used against you.  It is in your best interest if you create your own exemption letter, if at all possible.  For more information, or if you have questions, please Contact Us.


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